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10 Best Bariatric Wheelchairs

by Jessica Hegg September 28, 2018 0 Comments

Bariatric Wheelchairs

If you’re a bariatric patient or caregiver, finding the right wheelchair is essential for ensuring safety and mobility. Luckily, bariatric wheelchairs are designed to support your body weight on most terrains, both indoors and outdoors. With features like high weight capacities, reinforced frames, and durable upholstery, wheelchairs designed for bariatric patients are the best way to provide comfort without limiting portability. Check out these ten best heavy duty wheelchairs to find the best transport options for bariatric patients!

Top 10 Bariatric Wheelchairs

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair NOVA Medical
2. Quickie M6 Bariatric Wheelchair Spinlife
3. Bariatric Transport Wheelchair Drive Medical
4. Bariatric Shuttle Wheelchair Parentgiving
5. Extra Wide Bariatric Wheelchair Medline
6. Heavy Duty Bariatric Wheelchair ProgressMobility
7. Extra Wide Wheelchair Med Mart
8. Heavy Duty Manual Wheelchair US Medical Supplies
9. Bariatric Wheelchair Med Mart
10. Bariatric Wheelchair 1800 Wheelchairs

1. Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair by NOVA Medical Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair by NOVA Medical

This lightweight, yet sturdy bariatric transport wheelchair is designed with flip up desk arms, locking hard breaks, and thick rear wheels. Its handlebars come in two stylish colors: red and blue. This bariatric transport wheelchair can be used on most terrains, including bumpy terrain, thanks to its durable construction.

  • Easy to steer
  • Large rear wheels
  • Sturdy brakes
  • High armrests

2. Quickie M6 Bariatric Wheelchair by Spinlife Quickie M6 Bariatric Wheelchair by Spinlife

Spinlife’s heavy duty wheelchair has a weight capacity of about 650 lbs while weighing only 58 lbs. Its stabilizer bar and interchangeable frame components allows for easy changes to the chair’s width and depth without added flex. This wheelchair’s quick-release axles allows for easy transport on most terrains.

  • Heavy duty construction
  • High back height
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Complicated assembly instructions

3. Bariatric Transport Wheelchair by Drive Medical Bariatric Transport Wheelchair by Drive Medical

This bariatric transport wheelchair by Drive Medical is made with a nylon reinforced upholstery to make it durable and easy to clean. It can support individuals up to 450 lbs thanks to its reinforced steel frame. This wheelchair is equipped with a back pocket so you can carry essential items with you, wherever you go.

  • Padded armrests
  • Wide seat
  • Easy to put together
  • Flimsy foot rests

4. Bariatric Shuttle Wheelchair by Parentgiving Bariatric Shuttle Wheelchair by Parentgiving

Parentgiving’s high weight capacity wheelchair has an 850 lb weight limit  to make it suitable for most bariatric patients. Its double-cross brace for support and durability on most terrains. This wheelchair is equipped with padded arms and leg rests to provide added comfort for the patient.

  • Detachable leg rests
  • Made from heavy duty materials
  • Durable nylon upholstery
  • Difficult to lift in and out of vehicles

5. Extra Wide Bariatric Wheelchair by Medline Extra Wide Bariatric Wheelchair by Medline

This bariatric wheelchair by Medline is made with a carbon steel frame that’s designed to be rust- and scratch-resistant. It is equipped with padded armrests and calf rests, both of which are detachable. This wheelchair’s seat is 24 inches wide to provide comfort and ease for most bariatric patients.

  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish, navy blue upholstery
  • Equipped with a back pocket
  • May be too wide for some door frames

6. Heavy Duty Bariatric Wheelchair by ProgressMobility Heavy Duty Bariatric Wheelchair by ProgressMobility

This bariatric wheelchair by ProgressMobility is designed with a reinforced steel frame and cross braces so it can support up to 450 lbs at a time. Its wheels are durable and designed to resist going flat, even when used for long periods of time. This wheelchair has a large back pocket so you can carry your essentials with you in the wheelchair.

  • Roomy, comfortable seat
  • Adjustable leg support
  • Nylon upholstery
  • Difficult to carry

7. Extra Wide Wheelchair by Med Mart Extra Wide Wheelchair by Med Mart

Med Mart’s extra wide wheelchair is designed with a chrome-coated steel frame and steel spoke wheels to provide both elegance and durability. Its precision-sealed wheel bearings in the front and back help to ensure lasting reliability. This wheelchair also has reinforced steel gussets at all weight-bearing point to provide extra strength while supporting bariatric patients.

  • Chip-resistant finish
  • Foldable in storage
  • Push-to-lock wheel locks
  • Takes time to assemble

8. Heavy Duty Manual Wheelchair by US Medical Supplies Heavy Duty Manual Wheelchair by US Medical Supplies

This heavy duty wheelchair by US Medical Supplies is equipped with gusseted sides and dual cross braces to help it support a weight capacity of up to 450 lbs. It has durable inner liners to keep the seat and back from stretching over time. This wheelchair can also fold to approximately 13 inches wide for easier storage and portability.

  • Attractive silver finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Full-length padded arms
  • Narrower seat than some bariatric wheelchairs

9. Bariatric Wheelchair by Med Mart Bariatric Wheelchair by Med Mart

Med Mart’s bariatric wheelchair is designed to provide the best in portability, durability, and safety. It has an extra wide seat to make it comfortable and roomy for most bariatric patients. This wheelchair is also equipped with front casters to enhance its mobility, particularly when wheeling patients up elevated surfaces.

  • Swing-away footrests
  • Padded desk armrests
  • Extra wide armrests
  •  Finish may chip over time

10. Bariatric Wheelchair by 1800 Wheelchairs Bariatric Wheelchair by 1800 Wheelchairs

This bariatric wheelchair by 1800 Wheelchairs is durable, yet lightweight, and its frame folds up for added portability. It is designed to support a weight capacity of up to 550 lbs at a time. This wheelchair also features a bracing bar to help caregivers position the wheelchair while maneuvering it.

  • Foldable frame
  • Wide, deep seat
  • Flip-back armrests
  • No leg or calf rests


Qualities to Look For in Bariatric Wheelchairs

If you’ve never bought a bariatric wheelchair before, finding the right one can take time. But once you know what to look for, you can easily find the right wheelchair for yourself or your patient. Keep these four features in mind as essential qualities to look for in bariatric wheelchairs!

  • High Weight Capacity

Generally, bariatric wheelchairs have a weight capacity of at least 300 lbs, although most fall within the 400-600 range. To choose the right wheelchair for you, consider your weight or the weight of your bariatric patient. Buy a wheelchair with a capacity that surpasses this weight by at least 40-50 lbs to ensure safety while using it.

One common barrier to weight loss in bariatric patients is a slow metabolism. Check out our comprehensive guide on slow metabolisms here.

  • Heavy Duty Design

Bariatric wheelchairs should have a lightweight, yet sturdy construction. Choose a wheelchair made with a heavy duty design to ensure that your bariatric patient feels supported and comfortable. Reinforced steel frames, cross braces, and all-terrain constructions are all features that indicate a heavy-duty wheelchair.

  • Wide Seat

When choosing a wheelchair for bariatric patients, a wide seat can help provide comfort and keep bariatric patients from feeling restricted. Choose a seat that leaves at least a few inches of wiggle room to make moving around or transferring the bariatric patient in or out easier.

For a more comfortable seat, find the seven best gel cushions for wheelchairs here.

  • Large Backrest

The right backrest can help your bariatric patient feel more supported and prevent back pains from developing over time. Pick a backrest with a height that will reach at least you or your bariatric patient’s mid-shoulder blade for optimal comfort.

Other Helpful Products for Bariatric Patients

For bariatric patients with limited mobility, wheelchairs can make getting around at home or on the go much easier. Check out these four products as well to improve the quality of life for yourself or your bariatric patient.

  • Bariatric Shower Chair

Bariatric shower chairs are a great way to help patients with limited mobility feel safe and supported while washing. They are designed to provide peace of mind in the shower without worrying about accidental falls. Bariatric shower chairs come in a variety of weight capacities to help you find the right one for your needs.

  • Heavy Weight Scale

If you or your bariatric patient is looking to lose weight, heavy weight scales can simplify tracking your progress. They are designed to both support more weight and provide more accuracy at higher weight readings. If you’re looking for a durable scale equipped for bariatric patients, heavy weight scales are the best option.

Find the ten best scales for body fat here.

  • Bariatric Commode

For patients with limited mobility, a bariatric commode can make lifting yourself up and down easier. They can be installed by your bedside, in the bathroom, or other locations depending on your needs. Bariatric commodes are durable, yet lightweight to provide stability and security while using it at home or on the go.

Make sure to make your bathroom experience as easy as it can be with the best toilet seats for the elderly.

  • Body Fat Monitor

Body fat monitors are another useful tool for helping bariatric patients lose weight safely. They can provide an accurate reading of your body fat percentage and track your fat loss over time. For added support, many body fat monitors can track additional readings like your BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, and water weight.

Check out the ten best body fat monitors here.

Find the Best Bariatric Wheelchairs

Choosing the right bariatric wheelchair comes down to safety and portability. By picking a wheelchair that satisfies these requirements, you’ll be able to find the right wheelchair for yourself or your bariatric patient. No matter which one you choose, each of these ten bariatric wheelchairs provide comfort for bariatric patients while providing a full range of mobility!


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