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5 Best Crutch Hand Grips

by Jessica Hegg April 14, 2018 0 Comments

Male nurse helping senior woman to use crutches with caretaker in background at nursing home

Crutches are a useful assistive aid meant to increase your level of independence. Unfortunately, they're not always comfortable to use. The best crutch grip handles give you a secure hold on your crutches while providing much-needed padding and cushioning. These crutch grips are the top in their class.

Top 5 Crutch Grip Handles

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Crutcheze Underarm Crutch Pad and Hand Grip Cover Crutcheze
2. Crutch Pads Vive
3. Crutch Replacement Kit Medline
4. Crutch Foam Hand Grip Medline
5. Gel Hand Pads Crutch-Mate

1. Crutcheze Underarm Crutch Pad and Hand Grip Cover by Crutcheze Crutcheze Underarm Crutch Pad and Hand Grip Cover by Crutcheze

When you want a little extra cushioning but don't need to replace your original crutch grip handles, these universal crutch hand grip covers are ideal. Luxurious fleece covers these sculpted memory foam crutch grips, so they're soft against the skin and easy on your joints. The hand grip covers wrap around existing rubber crutch grip handles and attach with a wide strip of Velcro that holds the covers firmly in place. Crutch grips can be hand washed, and they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Available in 4 colors
  • Money back guarantee
  • Provide soft, comforting padding
  • Must be placed over existing rubber crutch hand grips

2. Crutch Pads by Vive Crutch Pads by Vive

Vive's crutch pad set includes a pair of underarm pillow covers and a pair of crutch hand grips. The latex-free design of these pads prevents chafing while protecting your hands and joints. Vive's foam pads are soft, never irritate sensitive skin, and provide just the right amount of cushioning. The crutch hand grips are easy to install and fasten with a strip of Velcro to keep them in place. Each crutch hand grip is also lined with non-slip texturing to reduce sliding and slipping.

  • Includes hand grips and underarm pads
  • Non-slip texture under pads holds them securely in place
  • Foam is soft, comfortable, and breathable
  • The extra cushioning may seem bulky at first

3. Crutch Replacement Kit by Medline Crutch Replacement Kit by Medline

Crutch hand grips, crutch tips, and underarm pads are included in this crutch replacement kit. The underarm pads and hand grips are made from a latex-free foam that protects joints and the skin against chafing and pressure. Crutch hand grips and underarm pads are slim in design and effortless to install. This replacement kit works on all standard aluminum crutches.

  • Includes crutch hand grips, underarm pads, and crutch tips
  • Value priced
  • Foam is comfortable and breathable
  • Crutch tips are not nonslip

4. Crutch Foam Hand Grip by Medline Crutch Foam Hand Grip by Medline

Simple to install and priced affordably, these crutch handle grips fit standard aluminum crutches. The replacement hand pads are made of a rubber-foam, so they're naturally grippy, and never slide from side to side during use. These crutch handles are excellent for preventing hands and wrists from getting sore and tired, and for cushioning joints.

  • Inexpensive
  • Foam-rubber material is naturally grippy
  • Latex-free
  • Not as soft as foam or gel hand grips for crutches

5. Gel Hand Pads by Crutch-Mate Gel Hand Pads by Crutch-Mate

With a soft, absorbent cover and glycerine fill, these gel hand grips for crutches limit friction and provide superb cushioning to palms and fingers. These crutch grip handles alleviate discomfort while protecting joints against repetitive strain injuries. This set of gel hand grips for crutches are latex-free and can be washed by hand.

  • Made from pressure-relieving gel
  • Latex-free
  • Simple to hand wash
  • Not returnable

How to Choose Crutch Grip Handles for Comfort

Comfort should be at the top of your list when deciding between crutch grip handles. After all, the only thing between your hands and the hard metal of your crutches will be a crutch pad. Crutch grips should have a soft exterior that doesn't irritate skin and enough cushioning to protect your joints.

There are several types of crutch grip handles to choose from, including:

  • Gel hand grips are filled with a malleable gel that changes shape with your movement
  • Foam grips are made of thick foam that excels at keeping hands and joints comfortable
  • Rubber grips are durable and grippy, though thinner than other options
  • Rubber-foam crutch grip handles provide a non-slip surface for your palms and soft cushioning for your joints
  • Crutch handle covers fit over existing crutch grip handles to provide extra cushioning

The best crutch grip handles will offer enough cushioning to support joints without being too bulky, weighty, or restrictive. Hand pads should never cause friction, pressure, or discomfort, or limit your movement.

Taking Care of Your Hands and Joints While Using Crutches

Even with the best crutch grip handles installed, your hands, elbows, shoulders, and even back can still tire and feel the strain of supporting your body weight. It's important to take care of your entire body while using crutches, whether long or short-term, to prevent overuse injuries, muscle strains, and other problems.

Keep yourself in tip-top shape with these tips.

  • Stretch

Stop and stretch several times a day. Ideally, you should flex your hardest working muscles every few hours to prevent muscle strain. Pay particular attention to your shoulders, upper back, arms, hands, finger, and wrists. Using a finger strengthener will build hand dexterity and strength, making it easier to use your crutches on longer walks. Resistance bands can also stretch and strengthen muscles in the arms, core, and back.

  • Relieve Swelling and Pain

Pain, tenderness, and swelling are common symptoms of overused muscles and warning signs that your body needs a little extra attention. Without stopping to rest and taking time to treat sore muscles, you can be sidelined with an overuse injury.

If your hands, wrists, shoulders, or back are bothering you as a result of using crutches, you can find relief with a cold roller or gel ice pack .

Treat deep muscle pain

Overuse injuries need the healing power of heat. Heat therapy increases circulation, relieves pain, and calms tight muscles and inflamed joints. Heating pads for the hands are perfect for those with hand and wrist pain caused by crutch use, arthritis, and other conditions.

Sometimes, alternating hot and cold therapy is the best solution to treating pain .

Other Ways to Support Yourself

If you’re recovering from an injury or have a long-standing health issue that requires the daily use of crutches, you’ll want to do everything in your power to speed healing and provide comfort.

Keeping things within easy reach is another way to give yourself time to heal. A crutch bag  stores your belongings right on your crutches so you don’t have to hunt down smartphones, pens, medications, and other items.

Caring for Crutch Hand Grips

Crutch hand grips can be wiped clean with soap and water or hand washed. Unless otherwise noted in the product documentation, never use a commercial dryer on crutch pads. Instead, allow grips to air dry thoroughly before reinstalling.

Find the Best Crutch Hand Grips and Regain Your Independence

With the best crutch hand grips at your side, you'll feel more confident with every step and regain a sense of independence. And taking care of your whole body means you’ll be back on your feet, without crutches, in no time.


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