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6 Best Blind Canes

by Jessica Hegg May 25, 2018 0 Comments

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Living with visual impairment doesn't have to mean giving up your independence. The best blind canes offer all the top features, letting you step confidently wherever and whenever you need. Take a look at the top six blind canes below, and find the option that is perfect for you.

Top 6 Canes for Blind

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Folding Cane Drive Medical
2. White Cane for Blind Secure
3. Aluminum Cane for Blind VSONE
4. Adjustable Cane for Blind Reizen
5. Blind Folding Cane Lumex
6. Aluminum Walking Stick TOOGOO

1. Folding Cane by Drive Medical Folding Cane by Drive Medical

This cane for blind people has an alternating reflective red and white pattern, alerting others of your presence during the day or night. This cane comes with the standard handle strap, and has a nylon tip at the end. This cane is made from lightweight aluminum and divided into four sections, so you can easily fold it up when not in use.

  • Red and white reflective outer provide increased visibility anytime
  • Nylon tip is reinforced
  • Aluminum construction makes cane lightweight
  • Strap doesn’t let you hold cane easily when folded

2. White Cane for Blind by Secure White Cane for Blind by Secure

If you are visually impaired, but still need the use of a cane for added stability, Secure offers this white cane that satisfies your needs. The cane is made of an aluminum alloy, is lightweight, and is colored red and white to alert others of your presence. In case of emergency, this cane is outfitted with a panic alarm. If you need a light, this cane comes with an LED flashlight for night time or low light environments.

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy construction
  • Includes a panic alarm
  • Flashing red light and LED light provide increased visibility
  • Handle may be on the short side for some

3. Aluminum Cane for Blind by VSONE Aluminum Cane for Blind by VSONE

Outfitted with a rolling tip, this cane folds neatly into five sections for quick storage. Covered in mostly white and red reflective taping, this cane ensures improved visibility during the day and night. The elastic cords are doubled up in this cane, for added assurance that this cane will be ready when you are.

  • Available in 3 different lengths
  • Hook style tip is kept in place with doubled elastic cords
  • Folds into 5 distinct sections
  • Tip wears down fairly quickly

4. Adjustable Cane for Blind by Reizen  Adjustable Cane for Blind by Reizen

When you need the combined benefit of both a standard cane but are visually impaired, this adjustable cane for blind persons provides improved visibility, and an ergonomic handle for gripping. Constructed from anodized aluminum, this cane is covered in white and red reflective taping, and has a sturdy rubber tip at the end.

  • Adjustable height ranges from 37” to 40” in length
  • Handle offers a comfortable grip and strap
  • Aluminum construction provides durability
  • Handle is perhaps too smooth and requires grip tape

5. Blind Folding Cane by Lumex Blind Folding Cane by Lumex

Constructed of lightweight aluminum, this cane folds down into four sections for convenience when not in use. You can tote your cane while folded via the handle strap, or enjoy a better grip on the cane while walking, thanks to its textured plastic handle. The reflective tape on the outside has an alternating pattern, for improved visibility at night.

  • Available in 2 different lengths
  • Covered in alternating red and white pattern of reflective taping
  • Textured handle allows for better grip on cane
  • Too long and too flexible for some

6. Aluminum Walking Stick by TOOGOO Aluminum Walking Stick by TOOGOO

This aluminum cane for blind people quickly snaps open when needed, and just as easily folds into four neat sections for storage. Covered in mostly white reflective taping, there is a small section of red reflective tape toward the upper middle of the cane for visibility. There is a rubber tip at the bottom, and a handle strap for easy carrying at the top.

  • Quickly assembled into place with a snap
  • Aluminum alloy construction makes cane lightweight but strong
  • Folds into 4 neat sections for saving space and storage
  • Elastic inside cane is light and thin

Common Causes of Visual Impairment

Not all people are born blind or living with visual impairment. Partial or full loss of eye sight can occur because of the following health conditions.

  • Genetic defect of the eyes
  • Untreated cataracts
  • Muscular degeneration
  • Unforeseen accident
  • Diabetes that has gone untreated for too long

Choosing to utilize the best cane for blind people can help make living with visual impairment easier. Most canes are lightweight, easily fold up for storage, and are signals to others that you are approaching.

In addition to being ready for the outside world, you should outfit your home with safety items like the best grab bars for the shower , or use the best fall mats to protect you from injury.

Choosing the Best Cane for the Blind

You should choose your blind cane based on lifestyle needs and physical mobility. If you are more agile, a standard folding cane is adequate. Older adults or those with limited mobility may opt for a combined walking cane with reflective taping.

While walking, try the best insoles to keep your feet cushioned and comfortable.

Enjoy Greater Independence with the Best Canes for the Blind

Being visually impaired does not mean you have to use a guide dog, as the best cane for the blind allows for independence. Keeping fit to stay strong and healthy is important, so you can be ready for anything. Try using the best resistance bands to improve your flexibility , response time, and maintain muscle strength.

It helps to be prepared by keeping your hands, wrists, and forearms in good shape. The best forearm workout tools keep critical appendages more limber, helping you enjoy more independence.

Experience The Best Cane for the Blind

Living a full life with blindness or visual impairment is possible. Utilizing tools like a cane for the blind can help you enjoy greater mobility independently, without relying on a human assistant or guide dog to get around. Most canes are lightweight, durable, and are quickly recognized by others to be more aware of your presence.


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