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4 Best Bed Alarms

by Jessica Hegg September 24, 2018 0 Comments

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Falls are the leading cause of injury among seniors, and getting out of bed, be that in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, can pose a significant risk. The best bed alarm rapidly alerts caregivers when an elderly individual is rising from bed, so they can be on hand to ensure it is done safely. Bed alarm pads allow caregivers to leave their loved ones in peace to rest, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be alerted when they’re needed. Here’s our pick of the best bed alarms for fall protection.

Top 4 Bed Alarms

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Wireless Bed Alarm and Bed Pad Smart Caregiver
2. Wireless Bed Alarm Vive
3. Economy Fallguard Monitor Smart Caregiver
4. Patient Alarm for Falls Management Secure

1. Wireless Bed Alarm and Bed Pad by Smart Caregiver Wireless Bed Alarm and Bed Pad by Smart Caregiver

This wireless bed alarm is made with caregiver convenience in mind. The bed pad alarm functions away from the pad itself, meaning it can be kept on hand, without disturbing your loved ones. Choose from three adjustable volumes to ensure you’ll always know when your loved one is getting up without assistance. The generously sized bed pad is comfortable to sleep on and protected against spills, too.

  • Features a 1-year warranty
  • Portable alarm
  • Wipe clean for convenience
  • There may be a few seconds delay before the alarm sounds

2. Wireless Bed Alarm by Vive Wireless Bed Alarm by Vive

This wireless bed alarm for elderly individuals allows you to take control of caring for your loved ones, with the peace of mind that you’ll never miss their moments of need. The sensor pad can be positioned to alert care givers as soon as their patient begins to rise, or once they’ve got out of bed, to fit in with your caregiving routine. The wireless transmitter is able to connect to up to ten devices, making this a highly versatile choice for full time carers.

  • Waterproof pad
  • Effective under thin sheets
  • User-friendly system is easy to reset
  • Pad may be wider than some individuals require

3. Economy Fallguard Monitor by Smart Caregiver Economy Fallguard Monitor by Smart Caregiver

It’s hard to beat this bed alarm for elderly individuals for its user-friendly approach. The alarm features multiple settings, including a vibration mode, to ensure you can always be alerted when needed, without disturbing the entire household. In terms of bed alarms for Dementia patients, this is a fantastic option for providing caregivers with all the information they need about a loved one’s whereabouts, without causing noisy distractions for the household.

  • Safe release cord prevents trips
  • Features a 1-year warranty
  • Discreet enough to use anywhere
  • Batteries not included

4. Patient Alarm for Falls Management by Secure Patient Alarm for Falls Management by Secure

If an alarm pad for bed doesn’t appeal to you, this is an excellent, cost-effective alternative. The gentle clip attaches to clothing and a magnet link, which then releases and causes the alarm to sound if an individual moves too far from their original position. The loud alarm can be heard clearly in the home, and is quick and easy to turn off after. With an adjustable pull cord from 28-58 inches, this is a versatile product that can be adapted for practically any user.

  • Great value for money
  • More discreet than a bed pad
  • Low battery indicator
  • Alarm may sound too loud to keep in the same room


How Do Bed Alarms Work?

For something so simple, a bed alarm has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of life of caregivers and their loved ones. Here’s how to tell if a bed alarm is the right choice for you.

  • Who Benefits from a Bed Alarm?

The purpose of a bed alarm is to alert caregivers when an individual is rising from bed. They’re particularly useful for individuals caring for seniors with Dementia, as they may more commonly rise in the night or need assistance when moving around for their own safety. Bed pads are equally useful for elderly individuals who’ve suffered an injury and may avoid asking for assistance when they need it. If you’re looking for peace of mind when caring for a loved one, this could be the answer.

  • How Should I Use a Bed Alarm?

Bed pads are very easy to set up and use: simply position the pad where the individual’s shoulders rest on the bed so that pressure is placed on it when they sleep. When the individual rises, the pressure release triggers an alarm to sound, which alerts caregivers. The alarm can then easily be reset for the next time.

Cord pull alarms function in a similar way, except that instead of the pressure being released from the pad, it’s the loss of contact between the cord and the device that triggers the alarm to sound. Replacing the cord where it belongs will reset the alarm system.

Want to know when your loved one is out of bed, instead of when they first start to rise? Placing the bed pad under the hips will allow a bit more time for individuals to rise before the alarm sounds.

Other Tips to Prevent Falls in the Home

Being there to help elderly individuals move around is a great way to support them, but it isn’t always possible to do this round the clock. For peace of mind that your loved ones will have the best care possible when you can’t be there, take a look out how to prevent falls around the home.

  • Use Mobility Aids to Get Around

Many seniors experience a deterioration in their abilities to balance, which may cause falls without additional assistance. For those who really struggle to move around independently, a walker provides a sturdy support system that allows individuals to maintain their balance and reduce the risk of a fall.

Check out our guide to the 13 Best Walkers for Seniors for more information.

If an individual finds it easier to move around, but needs some added security for peace of mind, a cane will do the trick. Look for canes specifically designed to aid balance problems to find one that’s right for you.

  • Provide Assistance Where It’s Needed

If you’re considering investing in a bed alarm, chances are your loved one struggles to get out of bed safely on their own. As well as being there to help them, you can make sure they’re as safe as possible with a bed rail, which prevents falling from bed and provides a sturdy frame to grab hold of.

For more tips, you can find a full list of assistive devices for elderly individuals right here.

  • Reduce the Risk of Injury

With the right preventative measures in place, you can dramatically reduce the risk of a fall in the home. Still, it’s best to be protected in the unlikely event that a fall does occur. A simple adjustment, like placing fall mats in likely areas such as by the bed, can make all the difference between a minor fall and one that causes serious harm.

Find the Best Bed Alarm

Bed alarms provide seniors and caregivers the freedom to enjoy their independence, safe in the knowledge that the alarm will sound when assistance is needed. For some caregivers, a bed alarm means the peace of mind to finally enjoy a restful night’s sleep, or take a break from round the clock care. Why not try it and see what a bed alarm could mean for you?

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