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6 Best Hip Braces for Running

by Jessica Hegg July 06, 2018 0 Comments

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Hip pain may cause you to break your stride, but wearing the best hip brace for running can protect your joints during your next workout. Your hip flexor is prone to absorbing some shock while in motion, so wearing these unique braces can be transformative. Invest in quality gear to preserve the longevity of your body, improve joint health, and enhance your running regimen. Check out these hip braces so you can get back on track.

Top 6 Hip Braces for Running

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Compression Wrap for Hip Bodymate
2. Groin Wrap VIVE
3. Hip Brace Roxofit
4. Hip Flexor Wrap Zenkeyz
5. Support Brace ODOFIT
6. Adjustable Support for Hip Bodyprox

1. Compression Wrap for Hip by Bodymate Compression Wrap for Hip by Bodymate

Constructed from lightweight neoprene for optimal flexibility and air circulation, this hip brace lets you enjoy running, while offering a moderate level of compression. You will like that you can stay cooler and sweat less, but still get the support you desire for improved blood circulation, and injury recovery. Adjusting this wrap is easy, thanks to the strong Velcro closures. You don’t have to sacrifice your fashion sense either, as this wrap is black and has a universal fit.

  • Designed for injury support of the groin, hamstring, and hip
  • Latex-free neoprene construction lets skin breathe
  • Universal design allows for use on either leg with adjustable Velcro closures
  • Quality of Velcro strap degrades after extensive long-term use

2. Groin Wrap by VIVE Groin Wrap by VIVE

You can comfortably wear this wrap under or over your clothing, and still get quality support for your hip and groin. This wrap also works great for alleviating sciatic nerve pain. Designed to utilize your body heat to keep muscles warm and limber, this wrap promotes recovery from injury and helps reduce inflammation. Designed to resist bunching, rolling, or slipping while wearing, this wrap stays put with Velcro closures, and is constructed from neoprene.

  • Uses heat therapy to  promote blood circulation
  • Provides compression support to remedy stiff muscles and alleviate pain
  • Neoprene construction keeps you cool and dry while wearing
  • Velcro closure is super strong, so may need help taking wrap off

3. Hip Brace by Roxofit Hip Brace by Roxofit

This fully adjustable hip brace can be comfortably worn on either leg, and is lightweight. Made with a waistband that prevents the brace from slipping while wearing, you will support your quads, hamstring, and groin all day long. Whether you want to prevent injury while running, are recovering from a pulled groin, or have hip flexor pain, this hip brace delivers.

  • Designed lightweight for comfortable all-day wear and support
  • Waistband helps ensure a quality fit and resists slipping while wearing
  • Customizable fit provided with hook and and loop fasteners
  • A little awkward to adjust when worn on the right leg because of strap placement

4. Hip Flexor Wrap by Zenkeyz Hip Flexor Wrap by Zenkeyz

If you are suffering from a pulled muscle, sciatic nerve pain, or are seeking support for your groin while running, this latex-free wrap keeps you supported and going strong.This therapeutic brace allows your skin to breathe, so you’ll only break a sweat from running. You won’t feel hindered during sports activities, as this brace lets you enjoy a full range of motion. Designed with wide straps and heavy-duty Velcro closures, you will feel the support whether used on your right or left leg. This hip brace has your quads and hamstring fully covered.

  • Includes mesh storage bag and hypoallergenic Kinesiology tape strips
  • Wide Velcro straps ensure full coverage and support
  • Keeps muscles warm to speed up recovery and prevent injury
  • Better suited for left leg because of strap placement

5. Support Brace by ODOFIT Support Brace by ODOFIT

Designed with a pulled hamstring injury in mind, this support brace keeps your hamstring warm and supported. Three Velcro straps are strategically placed to prevent slipping while wearing, and the waistband makes the brace resistant to slipping. Constructed with neoprene to let your skin breathe, this brace is made thick for sturdy compression. Your muscles will stay nice and warm, and you will enjoy less pain from sciatic nerve stress, pain in your thigh, or hip pain.

  • Includes storage bag and instruction manual
  • Construction for durability, as brace is 3.25 mm thick for compression and support
  • Waistband and 3-strap design resists slipping while in use
  • Brace may slip a bit when worn over shorts, or during strenuous activity

6. Adjustable Support for Hip by Bodyprox Adjustable Support for Hip by Bodyprox

This adjustable hip brace will keep your leg and hip compressed, helping reduce aches and pains from post-injury. The neoprene fabric is lightweight and breathable, but snugly fits against your leg so you will won’t feel weighed down while running. The Velcro straps are flexible to fit a range of leg sizes, but offers a strong hold. Wear this hip brace to speed up your recovery time, or support your hips!

  • Straps made with high elasticity for custom fit and easy adjustments
  • Support from hip to groin speeds up recovery time
  • Easily maintained for longevity
  • Made one-size-fits-all, so some are too bulky or too loose


Support A Healthy Stride with Stretches

Your hips can take a lot of impact while running, even when you cushion your feet with quality insoles. It is critical to both stretch, and thoroughly warm up your muscles and ligaments before and after running.

  • Side-to-side Leg Swing

When executing a side-to-side leg swing, you want to stand erect while holding onto a chair to maintain balance. Plant one foot firmly on the ground, and then lift your opposite leg. Swing your lifted leg in a back-and-forth motion to warm up your glutes, hip flexor, and quads.

  • Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Kneel on a mat with your right knee facing up, and your foot firmly planted on the floor. Your left leg should be extended behind you, with the sole facing up. Shift your weight forward, and hold the position for fifteen seconds. This pose reduces pain and tightness in the hip flexor.

  • Bridge

Lie on the floor with knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and your arms at your sides. Pushing off on your heels, you want to lift your hips off of the floor, while simultaneously squeezing your glutes. Hold your position, with your hips off of the floor for a count of fifteen seconds. Lower your hips to the floor, and repeat pose as needed.

Try the best physical therapy tools to rejuvenate muscles and improve your healing time.

Sustain and Support your Lower Body with the Right Products

Hip braces go a long way, but to really get the fitness boost you're looking for, its best to supplement them with a range of other products.

  • Dry Brushes

In order to improve your blood circulation, and enhance flexibility,try the best dry brushes. Dry brushing helps stimulate your skin and muscles, enhancing recovery time from overexerted muscles, and combat fatigue. While in recovery, or if you want to prevent an injury, you should regularly wear a hip brace for running.

  • Resistance Bands

Stretching is critical to supporting healthy joints and build resilience, so you can endure running and jogging longer. Incorporating the best resistance bands for legs will help warm up your hip flexor and leg muscles before you get started.

  • Foot and Calf Massagers

After a long run or jog, it is helpful to relax with the best foot and calf massager. Your legs and feet can suffer from anaerobic respiration, contributing to discomfort while running. Wearing a hip brace for running helps keep your muscles warm and flexible, and improves blood circulation to reduce problems.

Choose the Best Hip Brace for Running and Keep Moving

You don’t have to let an injury, surgery, or a lack of confidence keep you from enjoying the health benefits of running. The best hip brace will not only offer a moderate level of compression, but allow you to still enjoy a range of flexibility, while supporting your joints and muscles. Enhance your running performance with confidence, prevent sports injury, and enjoy staying active with a hip brace.


Jessica Hegg
Jessica Hegg

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