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11 Best Diapers for Women

by Jessica Hegg April 22, 2018 0 Comments

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A moment of leaking, or a visible wet spot on clothing can be a mortifying moment for anyone. The best diapers for women not only offer discreet protection, but have the absorbency to protect against unwanted leaks or accidents. Incontinence can strike at any time, but managing the wet beds, seats, or soiled clothing doesn’t have to hold you back. These diapers are available to help you stay focused on living your life, dry and secure.

Top 11 Diapers for Women

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Disposable Underwear for Women Depend
2. Adult Briefs with Tabs Medline
3. Adult Diapers LivDry
4. Adjustable Underwear Depend
5. Protective Underwear Attends
6. Incontinence Underwear Prevail
7. Incontinence Underwear Always
8. Supreme Briefs NorthShore
9. Disposable Underwear Tranquility
10. Incontinence Diaper EGOSAN
11. Overnight Underwear TENA

1. Disposable Underwear for Women by Depend Disposable Underwear for Women by Depend

Women love these disposable underwear for their comfortable waistband, which uses FIT-FLEX technology to move when you do. An absorbent core provides protection against leaks for overnight and daytime use, and the soft material is a dream. You might even forget that you are wearing disposable underwear, because they imitate your regular cotton underwear so well.

  • Core absorbs liquids quickly, keeping you dry
  • Soft, lightweight fabric and flexible waistband allow for free movement
  • Available in neutral colors for discreet look
  • Made thin, so use caution when putting on or off to prevent tears

2. Adult Briefs with Tabs by Medline Adult Briefs with Tabs by Medline

Not only will these briefs keep you dry and prevent leaks, but you get odor protection too! Tab closures give you an adjustable fit for comfort, and the cloth-like design feels more like a cloth garment than an adult diaper. You will not only enjoy these briefs which hug your curves close, but they are made to keep your skin softer, drier, and less irritated.

  • Includes an indicator when you need to change because of leaks or soiling
  • Tab closures let you enjoy a secure fit
  • Anti-leak guards help contain and prevent spills
  • Runs a bit short for some

3. Adult Diapers by LivDry Adult Diapers by LivDry

These adult diapers are made to handle incontinence needs overnight. When your bladder gets the best of you, leg barriers help keep liquids from escaping. You will like that the absorbent core is built to handle heavy-duty accidents, with a gel core that quickly wicks away uncomfortable moisture.

  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Made soft and latex-free with stretchy side panels for a natural range of motion
  • Front is easily identifiable with colored stitching
  • A bit bulky, so better worn with looser garments

4. Adjustable Underwear by Depend Adjustable Underwear by Depend

These disposable adult diapers are latex-free, and use Velcro tabs for a secure fit. You can enjoy more security wearing these diapers because of their form-hugging fit. The sides are perforated for easier and faster removal, so you can change without removing all of your clothing.

  • Has maximum absorbency and odor control
  • Provided with 4 Velcro tabs for easy adjustment and secure fit
  • Ships in discreet packaging for your privacy
  • Sometimes they can ride down

5. Protective Underwear by Attends Protective Underwear by Attends

These disposable diapers breathe and stretch much like underwear, offering all-day comfort when you need it most. In case of quick removal the sides easily tear away, and to combat leaks the inner part of the legs have cuffs for your protection. The flexible tabs provided allow you to easily open and close your underwear anytime you need to make an adjustment.

  • Comfort-Flex tabs let you adjust and readjust for a secure fit
  • Inner legs have cuffs to provide added protection against leaks
  • Moisture locking system provides odor control and keeps skin clean and dry
  • May get lint build-up inside pants from underwear

6. Incontinence Underwear by Prevail Incontinence Underwear by Prevail

If you have a larger frame, these underwear are made to provide maximum protection against leaks. The Quick Wick material provides fast absorption of liquids, keeping skin drier and cleaner. The elastics help keep your fit secure and hug your curves gently, but still allow for free movement. Made thin, you can confidently enjoy protection from incontinence without feeling like you’re donning a bulky diaper.

  • Designed for discretion, with thinner absorbent material
  • Uses Max Soft Technology and Quick Wick material for comfort and absorption
  • Elastics help underwear conform to your body
  • Sizing runs large

7. Incontinence Underwear by Always Incontinence Underwear by Always

These adult diapers for women are built to keep you dry anytime you depend on protection, with a core that has you covered from the front to the back. 360-degree elastics help give your underwear a snug fit, and leak guards have you covered at the sides. You can feel confident wearing these underwear for night or day time use, and still get Heavy Leak protection.

  • Heavy Leak protection keeps you covered during day or night
  • Core has contoured design to hug curves and provide more streamlined fit
  • Double Leak Guards help prevent unwanted leaks at edges
  • Has a strong scent which might be off-putting to some

8. Supreme Briefs by NorthShore Supreme Briefs by NorthShore

These disposable briefs are made to handle the challenge of incontinence, as they are built for wide coverage and have safeguards at the leg openings to prevent leaks. Any night time leaks are captured by these disposable briefs, with maximum absorbency from the moisture-wickng layer that prevents irritation and improves cleanliness.

  • Plastic exterior provides protection against odors
  • Includes an indicator for wetness to alert you when you need a change
  • Leak guards at the legs prevent slip-ups at the openings
  • Very thick, better for night than daytime use

9. Disposable Underwear by Tranquility Disposable Underwear by Tranquility

When you want protection through the night, or even protection for a long flight, these underwear are here for you. These disposable underwear allow for free movement, let skin breathe, and have a high-rise panel for protection and a comfortable fit. The leg cuffs provide a barrier to direct any incidents to the core, where they are locked away.

  • Easily removed quickly with tear-away seams
  • Latex-free, neutralizes pH, and inhibits bacteria growth
  • Available in 6 sizes to cover all body types
  • Not good for overnight use, risk of leaks

10. Incontinence Diaper by EGOSAN Incontinence Diaper by EGOSAN

These adult diapers for women provide long-lasting protection, so you can spend more time living your life, instead of enduring frequent changes. These diapers contain aloe vera extract to soothe the skin, and are designed to promote air circulation to let skin breathe. You can easily adjust or readjust the flexible tabs when needed, and a wetness indicator lets you know when it’s time for a change.

  • Made from a soft non-woven fabric that lets skin breathe
  • Outer layer is soft, non-irritating, and ruffle-free
  • Includes the skin protective properties of aloe vera
  • Velcro degrades over multiple adjustments


11. Overnight Underwear by TENA Overnight Underwear by TENA

Whether you are reclining for the night, or getting up frequently to go, these underwear offer a dual barrier system to keep you protected from leaks. The material is soft on your skin and the legs gather to provide a comfortable fit. These underwear feel so much like normal fabric underwear you might not notice any difference!

  • W-shaped absorbency zone draws liquids away from skin
  • Feels and looks like regular underwear and lets skin breathe
  • Available with extra-large absorbency
  • Sizing runs on the larger side


Causes of Incontinence

Incontinence can affect the young or old, and people with any type of lifestyle. There are a wide variety of reasons women experience incontinence, and here are a few of the most common:

  • Weakened bladder muscles after childbirth
  • Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs
  • Natural side-effect of aging
  • Urgency-based incontinence
  • Overactive bladder
  • Drinking too much before bed 

When accidents occur and you want to clean up in a hurry, make sure your bathroom has the best bath steps with handles, and the best shower chairs for your protection.

Choosing the Best Diapers for Women

When you choose quality adult diapers with high rates of absorbency, and a comfortable design that conforms to your curves, you enjoy greater protection against bed wetting. If you have to make a rush trip to the bathroom, it pays to be prepared by outfitting your bathroom with the best grab bars for your safety.

Adult diapers for women not only provide discreet protection, but help your clothing, bedding, and seating stay dry and clean. If you are suffering from incontinence, it may also help to sit on the best donut pillows for your tailbone, or to wear the best back brace for support.

Try Adult Diapers for Women and Enjoy Greater Protection

Incontinence doesn’t have to mean a time-out from life. Women can continue working, playing, or enjoying any other activity, with the protection of disposable underwear with leak protection. Try discreet adult diapers for protection you can count on, and fit that you won’t even feel.  


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Jessica Hegg

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