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8 Best Heated Knee Wraps

by Jessica Hegg July 13, 2018 0 Comments

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Throbbing knee pain can’t keep you down, when you have the best heated knee wrap to treat unwanted aches and pains. Knee injuries that occur due to overexertion at work, sports, or accidents require the best heated knee wrap. Using heat therapy to deliver targeted relief to your knee can help your joints recover, quickly melting away tension and inflammation. Be ready for anything, and check out this list to make the right selection for your knees today.

Top 8 Heated Knee Wraps

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Heated Knee Brace NatraCure
2. Therapy Wrap Life and Limb Gel
3. Knee Support Brace Adalid Gear
4. Heated Knee Brace ARRIS
5. Heated Knee Brace Creatril
6. Knee Heating Wrap Newtton
7. Knee Wrap DISUPPO
8. Heat Wrap for Knee Copper Compression Gear

1. Heated Knee Brace by NatraCure Heated Knee Brace by NatraCure

Alleviate your knee pain with this heated brace by NatraCure, which features an air pump to adjust the level of compression needed. Whether you have a torn meniscus, arthritis, or a running injury, this brace will deliver targeted relief with heat therapy. You’ll love the convenience of throwing this brace in the microwave, so you can melt away pain and tension. Inflammation, chronic pain, and stiffness can all be treated with this brace.

  • Uses thermal technology to relieve knee pain and aid recovery post-injury
  • Delivers targeted pain relief with gel pack using heat therapy for up to 20 minutes
  • Includes an air pump to adjust the level of compression for comfort
  • Straps could be a little longer for larger legs

2. Therapy Wrap by Life and Limb Gel Therapy Wrap by Life and Limb Gel

Your knee will appreciate this wrap, because it is ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your knee and legs. It is constructed out of neoprene and latex, so it shouldn’t irritate sensitive skin types. This wrap is lined with a thin layer of plastic for insulation, and it offers a moderate level of compression to reduce inflammation. Made in the USA using non-toxic materials, you can wear this wrap when dealing with strains, stiffness, or recovering from surgery.

  • Hypoallergenic construction materials for sensitive skin
  • Plastics used in this wrap are environmentally friendly
  • Included gel pack stays malleable while alleviating muscle or joint pain
  • Gel pack takes some time to warm up

3. Knee Support Brace by Adalid Gear Knee Support Brace by Adalid Gear

This support brace was designed to gently compress your muscles and joints at the knee and elbow, you won’t lose out on mobility because of the stretchy construction materials. A hole is placed at the patella, so there is less pressure on the knee joint. Velcro straps make sure that you get the perfect fit, and that the brace stays securely in place while walking, running, or taking it easy. The gel pack provided is non-toxic and can be used for heat or cold therapy.

  • Designed to reduce pressure on the knee joint at the patella
  • Made using stretchy and durable materials for a comfortable fit that feels good
  • Ideal brace for preventing injury, recovering from injury, or post-surgery
  • Brace slides down a bit when you walk, so adjustments may be needed

4. Heated Knee Brace by ARRIS Heated Knee Brace by ARRIS

This heated knee brace includes a therapeutic pad which warms up via a rechargeable battery. If you have a torn ACL, arthritis, or muscle pain from overexertion, this brace helps melt the pain away at the touch of a controller. You can choose between multiple temperature settings, so you get the targeted pain relief you desire while wearing this adjustable wraparound brace. To prevent injury or safety hazards, there is built-in thermal protection to prevent overheating.

  • Rechargeable 7.4v battery powers heat therapy pad for targeted relief
  • Thermal protection stops pad from overheating to prevent injury
  • Heat level is adjustable with an easy-to-use controller
  • The heating area runs on the small side for some

5. Heated Knee Brace by Creatril Heated Knee Brace by Creatril

This soft and flexible wraparound knee brace quickly warms up to tame knee pain, muscle spasms, sprains, and strains. An attached controller lets you adjust the temperature and battery voltage, so you get the heat therapy you need. As an added safety precaution, this brace will automatically shut off if the temperature is too high, to reduce chance of injury.

  • Adjustable knee brace can cover the thigh, knee, and calf for supportive heat therapy
  • Controller lets you easily change the temperature for comfort
  • Brace heats up quickly and under a minute, so you don’t have to wait
  • Controller can get hot after extensive use

6. Knee Heating Wrap by Newtton Knee Heating Wrap by Newtton

This heated knee wrap warms up without inconveniencing you with an attached cord, since it charges via a detachable USB connection. You have the option of multiple heat settings, so you get the best temperature to treat your aching muscles, soothe knee pain, and more. This brace’s heating element will automatically shut down after two hours of use, just to keep things safe.

  • Strong Velcro closures let you adjust the brace for a good fit
  • 3 specific heating options for the perfect temperature
  • USB wirelessly charges this brace quickly, but doesn’t hinder you with attached cords
  • It’s better to be sedentary wearing this brace, as it moves around a bit when walking

7. Knee Wrap by DISUPPO Knee Wrap by DISUPPO

This knee wrap fully encircles the leg at a full 360-degrees, while Velcro straps ensure a comfortable and secure fit. A fabric pocket allows you to insert a gel pack, so you can get the heat relief you seek for your aching joints, sprains, or swelling. The gentle compression provided by this knee wrap is helpful for tendonitis, fibromyalgia, and sports injuries.

  • Wrap has a special pocket for placing a gel pack to reduce heat loss
  • Universal design is one-size-fits all
  • Includes a gel pack covered in soft fabric for comfort
  • Wrap is a little on the stiff side

8. Heat Wrap for Knee by Copper Compression Gear Heat Wrap for Knee by Copper Compression Gear

This wrap for the knee snugly fits around your joint with an elastic band, and Velcro for a comfortable fit. You’ll appreciate that this wrap covers a large surface area surrounding the knee, so your joint and muscles will benefit from the heat therapy. A latex-free gel pack is provided, which is easily heated up via microwave. This wrap compresses your leg to alleviate pain, arthritis, and swelling so you can focus on recovery.

  • Versatile enough to treat your knee, neck, head, and thigh for inflammation and pain
  • Included gel pack comes in leak-proof plastic and is non-toxic
  • Wrap is constructed for durability and covers a large surface area
  • Wrap could use a little bit more stretch


Stay Strong with Routine Joint Maintenance

Your knees can really take on a lot of wear and tear, especially when you engage in repetitive motions at work or during sports activity. Aging and arthritis can also contribute to degradation of your joints, too. Consider sleeping with a knee pillowat night, and improve blood circulation.

You can make healthier choices to protect your joints, and help reduce unwanted aches and pains.

  • Take supplements and eat a diet that provides bone-fortifying nutrients and vitamins
  • Drink enough water every day to cushion your joints and keep body at optimal level
  • Regularly do strength-training or resistance exercises to keep joints in working order
  • Take over-the-counter medications to alleviate pain from arthritis, post-surgery, or injury

You get the best results when you combine a heated knee wrap with other treatments. Consider getting a massage, or visit the sauna to help with inflammation from arthritis. Applying the best heating pads for your legs and knees greatly reduces aches and pains.

    Other Knee Pain Solutions

      In addition to using a heated knee brace for support, it is helpful to stretch out your ligaments and joints whenever possible. Spending time in a sauna, jacuzzi, and getting massages can help reduce chronic pain, and improve blood circulation to speed up your recovery time.

      • Pain Cream

      When chronic pain refuses to let up, try the best creams for persistent knee pain. They take only seconds to apply, and provide fast relief to chronic aches and pains.

      • Arch Support Bands

      Making sure your footwear is properly supporting your posture and alignment can help reduce joint pain and stress. You should wear arch support that keeps your feet cushioned and creates less stress on your knees and back.

      • Exercises for Knee Pain

      Engaging in exercises that use resistance bands is beneficial for your knee, because this builds up stamina and resistance to injury. Water aerobics is great for reducing pain related to arthritis, inflammation, or aging joints. You should make sure to use the best pool weights to challenge your muscles and joints.

      Keep Joints Healthy with a Heated Knee Wrap

      Arthritis, injury, surgery, and aging can all contribute to chronic knee pain. However, regularly wrapping your knee with a heated brace can do wonders for reducing inflammation, stress, and stiffness. Keeping your joints healthy by eating a healthy diet that lessens inflammation helps. You should also take preventative measures via stretching, physical therapy, and taking over-the-counter medication to keep pain symptoms and other ailments at bay.


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