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12 Best Compression Socks for Travel

by Jessica Hegg May 08, 2018 0 Comments

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If you’re a frequent flier, you probably already know of the dangers of deep vein thrombosis, the arch nemesis of those who go on long flights. A pair of compression socks for travel helps promote blood flow in the legs, stopping it from forming a clot and starting the process of deep vein thrombosis. As you’ll see in this list, however, you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality! Here are our top picks for compression socks you can wear on the plane.

Top 12 Compression Socks for Travel

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Compression Socks Physix Gear
2. Compression Stockings Vive
3. Compression Socks SB SOX
4. Compression Socks Blitzu
5 Compression Socks for Women and Men Go2
6. Compression Socks A-Swift
7. Women’s Compression Socks Fytto
8. Air Travel Compression Socks Wanderlust
9. Compression Socks BLUETREE
10. Compression Socks CPR
11. Air Travel Compression Socks Blitzu
12. Compression Socks Go2

1. Compression Socks by Physix Gear Compression Socks by Physix Gear

These very stylish compression socks by Physix Gear looks great in any sports enthusiast’s wardrobe. They’re designed to eliminate stitches in areas where they’ll rub together or tear, meaning they’re a great choice for running or cycling in. If you’re not the sporting type, these are still effective compression socks for air travel, and can be worn day and night.

  • Fits a wide range of legs
  • Durable
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Can get quite warm

2. Compression Stockings by Vive Compression Stockings by Vive

These compression stockings by Vive are made with a mix of nylon and spandex, which makes them lightweight, smooth to the touch, and breathable to stop the legs from getting overly warm. The graduated compression of the stockings is great for post-surgery treatment, as well as being an effective pair of compression socks for long flights. The design of the stocking and cuff stops it from bunching up or slipping while worn.

  • Reinforced toe
  • Hides unsightly conditions from view
  • Comes with a 60-day Vive guarantee
  • Only comes in one color

3. Compression Socks by SB SOX Compression Socks by SB SOX

These compression socks for circulation enhancement by SB SOX come in a pleasing array of colors, from sporty designs to more vibrant and fun patterns. They have a cushioned heel and supported toe area to maximize comfort, without restricting your range of movement. The fabric is both anti-odor and anti-static, keeping your feet dry and free of fungus.

  • Good range of sizes
  • Supports the arch for plantar fasciitis relief
  • Anti-slip cuff
  • Gets quite hot in the summer

4. Compression Socks by Blitzu Compression Socks by Blitzu

These compression socks by Blitzu are designed to fit a wide range of applications. From athletics to surgery recovery to preventing clots during flights, these socks fill more than just one role. If you find they’re not up to your standards, Blitzu are eager to either refund your money or get a replacement that suits your needs.

  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Cushioned toes and heels
  • Ribbing technology supports the leg arches
  • Can feel too constricting after long periods of time

5. Compression Socks for Women and Men by Go2 Compression Socks for Women and Men by Go2

Just because you’re wearing compression socks, doesn’t mean you can’t look good while doing so! These compression socks by Go2 has an impressive range of different patterns to suit anyone’s tastes. The socks also come in four different sizes, so you can pick out the one that fits your legs best. Each pattern is available as one or two socks.

  • Cushioned sole
  • Well made
  • Good price
  • Quite difficulty to put on

6. Compression Socks by A-Swift Compression Socks by A-Swift

If you want a pair of compression socks but don’t want to look as if you’re wearing medical equipment in public, consider these compression socks by A-Swift. They come in a wide variety of patterns, including some very playful designs. They’re not just pretty, however; they’re effective compression socks for long flights and sports, and even comes with a free ebook on how to play tennis.

  • Affordable
  • Anti-odor and anti-fungal
  • Keeps feet dry
  • Can be too tight

7. Women’s Compression Socks by Fytto Women’s Compression Socks by Fytto

If you’re looking for a sleek and discreet pair of compression socks, consider these by Fytto. They come in either black or skin pink, and look just like tights from a distance. The material makeup of 25% spandex and 75% nylon makes them perfect for people allergic to latex.

  • Comfortable
  • Roomy toe area
  • Doesn’t bunch or slip
  • Skin-tone color doesn’t look good on people with fairer skin

8. Air Travel Compression Socks by Wanderlust Air Travel Compression Socks by Wanderlust

If you’d like a pair of compression socks that look no different to regular socks, be sure to check out these by Wanderlust. They’re indistinguishable from regular walking socks, yet still provides ample compression around the leg to help with injuries, surgery recovery, and preventing deep vein thrombosis. Their warm and comfortable fabric makes them a good pick for hikers and the best compression socks for traveling in luxury.

  • Doesn’t bunch up
  • Great foot arch support for plantar fasciitis
  • Sock design reduces friction and prevents blisters
  • Compression around food could be stronger

9. Compression Socks by BLUETREE Compression Socks by BLUETREE

If you want a quick and easy way to fill up your wardrobe with compression socks for circulation enhancement, be sure to stop by these by BLUETREE. They come in sets of three, while also keeping a low price level for a cheap way to get started with compression socks. This doesn’t mean they skimped on quality, however; these provide ample pressure across the entire leg and prevents swelling.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Quite thin

10. Compression Socks by CPR Compression Socks by CPR

With its great selection of patterns and colors, these compression socks by CPR are both effective and attractive! Made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex, these socks are stretchy and fits a wide range of leg sizes. It’s also anti-odor and anti-moisture to prevent the development of mold.

  • Vibrant colors
  • Great customer support
  • Comfortable for long periods of time
  • Can be tricky to put on

11. Air Travel Compression Socks by Blitzu Air Travel Compression Socks by Blitzu

If you’re looking for comfort in your socks, consider these by Blitzu. They’re one of the few socks out there made of 80% cotton, which gives them the look and feel of regular socks. Despite this, they still provide an effective 20-30 mmHg compression to the legs to prevent clots.

  • Affordable
  • Cushioned toe and heel
  • Ribbing technology helps stabilize the leg
  • Only one color

12. Compression Socks by Go2 Compression Socks by Go2

These colorful socks by Go2 are suitable for men and women alike. They’re useful for preventing clots while traveling and are great at bringing relief to aching legs. This makes them a great choice for someone who is always on their feet, such as hikers.

  • Good range of sizes
  • Stretches to fit
  • Effectively stimulates blood flow
  • Hard to put on

How to Relieve Hip Pain

While hip protector shorts are excellent at preventing fall-related hip injuries, they can still happen. In addition to that, there are also conditions that cause hip pain which requires other methods of prevention and treatment. Below you’ll find a few of the best ways to relieve your hip pain.

  • Exercise

You’re probably tired of being told that you need to exercise, but there’s a reason its common advice. Exercise strengthens your muscles and helps to relieve irritation and stiffness. Strong muscles are important for preventing hip-related injury.

A common misconception is to think that you need to hit the gym and do strenuous activity, when in fact, doing simple chores around the home can be a great way to stay in shape. Gardening, walking your dog, and walking through the grocery store are all great options.

If you’re a senior, these 16 chair exercises are great ways to work all of your muscles while staying safe.

  • Hot and Cold Therapy

Arthritis and inflammation-based hip pain can be relieved with both hot and cold therapies. Try icing an inflamed joint for ten to fifteen minutes at a time, multiple times a day. Cold helps to ease pain by constricting blood vessels, which numbs pain and reduces swelling.

To get started, here’s an alternating hot and cold therapy guide !

  • Avoid High Impact Activities

It’s important to not engage in intense physical activity when you suffer from hip pain, as it can make the pain worse. This may require some lifestyle changes that can be permanent depending on your condition. Instead of running or jogging, choose a brisk walk instead.

  • Lose Excess Weight

Shedding excess weight is beneficial for your entire body, including your hips. Because many conditions are linked to excess weight, dropping the pounds can relieve symptoms. Aside from hip pain, being overweight can also cause pain to the hips and back.

Or, you could try an exercise pedal to shed some excess pounds.

  • Know your limitations

When you’ve just started suffering from hip pain, it can be hard to accept that you can’t do all of the things you once did. However, it’s important to accept your condition and our limitations quickly, as certain activities can make your hip pain worse.

For more advice, check out our hip pain guide!

Tips to Make the Best of Painful Hips

Living with constant hip pain can be debilitating, especially if you’re unable to do the things you once did, like running or comfortably walking. Thankfully, there are things you can do to improve your quality of life if you suffer from bad hips.

  • Medical Alert Systems

When you have fragile bones or arthritis, one fall could cause serious problems for your hips. Elderly individuals are more likely to experience falls and be unable to get up. A medical alert system will allow you to contact paramedics or a loved one in cases where you fall and can’t get up.

  • Try a Wheelchair or Cane

If you’re still able to walk but experience pain when doing so, a cane can help provide you with the support you need to get around comfortably. There are a lot of different types of canes on the market, so talk to your doctor and do some research to find the best cane for you.

If you aren’t able to walk comfortably, even with a cane, you would benefit from using a wheelchair to get around. You will feel a lot more confident and positive if you’re able to maintain your independence, and a wheelchair can allow you to get where you need to go, even with hip pain.

  • Find Small Fixes

WIth severe hip pain, everyday tasks like putting on your shoes can become a major hassle. If you have trouble putting on your shoes because of hip, back, or knee pain, a long shoe horn may be just what you need.

Keep Your Hips Safe with the Best Hip Protector Shorts

If you’re someone who engages in a lot of physical activity, you would benefit from owning a pair of hip protector shorts. This goes for the elderly, too, as you may be more likely to suffer from a fall and hurt your hips. Any of the above pairs of shorts are sufficient enough to protect your hips. It’s just a matter of finding the right fit and the right amount of protection for you.


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