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10 Best Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitors

by Jessica Hegg April 03, 2018 0 Comments

woman using a wireless blood pressure monitor

Bluetooth blood pressure monitors offer a convenient and simple way to monitor, track, and store blood pressure readings. In recent years years, Bluetooth and wireless-enabled blood pressure monitors have been gaining in popularity, offering benefits above and beyond the more traditional devices. Below, we list the nine best Bluetooth blood pressure monitors out there, along with some other ways to help you keep your blood pressure in check.

Top 10 Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitors

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Home Blood Pressure Monitor with Simple Smartphone Connectivity Welch Allyn
2. Wireless Bluetooth Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Omron
3. Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor QardioArm
4. Bluetooth Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Omron
5. Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Cuff Greater Goods
6. Bluetooth Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Large LCD 1byone
7. Evolv Bluetooth Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Omron
8. Connected Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor MOCACuff
9. Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor Letscom
10. Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate Detection Koogeek

1. Home Blood Pressure Monitor with Simple Smartphone Connectivity by Welch Allyn Home Blood Pressure Monitor with Simple Smartphone Connectivity by Welch Allyn

Welch Allyn is a well-known and physician-trusted brand. Their home blood pressure monitoring device is one of the best Bluetooth blood pressure monitors on the market. Features include the widest available cuff range, high levels of clinical accuracy, a simple one-button operation, and SureBP technology to capture readings in just twenty seconds. Users can download the free blood pressure check app for iPhone and Android which is safe, secure, and easy to use.

  • Trusted brand
  • Comfortable and doesn’t over-inflate the cuff
  • One-button operation
  • High price-point

2. Wireless Bluetooth Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor by Omron Wireless Bluetooth Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor by Omron

This blood pressure monitor comes highly recommended by doctors for its efficient and accurate blood pressure measuring system. It supports two different users, holding up to 100 readings each and making long-term blood pressure tracking possible. The soft arm band inflates fully around the arm to ensure accurate readings while maintaining comfort.

  • Stores a total of 200 readings
  • Fits most arm sizes
  • Perfect for users who want to share
  • Readings may fluctuate if not used according to instructions

3. Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor by QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor by QardioArm

For the best wireless blood pressure monitor, look no further than this QardioArm device. The FDA-approved monitor boasts a compact design, triple measurement averaging, irregular heartbeat alert, and multiple-user functionality. One of its unique features is the ability to geo-track your readings, making it a great gift for travelers.

  • Integrates with Apple Health, Apple Watch, Kindle, and Android
  • Interprets and compares results
  • Multiple-user functionality
  • Can sometimes struggle to pair with some devices

4. Bluetooth Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor by Omron Bluetooth Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor by Omron

With superb accuracy and support from Omron's free app, this blood pressure monitor offers everything most users will need. Glance at the quick start guide and begin storing readings--you can keep track of up to 100 per profile! The app offers unlimited readings while on the move, and makes sharing readings with your doctor a breeze.

  • #1 manufacturer of blood pressure monitors
  • Silent inflation makes discreet readings a reality
  • Makes monitoring trends easy
  • User guide must be read carefully to ensure the most accurate readings

5. Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Cuff by Greater Goods Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Cuff by Balance

The Balance blood pressure cuff for iPhone and Android comes as part of a professional kit that includes batteries, a wall plug, and a storage case. With just the touch of a button, you can measure your blood pressure and pulse. The device features a hypertension indicator bar and irregular heartbeat sensor, and it displays your readings on a large, backlit LCD screen. Results automatically pair with your device once you download the free health app.

  • Large, backlit LCD screen
  • Choice of 2 power sources
  • Portion of the proceeds goes to fight human trafficking
  • It can be tricky to put on the cuff with one hand

6. Bluetooth Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Large LCD by 1byone Bluetooth Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Large LCD by 1byone

With advanced technology, the 1byone Bluetooth blood pressure monitor ensures reliable, accurate, and consistent results. You can store up to 60 readings each for two separate users on the device or download the free app to save and track unlimited readings. The adjustable cuff is comfortable and fully automatic, the monitor is easy to use, and the extra-large screen is backlit. This product includes a storage case and comes with a 30-day full refund policy and two-year warranty.

  • Clinically tested and proven to be accurate
  • Fully automatic
  • Stores up to 60 readings each for 2 users (120 in total)
  • You must purchase batteries and power cord separately

7. Evolv Bluetooth Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor by Omron Evolv Bluetooth Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor by Omron

As one would expect from an Omron product, the Evolv is among the best Wi-Fi blood pressure monitors out there. It promises clinically-accurate home readings, a compact design, easy-to-use intuitive controls, and a wide cuff range. The Omron Connect app allows users to store unlimited readings, view trends, and share results with others.

  • Very reputable brand
  • Compact, 1-piece design
  • Stores unlimited readings
  • Wide-range cuff does not fit smaller arms (less than 9”)

8. Connected Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor by MOCACuff Connected Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor by MOCACuff

Designed to be worn on the wrist, the MOCACuff is an alternative to the traditional tight, cuffed blood pressure monitors. Your readings are displayed on the screen next to color-coded results that correspond to the American Heart Association's blood pressure standards. With a single tap, you can send your results to your smartphone or tablet to store, share, or track trends.

  • Color-coded indicator shows blood pressure range
  • Tracks trends and changes over time
  • Includes sleek carry case
  • Velcro strap can only accommodate wrist sizes of up to 10”

9. Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor by Letscom Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor by Letscom

If you prefer to track your heart rate and blood pressure throughout the day, the Letscom Fitness Tracker may be the device for you. It’s ideal for fitness enthusiasts who can enjoy round-the-clock tracking of heart rate, sleep patterns, and activity levels, as well as on-demand blood pressure readings. As an added bonus, you can see calls, messages, and other notifications on your wrist.

  • Perfect for fitness enthusiasts
  • Tracks several health signs
  • Sleek and discreet
  • Difficult to see the screen when outdoors

10. Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate Detection by Koogeek Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate Detection by Koogeek

Koogeek’s wrist blood pressure monitor allows up to sixteen users to view and track their results separately. It has an irregular heart rate alert, a reminder alarm so that you never forget to take readings or medication, and Intelligent Compression Technology that automatically inflates the cuff for comfort and accuracy. The device has a large font size and audio function to relay readings—perfect for those with visual impairments.

  • Can be used by up to 16 people
  • Irregular heartbeat alert and reminder alarm
  • Large font and voice prompt
  • Placement of the device must be exact for an accurate reading


Understanding Hypertension and Hypotension

The term blood pressure refers to the force that the blood exerts on the walls of the blood vessels as it circulates the body. Depending on the readings your doctor obtains when they measure your blood pressure, they may tell you that you have hypertension or hypotension.

Below, we break down exactly what these terms mean.

  • Hypertension—Stage One

This is considered to be mild to moderate high blood pressure, and it can be caused by poor diet, stress, or other factors.

  • Hypertension—Stage Two

Also known as severe high blood pressure, this stage requires immediate treatment which often includes medication and lifestyle changes to address the root cause of the problem.

  • Hypotension

This term refers to low blood pressure, a potentially dangerous condition. While some people don’t experience any symptoms, others need immediate medical attention to prevent them going into shock.

For more detailed explanations of hypertension and hypotension, and to learn more about symptoms and treatments, check out our post on Understanding Blood Pressure.

How to Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check

With careful monitoring and management, you can keep your blood pressure numbers in the desired range and stave off unwanted symptoms or further complications. In addition to using the best wireless BP monitor, here are some healthy changes you can make:

  • Eat a Balanced Diet and Stay Hydrated

For heart health, enjoy plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and lean protein sources like fish, tofu, and beans. Steer clear of processed foods, junk foods, and red meat. Limit or avoid sugar and saturated fat.

People with high blood pressure should avoid alcohol and caffeine, swapping them for water and these delicious drinks that lower blood pressure.

  • Exercise Regularly

To keep your blood pressure within the normal range, work out regularly. Movement not only causes the blood vessels to dilate, reducing blood pressure, it reduces stress, facilitates heart health, and encourages weight loss.

Any activity that gets the heart pumping—like running, walking, or swimming—is beneficial, but chair-based exercises and exercise pedals can be just as helpful for those who are less mobile.

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being overweight or obese is a risk factor for heart disease, type two diabetes, and other conditions associated with high blood pressure. Stay within a healthy weight range for your height by eating a balanced diet, working out, and monitoring your weight with a digital scale.

  • Stop Stressing

Stress can cause your blood pressure to skyrocket! Stay calm and collected by engaging in some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga, or Tai-Chi.

  • Quit Smoking

Smoking elevates both blood pressure and heart rate. It also increases your risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. For better all-round health, quit cigarettes and all nicotine-based products. If you’re struggling to do this, ask your doctor for help or join a smoking cessation program.

  • Try Compression Stockings

While most of the attention is on high blood pressure, people with low blood pressure need to address their condition too. In addition to eating a balanced diet, they may wish to try compression stockings to prevent blood from pooling in the legs.

You’ll find some of the best compression leg sleeves here.

  • Take Your Medication

If your doctor has prescribed medication for your blood pressure, it’s important that you take it consistently. To ensure you never miss a dose, why not use a pill organizer or portable pill case?

Choosing the Best Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor for Health and Longevity

Knowing your blood pressure numbers is an integral part of heart health and overall well-being. Discover, log, and track your blood pressure results on an ongoing basis with one of the best Bluetooth blood pressure monitors we’ve listed above. If you combine regular monitoring with some healthy lifestyle changes, you could soon get your BP readings right where you want them.


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