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10 Best Wrist Heart Rate Monitors

by Jessica Hegg September 02, 2018 0 Comments

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Wearing the best wrist heart rate monitors give you a convenient, comfortable tool to track your heart rate. Not only will this help you analyze exercise performance, but you’ll be able to measure your resting heart rate to determine your overall health. Plus, the best heart rate watch products include a host of other nifty tools, including calorie counters, activity trackers, stopwatches, and so much more! Check out our list of the best options for you:

Top 10 Wrist Heart Rate Monitors

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Charge 2 Fitbit
2. Fitness Tracker HR Letscom
3. RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Scosche
4. M430 GPS Running Watch Polar
5. Versa Special Edition Smartwatch Fitbit
6. 107Plus Heart Rate Monitor Lintelek
7. Mo1 Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Marsno
8. Elegant Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Kybeco
9. Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Letuboner
10. Waterproof Health Tracker MorePro

1. Charge 2 by Fitbit Charge 2 by Fitbit

The FitBit is by far one of the best heart rate monitor watch options on the market! With continuous, automatic wrist-based pulse tracking, it measures your heart rate every second of the day to analyze performance, health, fat burning, and calorie expenditure. It also comes with built-in programs to help you maximize your workouts, provides a smart watch to pair with your smartphone, and displays notifications on its OLED screen. It’s even GPS-connected to help you track your runs!

  • Highly efficient, broad range of fitness tracking tools
  • Most versatile heart rate monitor on the market
  • Easy to sync with your Android and iOS phone
  • Heart rate sensor loses accuracy when you sweat

2. Fitness Tracker HR by Letscom Fitness Tracker HR by Letscom

This heart rate fitness tracker is built for active users, but it’s compatible with any lifestyle. It accurately records all your activity throughout the day, and it will display metrics like your daily step count, the total calories burned, sleep status, the number of minutes you spent active, and more. It’s easy to connect to your smartphone to take and receive calls, texts, emails, notifications, and reminders. Each full charge gives you up to seven days of run time before it needs recharging.

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Reliable, versatile, comfortable
  • Durable electronics, suited for active use
  • Strap wears out quicker than you might like

3. RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor by Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor by Scosche

This heart rate monitor is ranked among the most accurate wrist heart rate monitors on the market, giving you the best tool to track your performance and activity throughout the day. It’s compatible with most fitness apps, easy to sync with your smartphone, and highly reliable. It’s also lightweight and super comfortable to wear.

  • Highly accurate wrist-based heart rate monitor
  • Breathable and lightweight arm and wristband
  • Waterproof, durable
  • Band dries slowly, may retain sweat/water

4. M430 GPS Running Watch by Polar M430 GPS Running Watch by Polar

This running watch is built for those with an active lifestyle, and it comes with GPS positioning to help you track your runs and analyze your performance as you train. Its built-in heart rate monitor is very accurate, and you’ll find it’s easy to sync up to the Polar app on your smartphone and tablet. It comes with a wide range of tools, including sleep monitor, calorie counter, stopwatch, run time tracker, and more!

  • Great watch for runners
  • Good GPS and heart rate tracking features
  • Receive alerts and notifications on your watch
  • Initial setup can be a bit tricky

5 . Versa Special Edition Smartwatch by Fitbit Versa Special Edition Smartwatch by Fitbit

This special smartwatch is designed specifically for women, so it’s calibrated to measure the specific heart rate, calorie expenditure, and overall performance of female users. It has enough storage space for more than 300 songs for a full workout playlist, and it is compatible with streaming stations like Pandora. The built-in NFC chip makes it easy for you to make secure payments without needing to use a credit card.

  • Accurate heart rate tracking, calorie counting, and sleep monitoring
  • Highly versatile and efficient smart watch
  • Personalized on-screen coaching for your workouts
  • Only alerts you to received viewed texts and notifications, but doesn’t let you view them

6. 107Plus Heart Rate Monitor by Lintelek 107Plus Heart Rate Monitor by Lintelek

This fitness tracker comes with all the tools you need for your daily workouts--heart rate monitor, step counter, calorie counter, and distance tracker. It also measures your resting heart rate to help you determine if you’re sleeping well enough at night, and it’s fully GPS-compatible so you can track your run performance and route.

  • Easy Bluetooth syncing with your iOS and Android phones
  • Waterproof, lightweight, and comfortable
  • Great range of workout tools
  • Operating system can be tricky to use, more limited than other trackers

7. Mo1 Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor by Marsno Mo1 Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor by Marsno

This fitness tracker not only measures your heart rate, but it also calculates your blood pressure to help you stay aware of your cardiovascular health. The data is all synced up to the app on your smartphone, so you’ll be able to easily monitor your blood pressure and heart rate all day long. It also records the calories burned during your workouts, monitors your sleep quality metrics, and measures workout steps and distance. It’s highly accurate and built for fast processing!

  • Measures blood pressure as well as heart rate
  • Wide range of “smart” functions
  • Easy to charge, good battery life
  • Doesn’t pair easily with older phones

8. Elegant Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor by Kybeco Elegant Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor by Kybeco

This fully waterproof heart rate monitor is built for those who sweat a lot, swim, or forget to take off their watch in the shower. It comes with all the tools you like from a smart watch, plus fitness trackers like heart rate monitors, calorie counters, and pedometers. It can even use your phone to take pictures, track your run or cycling route, receive notifications from your email, texts, and messenger apps.

  • Versatile, with great fitness tracking tools
  • Easy to use, designed for user comfort
  • Tracks a wide range of exercises (basketball, Yoga, running, etc.)
  • Not always reliable connectivity with the app (smartphone and desktop)

9. Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor by Letuboner Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor by Letuboner

This fitness tracker will measure your heart rate, take your blood pressure, count the calories burned in your workout, count the steps you took today, analyze your daily activity levels, and even monitor sleep quality. It’s fully waterproof for swimming and showering, and comes with three training modes (running, cycling, and swimming) to provide more accurate exercise tracking. It’s beautifully lightweight, sits comfortably on your wrist, and does a great job of monitoring your health all day long.

  • All the fitness tracking tools you need to stay healthy
  • Compatible with newer-model iOS and Android smartphones
  • Good battery life, quick charge time
  • Blood oxygen tester may be inefficient

10. Waterproof Health Tracker by MorePro Waterproof Health Tracker by MorePro

This waterproof health tracker will help you to stay on top of your heart rate all day long, keeping you aware of your cardiovascular performance as you work, sleep, eat, and exercise. The heart rate monitor can keep track of rapid changes in your pulse, such as when you go from sedentary activity to high intensity activity. It’s easy to charge, highly reliable, and wonderfully easy to use.

  • Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Very wide range of fitness and health-tracking tools
  • High definition, bright-colored display
  • Heart rate monitor accuracy suffers


Why You Should Measure Your Heart Rate

Your heart rate is one of the most important vital signs you should be measuring, especially if you’re an athlete! Why is that?

  • Better Fat-Burning

The higher your heart rate, the more calories you burn. However to burn fat, you need to keep your heart rate in a certain range. You’ll only be able to know if you’re in that HR range by using a heart rate monitor. The best way to be sure you’re actually burning fat  is by keeping a close eye on your heart rate as you run, train, lift, or cycle.

  • More Effective Exercise

Building muscle takes a lot more effort when you're older, and the same goes for fat-burning. You’ll have to push your body harder in order to manage your weight. Using a heart rate monitor will help you to be sure you’re actually getting your heart rate high enough to see the results you want as you train.

  • Visible Results

As you push your cardiovascular system to its limits with your high intensity workouts, you’ll start to notice serious improvement in your fitness. You’ll be able to lift heavier, run longer, train harder, and all with less fatigue. Using a heart rate monitor will help you to know how hard to push your body to get those results you want!

Other Tools to Help Aid in Your Fitness Efforts

If you’re working hard to get fit, a heart rate monitor is just one of the tools for the job. Here are three more to help you out:

  • Body Fat Scale

A body fat scale not only measures your weight, but also tracks your body fat percentage. Getting healthy isn’t about losing weight, but losing fat mass. A body fat scale will help you see just how much fat you’re losing through your daily diet and exercise program.

  • Blood Pressure Meter

High blood pressure can be a side effect of overtraining and excessive exercise, as well as a high-stress lifestyle, poor diet, and other health factors. Using a blood pressure monitor regularly will help you know if you’re pushing your body too hard.

  • Pulse Oximeter

Tracking your oxygenation levels during high intensity exercise is critical if you’re trying to become a more effective athlete. After all, the better your body absorbs and spreads oxygen with each breath, the greater your stamina for hardcore training. Using a pulse oximeter can provide concrete data to ensure your workouts are improving your cardiovascular health.

Use a Wrist Heart Rate Monitor to Keep You Running!

A wrist heart rate monitor is so much more than just a handy smart device, it’s a fitness tool that can help you stay on top of your weight loss, fat-burning, health-improving efforts. Our list above will make it easy for you to find the monitor that will keep you conscious of your progress and help you improve in every area of your wellness.

Jessica Hegg
Jessica Hegg

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