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6 Best Chair Alarms

by Jessica Hegg September 23, 2018 0 Comments

wireless chair alarm on wheelchair

Falls are the number one cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries in older Americans, so it’s essential to ensure you or your loved ones are protected against them. The best chair alarm will alert caregivers when an individual is rising from their chair, helping you make sure they get the support and assistance they need to move around the home. Chair alarms don’t have to be costly and are easy to set up and start using, so you can ensure your loved ones are protected from falls.

Top 6 Chair Alarms

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Chair Alarm System Vive
2. Fall Monitor and Chair Pad Smart Caregiver
3. Patient Alarm for Falls Management Secure
4. Cordless Bed and Chair Alarm System Smart Caregiver
5. Basic Pull String Monitor Smart Caregiver
6. Bed and Chair Exit Alarm System Smart Caregiver

1. Chair Alarm System by Vive Chair Alarm System by Vive

Vive’s Chair Alarm is a simple and effective way for caregivers to monitor their loved one’s movements, without having to hover over them round the clock. The comfortable foam pad triggers the monitor to sound when pressure is lifted from the chair, so it’s easy to tell when an individual is standing up. The sensor pad is latex free and sealed against incontinence, so you can use it again and again with confidence. A new wireless design makes it even easier to take anywhere, and pager connectivity is sure to be a useful feature for caregivers

  • Long battery life
  • Protected by a 1 year warranty
  • Alarm automatically resets
  • Cord for the chair pad may be short for some living arrangements

2. Fall Monitor and Chair Pad by Smart Caregiver Fall Monitor and Chair Pad by Smart Caregiver

This sophisticated chair alarm for seniors features options to control the volume and tone of the alarm, making this a great choice for sensitive users or for those who are hard of hearing. The roomy ten by fifteen inch pad is made from a thin layer of soft foam, so can be comfortably accommodated in any chair. Best of all, this purchase comes with a one year warranty, so you can buy with peace of mind.

  • Waterproof against incontinence
  • Alarm can be heard in adjacent rooms
  • Sensitive to movement
  • Bright white color not discreet on most chairs

3. Patient Alarm for Falls Management by Secure Patient Alarm for Falls Management by Secure

For a less obtrusive chair alarm for elderly individuals, we love this pull cord alarm, and professional carers do too. It clips onto the clothing of seated individuals and, when movement of the clip causes the cord to come loose, the alarm sounds. With an adjustable cord and dual tone and volume system, this is a versatile chair alarm that can be used almost anywhere. It’s easy to set up and has a handy on and off switch too.

  • No chair pad required
  • Used in care facilities
  • Loud, clear sounding alarm
  • Some users found this alarm slightly too loud

4. Cordless Bed and Chair Alarm System by Smart Caregiver Cordless Bed and Chair Alarm System by Smart Caregiver

If you’re concerned that your loved one will find the idea of a chair alarm unappealing, or will be startled by an alarm sounding, this cordless bed and chair alarm system offers the perfect solution. The cordless bed pad can be discreetly placed at the back of a chair and the carer alarm functions well in a separate room, meaning it never has to be heard by the individual. With a portable alarm that can be as far as 100 feet away from the chair or bed, this will help you enjoy some freedom while caring for your loved one.

  • Adjustable volume
  • Can be used on beds or chairs
  • Loud enough to wake caregivers if their loved ones move in the night
  • Some users noted a short delay between the patient rising and the alarm sounding

5. 1Basic Pull String Monitor by Smart Caregiver Basic Pull String Monitor by Smart Caregiver

This pull string alarm is highly affordable without compromising on quality. The alarm can be clipped to the back of a chair with the locking clip attached to an individual's clothing. When they rise from the chair, the alarm will sound and alert caregivers to the need for assistance. The device features a 36 inch long string and a choice of volumes, so it’s easy to use in most settings.

  • Great value for money
  • More discreet than a chair pad
  • Alarm sounds loudly when set off
  • Batteries not included

6. Bed and Chair Exit Alarm System by Smart Caregiver Bed and Chair Exit Alarm System by Smart Caregiver

This high quality chair and exit alarm system lets you completely personalize the alarm to tailor it to your needs. With adjustable volume and a recordable voice alert, this establishes clear and effective communication between caregiver and patient, even before you've arrived in the room to assist them. Additional useful features include a low battery warning light and pad lost light, making this chair exit alarm particularly easy to use.

  • Status light shows when the device is working
  • Can be use on beds or chairs
  • Choice of pull string or sensor pad
  • B atteries not included


How to Use a Chair Alarm for Seniors

Chair alarms are a simple solution to home safety for many seniors and caregivers. Here’s how to get the most out of your investment.

  • Who Could Benefit from a Chair Alarm?

The purpose of a chair alarm is to alert caregivers when a loved one is rising from their seat to prevent falls or injury. They are thus extremely handy for for any individual who needs assistance in rising and moving around the home, as they alert caregivers that they’re needed, without having to raise voices and shout for help. They’re also particularly useful for monitoring individuals with Dementia, who may not choose to seek help when they need it.

  • How Do Chair Alarms Work?

Chair alarms are simple enough devices, where some kind of movement from the individual triggers an alert to their caregiver that they’re beginning to get up. This could either be through a sensor pad that detects when pressure is lifted, or a clip attachment for clothing that pulls a magnet when the individual moves from their seat. When this happens, an alarm alerts the caregiver, enabling them to be on hand to provide assistance.

  • What are the Limitations of Chair Alarms?

Chair alarms work fantastically as a short term fix for individuals with an injury who need temporary assistance, and as a long term solution to family concerns, such as a loved one with Dementia getting up alone in the night. However, a chair alarm will not support individuals in becoming more independent round the home. For tips on how to achieve this, check out the section below.

Other Tips to Prevent Falls in the Home

It’s important to be there to support your loved ones when they need it, but any independence they can gain from improved mobility provides both a boost for them and a relief for you. That’s why it’s worth exploring other ways you can prevent falls in the home and help your loved on get around safely.

  • Find the Best Mobility Device

For individuals who struggle to find their balance and get from A to B, there’s a whole host of mobility devices available to support them. Walking canes for balance problems are a discreet and easy way to move around more securely. Quad canes are a particularly good choice as they have a wider, more stable base, but if you’d like to explore cane varieties for yourself, you can find more information with our Guide to the Most Reliable Walking Canes.

If your loved one finds balance particularly challenging, a walker will be more supportive. You can find the 12 Best Walkers for Seniors right here.

  • Make Simple Home Improvements

In most cases, it isn’t necessary to leave the family home to be protected from falls. Simple additions to the home, such as grab bars in the shower where it’s slippery and bed rails to make getting out of bed easier, can make a big difference to an individual with limited mobility. Our guide to the 13 Best Assistive Devices for Elderly Adults is packed with ideas for where to start.

  • Minimize the Damage of a Fall

Falls can be highly dangerous for elderly individuals, so although we hope they can be avoided, it’s important to ensure damage limitation if they do occur. Placing a fall mat in locations where falls are more likely to occur can reduce the risk of a fall causing a serious injury.

Find the Best Chair Alarm

Chair alarms provide caregivers with valuable peace of mind that they can leave the room without worrying about their loved ones slipping or falling. Care for dependent individuals without leaving them feeling smothered, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be alerted when needed. For such a simple device, a chair alarm has the power to save a life.

Jessica Hegg
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