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6 Best Wireless Tens Units

by Jessica Hegg September 04, 2018 0 Comments

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The best wireless TENS Units are uniquely designed to use with hand remote devices or Bluetooth, for customized pain relief. Similar to the wired Units, these pocket-sized devices use low-voltage electric pulses to stimulate the nerves and muscles. They are completely discreet and can easily be worn under loose clothing--ideal for athletes and people who want to use the units on the go. Various wireless devices are available, and below are six of the best TENS Units to consider.

Top 6 Wireless Tens Units

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. TENS Device Aleve
2. Smart Relief Back and Hip Starter TENS Unit Kit Icy Hot
3. iReliev Therapeutic Wearable TENS Unit PlayMakar
4. TENS Unit with Wireless Dual Channel Pain Treatment Omron
5. WiTouch Pro Wireless Bluetooth TENS Hollywog
6. Bluetooth TENS Therapy Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief 1byone

1. TENS Device by Aleve TENS Device by Aleve

Aleve Direct Therapy is a flexible device specially designed for active people who need temporary relief for lower back pain due to sore and achy muscles. Weighing only 4.8 ounces, this TENS Unit is remarkably light and can be worn under clothes. The FDA approved device is remote controlled, provides fifteen adjustable power levels, and comes with anti-slip reusable latex-free gel pads.

  • It’s slender and flexible
  • Has a wireless remote control
  • Reusable gel pads
  • Replacement pads are too expensive

2. Smart Relief Back and Hip Starter TENS Unit Kit by Icy Hot Smart Relief Back and Hip Starter TENS Unit Kit by Icy Hot

This Smart Relief TENS device is FDA approved for chronic arthritis pain. The battery-operated Unit blocks body pain and relieves pressure on joints. The device is easy to assemble, remarkably small, portable, and has auto shut off feature which offers 30-minute therapy session. 

  • Small and compact
  • Has an auto shut-off feature
  • Reusable pads
  • Loses adhesiveness easily 

3. iReliev Therapeutic Wearable TENS Unit by PlayMakar iReliev Therapeutic Wearable TENS Unit by PlayMakar

The iReliev Therapeutic Unit is small and compact but is unbelievably powerful. Combining two type of prescription levels, TENS and EMS, this device provides pain relief as well as muscle stimulation. The TENS unit is powered by a rechargeable battery that offers three to five hours of therapy and has a small hand control for easy operation. With its fourteen preset programs and 24 intensity levels, this device is for everyone who needs a drug-free remedy for chronic and acute pain.

  • Offers both TENS and EMS therapies
  • Has 14 pre-set therapy modes
  • A blue LED backlight
  • On the pricey side

4. TENS Unit with Wireless Dual Channel Pain Treatment by Omron TENS Unit with Wireless Dual Channel Pain Treatment by Omron

Omron Avail wireless is a dual-channel TENS Unit that has combined TENS technology and microcurrent therapy to relieve acute and chronic pain associated with arthritis. With a convenient Omron TENS iOS or Android App, this device can be used on the go. It offers Ten pre-programmed modes, twenty intensity levels, and two TENS devices that enable you to treat two separate areas at once. With each package, a storage case, a pad holder, and instruction manual.

  • The Unit is easily operated using mobile apps
  • Has a storage case
  • Offers ten body pain and massage modes
  • Has a bulky design

5. WiTouch Pro Wireless Bluetooth TENS by Hollywog WiTouch Pro Wireless Bluetooth TENS by Hollywog

WiTouch Pro Wireless Unit has a flexible, lightweight, and thin design that contours to your back to provide maximum surface contact. It is discreet and easy to use--can be controlled using the mobile apps and Bluetooth. The device has six adhesive gel pads with fifteen intensity levels allowing you to personalize your treatment.

  • Contours to your body
  • Uses Bluetooth and apps
  • Offers six adhesive gel pads
  • The gel pads slip

6. Bluetooth TENS Therapy Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief by 1byone Bluetooth TENS Therapy Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief by 1byone

1Byone therapy unit has combined both TENS and EMS to combat pain and aid in muscle stimulation. It is Bluetooth controlled allowing you to operate the Unit easily during your day. The Unit features 100 intensity levels, eight stimulation modes, and four electrode pad sizes--each pad is designed for a different body part.

  • Small and compact design
  • Offers 100 intensity levels
  • Two options--wireless or wired
  • Not user-friendly

Other Ways to Relieve Pain

When you suffer from chronic pain, the best option is to use pain-relieving medications. However, various natural methods can also aid in pain and pressure relief, and they include:

  • Massage

Massage is recommended for different health conditions including fibromyalgia, back pain, neck pain, and osteoarthritis. Massage therapy offers deep muscle penetration, relaxation, and pain relief for the nerves and muscles. Various tools can help with massaging, but the peanut massage balls are ideal as they are ergonomically designed to relieve inflammation and soreness.

  • Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps you stretch, move your muscles, and strengthen your joints. Therapy is recommended for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Physical therapy increases balance and muscle strength through exercises like pilates and Tai Chi.

  • Hot and Cold Therapy

Heat boosts blood flow to the affected places relieving inflammation. Two options of heat therapy are available--moist and dry heat. Moist heat therapy is more effective as water transfers heat more quickly than air.

When using a heating pad, wrap it in a towel or cloth to prevent direct contact with the skin.

Cold therapy reduces swelling by slowing down blood flow. Ice is recommended for pain, but should not be used by people suffering from poor blood circulation. You can use ice machines, wraps, or ice packs to combat pain.

Before you use any of these therapies, learn more on how to alternate heat and cold to achieve maximum results.

Find the Best Wireless TENS Unit

Investing in good Wireless TENS units will offer great benefits for people with arthritis, athletes, and anyone looking for a pain-free analgesic. These devices are small, compact, and enable you to relieve muscle pain effortlessly. TENS Units are effective but should be used with other pain management remedies to maximize your treatment.


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