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6 Best Bed Sore Ointments

by Jessica Hegg November 02, 2018 0 Comments

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Immobility is at times recommended especially after surgery or injury, but it predisposes you to pressure ulcers. Luckily, bed sore ointments are formulated with antiseptic and natural oils to alleviate pain, treat the sores, and promote skin cell regeneration. These ulcers are much easier to treat if caught early, so make sure you have one of the six best topical creams ready and on-hand.

Top 6 Bed Sores Ointment

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Terrasil® Wound Care - 3X Faster Healing Aidance Skincare & Topical Solutions
2. Ointment Tube Calmoseptine
3. Bedsore Treatment Emuaid
4. Selan+ Zinc Oxide Barrier Cream Span America
5. Podium Chamois Cream Assential Cycling
6. Original Healing Homeopathic Salve PUREMEDY

1. Terrasil® Wound Care - 3X Faster Healing by Aidance Skincare & Topical Solutions Terrasil® Wound Care - 3X Faster Healing by Aidance Skincare & Topical Solutions

Formulated with superior antiseptic ingredients, this ointment treats bedsores and other skin conditions three times faster than other leading brands. It contains essential oils like jojoba and Tea tree oil that provide targeted pain relief, relieves inflammation, and moisturize the skin. This FDA approved ointment reduces the risk of infection and prevents scarring.

  • Provides fast relief
  • Contains essential oils
  • Prevents scarring
  • It stains clothes

2. Ointment Tube by Calmoseptine Ointment Tube by Calmoseptine

This over-the-counter, multipurpose ointment can be used to treat different skin infections from bed sores to burns and rashes. The ointment acts as a barrier to protect the skin from moisture and other irritating substances. It also helps to draw moisture from inflamed areas--maintaining a healthy balance for the skin. The ointment contains lanolin which helps keep the skin fresh and radiant.

  • Maintains healthy moisture balance
  • Treats numerous skin conditions
  • Contains lanolin to keep skin healthy
  • Has a strong smell

3. Bedsore Treatment by Emuaid Bedsore Treatment by Emuaid

This scientifically-based topical ointment contains natural ingredients that soothe irritation, inflammation, and fights bacteria. The ointment stimulates blood flow to promote the growth of new skin cells thus preventing scarring and lowers the risk of infections. It contains castor oil, tea tree oil, and Olea Europaea fruit oil that moisturizes and protects the skin.

  • Fights bacterial infections
  • Lowers risk of infections
  • Promotes cell regeneration
  • On the expensive side

4. Selan+ Zinc Oxide Barrier Cream by Span America Selan+ Zinc Oxide Barrier Cream by Span America

Span America aqueous cream is absorbed easily in the skin and is ideal for dry and itchy skin. It is petroleum-free and leaves no greasy residue on your skin. The ointment has a unique combination of ingredients including zinc oxide, emollients that promote skin elasticity and dimethicone, which acts as a skin barrier to moisturize and condition the skin.

  • Leaves no greasy residue
  • Promotes skin elasticity
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • It has a thin consistency and you may require extra cream

5. Podium Chamois Cream by Assential Cycling Podium Chamois Cream by Assential Cycling

Podium Chamois cream contains natural active ingredients including beeswax, coconut, Aloe juice, Shea butter, and Tea Tree that help to fight inflammation, reduce friction, irritation, promotes hydration and moisturizes the skin. This thick cream is water soluble and leaves no stain or discoloration.

  • Contains essential oils
  • Prevents skin dryness
  • Leaves no stains
  • Highly viscous and may be difficult to spread

6. Original Healing Homeopathic Salve by PUREMEDY Original Healing Homeopathic Salve by PUREMEDY

This organic and doctor recommended salve contains powerful ingredients like echinacea, beeswax, olive oil, pine extract, and marigold that ease skin irritation, swelling, increases blood circulation, and has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. It is an FDA approved salve and is ideal for various skin condition including wounds and burns.

  • Aids in blood circulation
  • Has antimicrobial factors
  • Protects the skin from free radicals
  • Slow acting formula


Understanding Bed Sores

Immobility increases pressure on the skin leading to skin eruptions and bed sores. These pressure ulcers usually affect the underlying tissues that cover the bony parts of the body like hips, ankles, heels, and tailbone.

  • Understanding the Cuases

Two main factors increase the risk of bed sores--pressure and friction. Pressure affects and restricts blood flow to the skin tissues limiting the supply of nutrients. Without oxygen and enough nutrients, the skin tissues can get damaged and eventually die. This occurs in parts that aren’t well padded with fat and muscles.

Friction, on the other hand, happens when your body rubs against clothing, irritating the body and cause sores especially if the skin is moist.

  • Symptoms to Look Out for

Warning signs to look out for include changes in skin color, skin tenderness, swelling, skin redness, and the formation of pus-like substance. These symptoms differ from person to person depending on the stage of bed sores.

Learn more about bed sores stages here.

  • The Risk Factors

Immobility is the leading causes of bed sores, but other factors may increase the risk. Poor blood circulation, dehydration, poor nutrition, and spinal cord injuries-- that affect your senses can put you at risk of pressure ulcers.

  • Associated Complications

If decubitus ulcers are left untreated, they can cause cellulitis (a bacterial infection of the skin and the tissues),  as well as joint and bone infections. Sepsis can also develop if left untreated.

Addressing Bed Sores

Besides the application of the bed sores cream, you can get rid of the pain using these natural remedies.

  • Improve Hygiene

Your general hygiene plays a role in preventing the bed sores. Improving your bed hygiene is crucial. Change your bedding as often as possible and protect your mattress from dust mites, allergens, or irritants using the mattress protectors. Not only do these protectors extend the durability of the mattress, but they also eliminate friction.

Check out these incontinence products.

  • Repositioning

Repositioning helps to promote blood flow and reduce the pressure on the skin. If you have enough upper body strength, you can do this yourself, otherwise ask for help from a caregiver. Alternatively, invest in a good wheelchair cushion to help distribute pressure evenly.

On the bed, use the alternating pressure mattress to relieve pressure and redistribute your body weight.

  • Keep the Wounds Clean

Open wounds are prone to infections, and you need to clean and dress them properly to prevent bacteria from entering the body. The stage of the bed sores will determine the cleaning and dressing procedure, so ask your doctor about the best way to keep wounds clean

Get the Best Bed Sore Ointment

Bed sores can be life-threatening if left untreated. While the application of bed sore ointment is recommended for treating the ulcers, preventing them is ideal. Repositioning your body weight using alternating pressure mattresses will help distribute the pressure evenly and reduce the risk. Proper nutrition and hydration are essential not only for promoting skin elasticity but also general health.


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