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5 Best Cane Holders for Scooters

by Jessica Hegg August 19, 2018 0 Comments

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Scooters are a fantastic way to get around and enjoy your freedom, but there are times when a cane is the best type of support. With the best cane holder for scooters, you can enjoy the flexibility of both. Cane holders will attach easily to your scooter, meaning your cane can be on hand for when you need it. Here are our picks of the best cane holders for your scooter.

Top 5 Cane Holders for Scooters

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. ROBOCUP RoboCup
2. Cane Holder for Rollator NOVA Medical Products
3. Cane Holder Challenger Mobility
4. Cane Holder Drive Medical
5. Cane Holder Clips Challenger Mobility

1. ROBOCUP by RoboCup ROBOCUP by RoboCup

Introducing the most versatile scooter accessory: the RoboCup can be converted from cane holder to cup holder in moments, and has hundreds of other uses for you to discover. The dual clamps securely grip onto round or flat surfaces up to two inches wide, providing space to store a cane and any other item you may need on the move. Made from stainless steel with nonslip rubber grips, this is a product that’s both lightweight and durable, making it ideal for use on the go.

  • Easy to mount
  • Secure grip avoids rattling as you travel
  • Space for two items
  • Some hand and arm strength needed to open the clamp

2. Cane Holder for Rollator by NOVA Medical Products Cane Holder for Rollator by NOVA Medical Products

This neatly designed hands-free cane holder marks the end of worrying about misplaced canes! It conveniently snaps onto rollators or folding walkers to securely store your cane while you’re out and about. The dual clips attach to canes with a ⅞ inch diameter, storing it in a discreet, streamlined position that is easily accessible. Lightweight and portable, this can be taken with you when traveling to ensure you’ll always have your cane handy when you need it.

  • Easy to attach
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Ideal for folding walkers
  • Only fits canes and walkers with limited dimensions

3. Cane Holder by Challenger Mobility Cane Holder by Challenger Mobility

This practical cane holder is a stylish addition to any mobility scooter—simply attach to your scooter’s accessory holder for a quick and easy solution to cane storage on the move. With this device, your cane will be stored safely out of the way as you travel, and you’ll always know exactly where to find it. No more worrying about holding your cane as you drive, this device gives you the freedom to focus fully on the journey, knowing your cane will be ready and waiting when you arrive.

  • Comfortably stores most cane varieties
  • Can be used for other items such as umbrellas
  • Keeps both hands free when on the move
  • Can only be used by scooters with a square accessory port

4. Cane Holder by Drive Medical Cane Holder by Drive Medical

WIth their stainless steel cane holder, Drive Medical has created a simple, user friendly solution to transporting canes on the move. The hook and loop fastening is adjustable to fit the size of your cane, ensuring a secure grip while traveling. This cane holder fits most mobility scooters, so however you like to get around, you can be sure that your cane will arrive safely with you.

  • Fits any cane size
  • Can also be used for crutches
  • Made from durable steel
  • May be larger than required if you have a smaller cane

5. Cane Holder Clips by Challenger Mobility Cane Holder Clips by Challenger Mobility

If you’re suffering from back or neck pain or are recovering from an injury, it may not be possible to reach behind you to access a cane. Fortunately, Challenger Mobility has created a great value solution—cane holder clips that attach to the side of your scooter. The cane clips attach discreetly under the scooter armrest to provide a secure frame for holding a cane while on the move. When you arrive, your cane will be ready to go, right by your side.

  • 2 sets of clips included
  • Easy to attach to scooter arm
  • Prevents twisting or bending to reach your cane
  • Requires careful installation before use


The Best Type of Cane for You

With so many styles and varieties of cane available, it can be difficult to know which will be best for you. Below, we list the three most commonly available types of cane and their benefits.

  • Offset Cane

An offset cane is a great all-purpose mobility aid. The ergonomic design supports the wrist, meaning you can put more weight onto the cane while putting less pressure on the body. These are a good choice if you’re suffering from a wrist injury or arthritis, as they do not need to be tightly gripped when in use.

  • Folding Cane

Folding canes are an alternative for those needing moderate support, but who want the flexibility to use or stow away their cane while traveling. These varieties tend to be more lightweight, but will still provide sturdy support while walking.

Compare the 8 Best Folding Canes right here.

  • Quad Cane

Walking canes are a popular solution for individuals who rely heavily on their cane for support when walking. The four pronged base provides additional stability, meaning these won’t tip over when in use. Due to the added security they provide, quad canes are somewhat bulkier than other cane varieties, and may not suit the cane holders listed above.

Other Scooter Accessories that Make Life Easier

If you use your scooter every day, it’s worth taking the time to make it your own. Scooter accessories are an opportunity both to express your personal style and to ensure your scooter meets your needs.

  • Seat Cushions

If you find yourself sitting down for long periods throughout the day, it is important to make sure that you’re properly supported. Seat cushions make you more comfortable and prevent poor posture, which can lead to pain in the lower back.

Check out our guide to the 10 Best Seat Cushions for Back Pain.

  • Scooter Bags

Attachable bags are the perfect way to keep essential items with you when traveling, without them interfering as you drive. Scooter bags are inexpensive and will keep your belongings safe from the elements as you travel.

  • Seat Covers

A waterproof seat cover is a must have if you plan on using your scooter in all weathers. They protect your scooter to keep it in top condition and ensure you’ll always have a comfortable seat. If this appeals to you, why not invest in a waterproof seat cushion? These provide a supportive seat and are wipe clean, so are ideal for taking out in wet weather.

Tips for Scooter Users to Improve Balance and Mobility

  • Tools to Support Mobility

If you prefer having total, two-handed support, a walker may be a suitable option, as it provides maximum stability, without being as bulky as a scooter.

If you’re recovering from an injury on one leg, a knee scooter provides more flexibility than a full scooter, with greater support than a walking cane. Whichever option you choose, making sure you are well supported plays a key role in recovery.

  • Tips to Improve Balance

Our natural sense of balance may decrease as we age, but there are measures that can be put in place to protect it. Physical activities that focus on balance, such as Yoga or Tai Chi, are a fantastic way to tune into your body. If you’re keen to build balance practice into your workout routine, it can be helpful to use physical therapy tools.

Find the Best Cane Holder for Scooter Use

The best cane holder for scooter use will give you the freedom to choose the right travel option for you, wherever you are, without having to worry about where you’ve left your cane. Cane holders provide the flexibility to select the item that best supports your needs, and are always on hand when you need them. You’ll be amazed at how simple moving around becomes with these clever devices.

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