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3 Best Chair Lift for Stairs

by Jessica Hegg November 28, 2018 0 Comments

Automatic stair lift on staircase

Take advantage of the best chair lift for stairs in order to make traveling up and down in your home or office a lot easier. The best chair lift for stairs is a safe and reliable way to transport your wheelchair and maintain independence. Instead of looking at a flight of stairs with trepidation, these products enhance your mobility so you can move uninhibited. See the top three options below!

Top 3 Chair Lift for Stairs

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Summit Outdoor Stair Lift Spin Life
2. Harmar Pinnacle Stair Lift HD US Medical Supplies
3. Handicare Simplicity Stair Lift MedMart

1. Summit Outdoor Stair Lift by Spin Life Summit Outdoor Stair Lift by Spin Life

Getting outside for some fresh air is made easier with this stair lift, which travels along a cable-operated system, and comes with a weatherproof cover to protect both the chair and chassis from the elements. Safety sensors are built into the footplate of the chair, so if any obstructions arise, the chair stops instantly for a rider’s safety. Easy to install and operate, this chair lift is covered by a five-year warranty.

  • Universal design allows for stair lift to be mounted on either side of a staircase
  • Chair lift travels along a cable-operated system        
  • Chair swivels at a 90-degree angle when exiting for a safer dismount
  • No cover provided to protect the track from elements

2. Harmar Pinnacle Stair Lift HD by US Medical Supplies Harmar Pinnacle Stair Lift HD by US Medical Supplies

Traveling up and down stairs is safer and more comfortable with this chair lift for stairs, which uses an aluminum track and is battery powered. The seat depth is sixteen inches to make the ride more plush and pleasant while riding, perfect for reducing pressure on the joints. Available in a variety of color options for the upholstery, this lift can elevate home decor while improving navigating at home.

  • Seat and armrests flip up to make more room on stairs when not in use
  • Chair lift uses worm-drive and is battery operated
  • Wireless controls to send or call for the chair available
  • Does not include a digital diagnostics display

3. Handicare Simplicity Stair Lift by MedMart Handicare Simplicity Stair Lift by MedMart

Designed with a straight staircase in mind, this chair lift comes with a clip seat belt for an improved ride. Riders can make use of this stair lift at any time, as it charges continuously during operation or at rest. The upholstery is a neutral color to match seamlessly with most home decor and is flame retardant. Adjusting the swivel of the seat or footplate is done manually.

  • Offers free in-home consultation, expert installation, and excellent customer service
  • Upholstery is flame retardant and wipes clean
  • Comes with 10-year limited warranty
  • The amount of weight supported by this chair lift is under 350 lbs.


Maintain a Safer Stairwell and Home

Whether caring for an aged parent with limited mobility, or living in a home with a stairwell when relying on a wheelchair, it is essential to improve safety around stairs and the home. Most falls and accidents can be prevented if necessary steps are taken to enhance independent navigation.

  • Do not leave obstructions around or on stairs as they can pose a safety hazard
  • Make sure that railings for stairs and chair lift tracks are in good repair
  • Install lighting around the entry and exit points of stairs and doorways to improve vision
  • Remove any loose tiles, rugs, or other home decor that can snag or slip on wheelchair

A plug-in night light is an effective way to improve nighttime visibility around a staircase and entryways.

Additional Health Products for Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Users

There are some must-have products that would be beneficial to persons with mobility challenges who rely on a wheelchair. To enjoy a greater sense of independence and be prepared for the unexpected, it is best to have the following health items.

  • Wheelchair Bag

A wheelchair bag is the perfect accessory to keep personal effects close by, instead of resorting to fumbling with a traditional purse or shoulder bag. Glasses, medicine, magazines, and a smartphone can be kept safe and ready to use at short notice.

  • Reacher Grabber

Persons with limited mobility due to being in a wheelchair, sustaining an injury, or recovering from a surgical procedure may appreciate a reacher grabber. Using a reacher grabber tool can help to independently access items that have fallen or are slightly out of arm’s reach with ease.

  • Patient Lift

When assistance is needed to transport someone in a wheelchair into bed or another form of seating, it is helpful to employ a patient lift to make things easier and safer.

  • First Aid Kit & Gauze For Wounds

In the event of a slip and fall, cut, burn, scrape, or dressing post-surgery wounds, it pays to stay prepared with a first aid kit and sterile gauze for wounds. Additionally, gauze can be use to clean and prep skin before administering an injection or applying topical creams.

Prevent Falls & Injury in Your Home

Falls and injuries at home when living with limited mobility can dampen morale, and lead to preventable trips to the hospital. Keeping specific products to promote health and safety of loved ones while in the bedroom, bathroom, and being prepared for emergencies are a necessary upgrade.

  • Floor Mat Alarm/Padded Floor Mat

If a tumble out of the bed, or a loss of solid footing causes anyone to land on the floor, they will appreciate a padded floor mat or a floor mat alarm in their home. If a fall mat alarm is triggered, it can more quickly alert family and friends to check on a loved one with mobility challenges or other health conditions.

  • Motion Sensor Night Light

Whether getting up in the night to go to the bathroom, or there is a desire to venture into the kitchen for a late-night snack, a motion sensor night light provides multiple benefits. Sensor triggered night lights improve safety awareness if there is any movement in the home, and save on energy use.

  • Grab Bars In Bathroom

When transitioning between sitting in a wheelchair or scooter to the toilet or bathtub, having grab bars in the bathroom can be a big help. Installing a toilet safety frame or grab bars for a shower is an easy upgrade to make. Plus, in order to make bathing easier, consider upgrading to a handheld shower head and a shower chair for hygiene and safety.

Conquer Stairs With Ease Using a Chairlift for the Home

Living with limited mobility and relying on a wheelchair, scooter, or walker doesn’t equal the inability to navigate stairs safely and independently. Installing a chair lift for both indoor and outdoor staircases can restore independence, improve home safety, and reduce the chance of unwanted falls and injuries.


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