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11 Best Home Scales

by Jessica Hegg April 10, 2018 0 Comments

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If you’re trying to lose weight or just want to keep track of your overall health, a home scale can help you reach your fitness goals. Home scales come with a variety of special features, depending on your personal interests. Whether you want a minimalistic or high-tech scale, you have plenty of options. Check out these eleven best home scales and evaluate their features in terms of your lifestyle and personal goals.

Top 11 Home Scales

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Body Fat Smart Scale Yunmai
2. Body Fat Scale Vive Precision
3. Digital Bathroom Scale EatSmart
4. Digital Scale Vive Precision
5. Digital Body Scale Etekcity
6. Body Weight Scale Greater Goods
7. Bluetooth Body Fat Scale 1byone
8. Body Fat Scale GoWISE
9. Digital Bathroom Scale INNOTECH
10. Body Composition Scale Omron
11. Digital Bathroom Scale Ozeri

1. Body Fat Smart Scale by Yunmai Body Fat Scale by Yunmai

This body fat scale measures your body fat, BMI, muscle mass, hydration levels, and bone mass at once. Its built-in phone app lets you record and keep track of your measurements over time. Up to sixteen users can use the scale at once, allowing you to save measurements under separate names.

  • Quick setup
  • Syncs with Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit
  • FDA listed smart scale
  • App may glitch

2. Body Fat Scale by Vive Precision Body Fat Scale by Vive Precision

Vive’s body fat scale uses precision sensors and bioelectrical impedance analysis to measure your body weight, body fat, muscle mass, bone density, water weight, BMI, and BMR. Its display is backed with blue LED lights for better readability, and it displays measurements in a large font. It is equipped with step-on technology that is rigorously tested for accuracy.

  • Auto-off function
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Supports up to 400 pounds
  • May not work as quickly if you add multiple users

3. Digital Bathroom Scale by EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale by EatSmart

EatSmart equipped this digital bathroom scale with four high precision sensors for consistent, accurate readings every time. Its flat top is made of a thick tempered glass so it can offer a nonslip surface. It can measure up to 400 lbs at a time with gradation increments of 0.2 lbs.

  • Provides instant readings
  • Extra large backlit display
  • Comes with a free body tape measure
  • Can rock when you stand on it

4. Digital Scale by Vive Precision Digital Scale by Vive Precision

Vive Precision’s digital scale features step-on activation that captures your weight instantly and precisely without any tapping or shifting around. Its tempered glass platform is sturdy and can support up to 330 lbs at once. Thanks to its bright blacklit display, the numbers are easy to read even when you’re weighing yourself in the dark.

  • Simple, bright interface
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Must be used on a level surface for accuracy

5. Digital Body Scale by Etekcity Digital Body Scale by Etekcity

This digital body scale by Etekcity is equipped with the latest in high-precision sensors so it can offer accurate readings as you step on. The scale has a wide application range and can read two different units of measurement: pounds or kilograms. Its low battery and overload indicators help you keep your body scale working and in good condition over the long term.

  • Maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs
  • Designed for high accuracy
  • Thick-tempered glass
  • Battery drains quickly

6. Body Weight Scale by Greater Goods Body Weight Scale by Greater Goods

This digital bathroom scale by Greater Goods is designed to be minimalistic, allowing you to focus on your weight loss goals without worrying about unnecessary or confusing features. The scale calibrates itself automatically and turns off as you step off. Its high precision weight sensors ensure accurate readings within a gradation of 0.2 lbs at a time.

  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Has a weight range of 11 to 400 lbs
  • Large, durable glass platform
  • Takes a long time to turn on

7. Bluetooth Body Fat Scale by 1byone Bluetooth Body Fat Scale by 1byone

This body fat scale by 1byone is made of an impact-resistant glass that is up to four times stronger than regular glass for durability. It can measure BMI, BMR, bone mass, and visceral fat and record the readings on a built-in app. The scale can recognize and store recordings for up to ten people at a time so you can keep and track different measurements separately.

  • Offers instant readings
  • Compact design
  • Backlit LED display
  • App may crash on older phones

8. Body Fat Scale by GoWISE Body Fat Scale by GoWISE

GoWISE’s body fat scale measures body fat, water weight, muscle mass, and bone density using high precision bioimpedance analysis (BIA) technology. Its reinforced glass platform can withstand up to 400 lbs at a time and is simple to clean. Each scale is also equipped with an athlete mode that uses a specialized software to calculate more precise results for active individuals.

  • Can store up to eight user profiles
  • Easy to read, LCD display
  • Durable platform
  • Water weight reading is less precise

9. Digital Bathroom Scale by INNOTECH Digital Bathroom Scale by INNOTECH

This digital bathroom scale by Innotech is equipped with a zero-resetting function that provides automatic results. Each scale is ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box with no assembly or manual calibration required. Its tempered glass surface is durable and both scratch and shatter-resistant.

  • Provides accuracy within 0.2 lbs
  • Automated calibration
  • Compact design
  • Can fluctuate if used on an uneven or carpeted floor

10. Body Composition Scale by Omron Body Composition Scale by Omron

This body composition scale by Omron can measure your weight, body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, and resting metabolism at once. It uses the bioelectrical impedance method to measure your entire body at once for more precise readings. Its retractable cord makes it easy to use for adults of all sizes and body types, and it can accommodate users up to 6’3’’ tall.

  • 90-day memory
  • Equipped with full-body sensor
  • Can store up to four profiles at a time
  • Body fat percentage reading may fluctuate slightly

11. Digital Bathroom Scale by Ozeri Digital Bathroom Scale by Ozeri

This digital bathroom scale’s screen automatically illuminates as you step on it and provides immediate readings. Thanks to its backlit display, the scale’s readings are easy to read in all light conditions and from any angle. Its oversized platform is made of impact-resistant tempered glass, which provides both stability and durability.

  • Auto-calibrated
  • Long battery life
  • Simple backlit display
  • Readings may be inaccurate if you move it around frequently


How to Weigh Yourself Accurately

Using a scale accurately can be tricky, but precise readings are important for catching patterns in your health. Try these three techniques when using your scale for better-quality measurements.

  • Weigh Yourself in the Morning

Your weight in the morning and at night may significantly vary, especially if you eat or drink beforehand. Make weighing yourself something you do first thing in the morning, before you eat anything. This will help you get the most precise reading of your weight for recording purposes.

  • Use Your Scale Once a Week

Weight tends to fluctuate within a week, and weighing too often may make you feel discouraged as you see the varying highs and lows. Weekly weigh-ins will help you see a general pattern of your weight gain or loss and eliminate worry over little changes. Plan to use the scale on the same day of the week to further eliminate inconsistencies.

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  • Place the Scale On a Flat Surface

If your scale is on a soft, uneven surface, its reading is more likely to be inaccurate. Find a hard, level surface for your scale to sit: tile, concrete, or hardwood floors are all ideal. If your bathroom floor has a rug, move it out of the way so that it won’t affect your scale’s reading.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to losing weight, the process is more like a marathon than a sprint. Swapping unhealthy habits for healthy ones and adapting your lifestyle over time is the best way to ensure success. Try these four weight loss tips as you work towards your goal.

  • Avoid Sugary Drinks

Drinking your calories is one of the most common causes of weight gain. Not only does this apply to sodas or alcoholic beverages but also sugar-sweetened juices and other drinks. Swap your sugary drinks out with water or another low-sugar beverage to conserve your calories for food.

  • Try Strength Training

To combat the slow metabolism that some diets can cause, do a resistance exercise like weightlifting or circuit training. Strength training can keep your metabolism healthy and prevent you from losing muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the leaner you will be for your height and body type.

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  • Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep can be just as important as dieting and exercising when it comes to weight loss. Poor sleep is one of the highest risk factors for obesity, and adults who don’t get enough sleep at night are 55% more likely to be overweight. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep a night to keep your body well-rested and energized throughout the day.

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  • Drink Water 30 Minutes Before Meals

Drinking water can boost your metabolism by up to 30% over a period of several hours. Some research suggests that drinking a half-liter of water 30 minutes before a meal can help individuals eat less calories and lose more overall weight. Bring a water bottle with you wherever you go to keep yourself fuller and give your metabolism an extra lift.

Measure Your Health Over Time With a Home Scale!

Home scales are perfect for more than just weight loss. One of the best ways to maintain good health is to monitor it. If you pay attention to your weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, and other bodily measurements over time, you’ll be more likely to cultivate a healthy lifestyle and catch potential health problems as they develop.

Consider the pros and cons of every home scale on this list and think about which one would best help you achieve physical wellness.


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