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5 Best Folding Electric Scooter

by Jessica Hegg October 05, 2018 0 Comments

Folding Electric Scooter

The best folding electric scooter is an invaluable space-saving solution that lets you maintain your mobility and independence. You’ll want the best folding electric scooter to get around your home more easily, go grocery shopping, or enjoy being outdoors. It can be challenging deciding on the best folding electric scooter, so check out this list to get rolling along in a flash.

Top 5 Folding Electric Scooter

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. 2018 Transformer Electric Folding Scooter Progress Mobility
2. Tzora Hummer XL Mobility Scooter Easy Med Online
3. Mobility Scooter SmartScoot
4. Folding Mobility Scooter EvRider
5. Transformer Electric Folding Scooter Enhanced Mobility

1. 2018 Transformer Electric Folding Scooter by Progress Mobility

2018 Transformer Electric Folding Scooter by Progress Mobility

This folding mobility scooter is coupled with excellent customer service to address any questions, concerns, or necessary repairs or replacements. With the ability to travel up to 13.7 miles on a single charge, the freedom to travel for shopping adventures, park trips, or visiting loved ones comes easily. With the touch of a button, the provided remote control allows you to easily fold or unfold this cleverly designed electric folding scooter.

  • Excellent customer service
  • Ergonomic steering wheel
  • Travels 8 to 13.7 miles per charge
  • The turning radius could be a little tighter for some riders

2. Tzora Hummer XL Mobility Scooter by Easy Med Online Tzora Hummer XL Mobility Scooter by Easy Med Online

If you are looking for an electric folding scooter for adults that stands out among the competition, this powerful scooter is outfitted with a high torque motor so you can handle inclines with ease. Built with a ground clearance of five inches, you can travel up to fifteen miles in this scooter. This scooter ensures your visibility by others, as has turn signal lights, reverse tail lights, a front headlight, and front running lights. Your comfort is of utmost importance, thanks to the 22-inch wide memory-foam seat attached.

  • Scooter endures a weight capacity up to 300 lbs.
  • High torque motor propels scooter up inclines
  • Includes turning signal lights, headlight, and running lights for improved visibility
  • The basket is located behind the seat

3. Mobility Scooter by SmartScoot Mobility Scooter by SmartScoot

This ultra lightweight folding mobility scooter by SmartScoot is not only popular, but it is made with durable stainless steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion. If you maintain an active lifestyle, but occasionally could use some mobility support, this scooter uses Innovative Fold n Lock Technology to readily collapse or lock your scooter into place quickly. The seat and battery can be removed to reduce the weight of this scooter when you need to tuck it away in a car trunk. You can easily alert passerby of your presence with the included horn and LED headlight.

  • Made with a lightweight stainless steel frame that is rust-resistant
  • Uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery           
  • Can travel up to 12 miles on a single charge
  • Front brake may cause scooter to stop a little short and fast

4. Folding Mobility Scooter by EvRider Folding Mobility Scooter by EvRider

This folding scooter for adults was designed for the ability to upgrade for comfort, as well as get you around town in comfort and style. When you need to stow this scooter away, it neatly folds into an upright position. It’s easy to get around on the eight by two inch flat drive wheels and flat front wheels measuring seven by two inches You can enjoy greater visibility thanks to the included front and rear LED lights, and the seat and arms are removable to lighten the load, or to upgrade your scooter.

  • Comes with an LED headlight for improved visibility
  • Uses a dual hand throttle
  • Seat is removable and scooter can be outfitted with armrests for comfort
  • The turning radius may make turning inside a little challenging for some

5. Transformer Electric Folding Scooter by Enhanced Mobility Transformer Electric Folding Scooter by Enhanced Mobility

You can choose between a variety of colors for this portable power scooter, which easily folds manually or with an included remote for your convenience. Built in full compliance with airline regulations, you will have no problems storing this scooter when traveling by air. The lithium battery provided is powerful enough to let you travel up to 13.5 miles on a single charge, and it weighs only three pounds!

  • Available in 4 different colors           
  • Comes with a 12 month contract for in-home service
  • Capable of being folded with a remote control or manually
  • Turning radius may be a bit wide for some, which can impact maneuverability

Improving Independence & Mobility With A Folding Electric Scooter

Overview of benefits of a folding electric scooter and who is best served using such a device.

  • A folding mobility scooter is a great alternative to using a wheelchair
  • Persons with mobility challenges can enjoy greater independence with a scooter
  • Most folding electric scooters are lightweight and require little storage space
  • A folding scooter for adults is more travel-friendly for airlines or packing up in the car

You can keep personal effects close at hand and safe, with the use of a side saddle bag or wheelchair bag for your folding electric scooter.

Health Aids For Persons With Limited Mobility

When living with hindered mobility, it is helpful to employ specific health products to make life easier and maintain greater independence. Whether mobility is challenged because of post-surgery recovery, severe arthritis, or a health ailment, the right health aid can be a transformative experience.

  • Weighted Utensils

Unless you have a reacher grabber to pick up utensils that may fall during dinner time, it may be better to utilize weighted utensils for meals. Weighted utensils are more likely to resist falling away from you while eating, and give a sense of security to anyone living with tremors or Parkinson’s while being held.

  • Physical Therapy Tools

Regularly challenging and strengthening muscles, joints, and improving overall physical fitness is vital to living well when there are mobility challenges. The best physical therapy tools can help boost energy levels, improve morale, and maintain better flexibility, dexterity, and strength.

  • Bariatric Shower Chair

If getting into and out of the shower or tub is a challenge, installing a bariatric shower chair can make bathtime and hygiene more comfortable. While seated in a sturdy anti-slip bariatric shower chair, it is easier to reach body parts in need of cleaning with a detachable shower head.

  • Safety Grab Bars for Toilet

When going to the bathroom, it is helpful to have safety grab bars installed around the toilet to make sitting down and getting up easier. Especially when living with mobility challenges, having some bars around for added stability and support is a welcome upgrade.

  • Fall Mat/Alarm

In case of a tumble out of the bed, or an unfortunate slip or fall around the bedroom or house, it pays to have a padded fall mat to cushionyour fall. Additionally, some fall mats may be equipped with an alarm to alert anyone nearby that you have suffered an injury and could use assistance.

How to Maintain & Care For Your Folding Electric Scooter

Your electric folding scooter is an investment in your independence. It is best to get acquainted with how your scooter works, and know how to conduct routine maintenance for your scooter’s optimal performance and longevity.

  • Make sure to regularly dust of any exposed parts of your scooter with a clean soft cloth
  • Clean you scooter seat and other parts with gentle detergent or disinfectant wipes
  • Regularly adjust and check-up on moveable parts to make sure they are in good repair
  • Check your battery power and tire treads before heading out, replace parts as needed

Enjoy Comfort & Mobility With The Best Folding Electric Scooter

An electric folding scooter for adults is a fantastic way to get around town, go shopping, explore the outdoors, and enjoy freedom and independence. Instead of feeling regulated to using a wheelchair or power chair, a scooter that is powered via a rechargeable battery pack is convenient and energy efficient. Plus, folding scooters are made for traveling on public transit, airlines, and do not take up a lot of space to store when not in use.


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