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9 Best Bariatric Scooters

by Jessica Hegg November 21, 2018 0 Comments

set of mobility scooters

Struggling with mobility due to obesity can be a depressing time, especially if you naturally love the outdoors. If you crave adventure, or simply want a dependable way to go down to the shops, a bariatric scooter is a great choice. These are specifically designed to withstand higher user weight loads, and come with larger seats for optimum comfort. Here’s our top picks of heavy duty scooters that won’t let you down.

Top 9 Bariatric Scooters

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Buzzaround Golden Technologies
2. Espree Atlas 3-Wheel Pacesaver
3. Ventura DLX 4 Wheel Scooter Drive Medical
4. Mobility Scooter eWheels
5. Phoenix Heavy Duty Scooter Drive
6. 3 Wheel Scooter Pride
7. 4-Wheel Scooter Afiscooter
8. 4-Wheel Scooter Golden Patriot
9. Rear-Wheel Drive Powerchair Merits Health

1. Buzzaround by Golden Technologies Buzzaround by Golden Technologies

For an inexpensive solution for your traveling needs, try the Buzzaround by Golden Technologies. Its price is very reasonable, which offers a top speed of 4MPH and a driving range of 14 miles to the charge. It can also disassemble easily for transportation, making this a good option for travel without breaking the bank.

  • Comes with a large basket on the front
  • Easy to use
  • Can also help with shoulder pain
  • Only a 325lb weight limit

2. Espree Atlas 3-Wheel by Pacesaver Espree Atlas 3-Wheel by Pacesaver

This bariatric scooter by Pacesaver is the best choice for adventurers. It offers a driving range that’s double the distance of other competitors, at an impressive 30 miles to the charge. Its 450 lb user weight limit is very welcome, and makes this a perfect pick for avid wanderers everywhere. This scooter has a lot of customizable parts, including the style of chair, the wheels, and even the fabric used on the seat!

  • Can be upgraded to a 500 lb user weight limit for even more security
  • Stable
  • Good turning angle
  • Quite heavy to transport around

3. Ventura DLX 4 Wheel Scooter by Drive Medical Ventura DLX 4 Wheel Scooter by Drive Medical

This wheel scooter by Drive Medical is a great heavy duty mobility scooter for people with limited range of movement in their hands. The controls are designed to require minimal effort to use. The armrests can be flipped upward and the seat can swivel to make it easier to exit the scooter. The four wheels ensure that the scooter maintains its stability, no matter what terrain you venture through.

  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Has a maximum driving range of 16 miles on one charge
  • Spacious basket on the front
  • Accessories are expensive

4. Mobility Scooter by eWheels Mobility Scooter by eWheels

This scooter by eWheels is a great way to get out on the town. It comes with both indoor and outdoor modes, with a switch on the scooter that can flip between the two. The large seat is comfortable and roomy for any user. It has an impressive 45 miles to the charge, and can reach a top speed of 18MPH. Coupled with a max user weight limit of 350lbs, you have a heavy duty scooter that can cross distances quickly.

  • Features optional electromagnetic brakes for additional safety
  • Comes in a huge selection of colors
  • Adjustable speed dial helps with indoor travel
  • Can be tricky to handle

5. Phoenix Heavy Duty Scooter by Drive Phoenix Heavy Duty Scooter by Drive

This high weight capacity mobility scooter is the perfect choice for anyone who loves to travel. The whole thing can be easily disassembled, carried, and reassembled at a new location. This makes it the best bariatric scooter for traveling abroad. It also has a throttle triggered by a simple finger pool, making it a cinch to drive for people with decreased hand dexterity. There is also a sizable basket on the front for easy carrying of essential items.

  • Good price
  • Tires are non-marking and fit for indoor use
  • Has a headlight for night-time travel
  • Doesn’t properly fit taller people

6. 3 Wheel Scooter by Pride 3 Wheel Scooter by Pride

This heavy duty mobility scooter by Pride is a great way to get around town without going too fast to handle. With a range of 15.5 miles per charge and a top speed of 5 Mph, this makes for a nice vehicle for brief excursions and errands. It also has an impressive 400 lbs user weight limit, and can be used indoors without problem. This scooter has a nice range of optional accessories to choose from, such as saddlebags, oxygen tank holders, and a rear basket.

  • Has a good turning radius
  • Can be easily disassembled for transport
  • Comes in two colors
  • Quite heavy

7. 4-Wheel Scooter by Afiscooter 4-Wheel Scooter by Afiscooter

For a luxurious, heavy duty scooter that will take anything you throw at it, this four wheel scooter by Afiscooter fits the bill. With a user weight capacity of 450 lbs, it’s one of the best bariatric scooters for weight limitations alone. The regular width seat scooter model reaches an impressive speed of 9.3 MPH and a max distance of 28 miles per charge.

  • A good selection of additional accessories
  • Features a lockable storage compartment
  • Included shock absorbers and suspension helps keep the rides smooth
  • Quite expensive

8. 4-Wheel Scooter by Golden Patriot 4-Wheel Scooter by Golden Patriot

If you’re looking for a scooter to ride on for those hot days, try this one by Golden Patriot. Its cold water bottle holders makes it easy to keep a refreshing drink by you at all times. With its generous user weight limit of 400lbs and a roaming range of 18 miles per charge, this high weight capacity mobility scooter is a trustworthy companion for getting around town.

  • Comes in two colors
  • Upgradeable battery
  • Off road package included
  • Quite bumpy on graveled surfaces

9. Rear-Wheel Drive Powerchair by Merits Health Rear-Wheel Drive Powerchair by Merits Health

If you want a high weight capacity mobility scooter that fits your every whim, give this one by Merits Health a try. The seat and leg rests can be manually adjusted to suit your needs, but if you go for the additional accessories, you can make them power-elevated for additional luxury. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, has a good turning radius, and can go for 20 miles on a single charge. With its stunning weight limit of 450 lbs, this chair will fit every need possible.

  • Free delivery
  • Can purchase drink, tank, and cane holders as an accessory
  • Durable
  • Joystick can be sensitive


Other Mobility Aids For Bariatrics

A bariatric scooter is a great way for bariatric patients to get out and about, but they’re not the only way they can improve your life. There are other accessories out there that can help get around. Here’s a few ideas.

  • Transfer Devices

Getting in and out of a bathtub or bed can be challenging for some. If you find it’s a lot of effort to do either of these things, you may be interested in a transfer device. These aim to make getting in and out much easier and with less injury. There are many different styles of transfer devices, so you’re bound to find something that fits your needs.

  • Forearm Crutches

When you’re without your scooter, forearm crutches are a great way to get around. If you’re worried about weight limits, find crutches that are specifically marketed as ‘heavy duty’ or ‘bariatric’, as they will be designed to withstand a lot of pressure.

  • Folding Canes

Much like the forearm crutches, folding canes are an effective way to get additional support while you walk. Unlike the crutches however, folding canes naturally lend themselves to traveling better. They can be folded up and tucked into a bag when not in use, then quickly deployed when it’s time for action.

Have a look at our top picks for folding canes, which includes a model specifically designed for bariatric use.

Quality of Life Accessories for Bariatrics

While we’ve been focusing a lot on mobility, there are accessories you can get to improve other areas of life. If you’re struggling with something around the home, it’s always worth taking a look to see if something has been designed to help you. Here’s a few picks to get you started.

  • Bariatric Toilet Seats

If you find it tough to sit on the toilet, it’s worth looking into bariatric toilet seats. These are typically at a larger size, and may feature handles to help you lift yourself on and off the seat. You can even find stand-alone rails that sit around the toilet and requires no installation whatsoever!

Try our list of toilet seats and see if anything catches your eye.

  • Bath Steps

If you struggle to get in and out of the bath, it’s worth trying a bath step. These sit just beside the tub and allow for an easier time entering and leaving the bath. Some come with handles that you can use to better stabilize yourself as you move.

  • Shower Chair

If you enjoy showering but don’t like standing for long periods of time, a shower chair is an ideal choice. These are simply chairs you can place in the shower or bathtub, giving you a place to rest as you clean. There’s plenty of bariatric options out there to choose from, so you’re not stuck for choice.

Find the Best Bariatric Scooter For You

Bariatric scooters are a great choice for people who can’t manage with regular ones. Even better, each scooter tends to focus on a specific area, from an impressive top speed, to a good distance per charge, to withstanding anything you throw at it. This makes it very easy to pick out a scooter that matches what you want. Choose a scooter today and reclaim your mobility once more!


Jessica Hegg
Jessica Hegg

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