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4 Best Ice Machines for Knees

by Jessica Hegg August 25, 2018 0 Comments

ice machine for knee

Ice machines for knees are great tools not only for recovering from a knee injury, but for athletes and anyone looking for a natural, pain-free remedy for knee pain. Cold therapy slows down blood flow and helps to reduce inflammation and swelling. Compared to ice packs, machines are better as they conform to your body and wrap around the affected area providing a uniform therapy.

Top 4 Ice Machines for Knees

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Active Ice Therapy System 2.0 with Knee Compression Wrap Polar Products Inc.
2. Kit Cold Rush US w/ Knee Pad Ossur
3. Cold Water Therapy Unit Pain Management Technology
4. Knee Cold Therapy Machine Cooler for Cold Therapy Aircast

1. Active Ice Therapy System 2.0 with Knee Compression Wrap by Polar Products Inc. Active Ice Therapy System 2.0 with Knee Compression Wrap by Polar Products Inc.

Active Ice Therapy 2.0 offers temperature control and allows you to customize your treatment. It has a soft cotton inner fabric to absorb moisture to protect your skin with a tightly sealed lid cover that keeps the water from spilling out. This ice machine is a bit noisy compared to other designs.

  • Has an insulating fabric
  • Offers temperature control
  • Easy to use
  • Noisy design

2. Kit Cold Rush US w/ Knee Pad by Ossur Kit Cold Rush US w/ Knee Pad by Ossur

Quiet as a whisper, this Ossur cold therapy provides six hours of continuous treatment and is ideal for post-surgery recovery. This holistic design has a double motor, a high ice-to-water ratio to provide maximum cold therapy. It also has insulated walls for enhanced cooling and a locking lid to prevent spills.

  • Fairly quiet
  • The machine has insulated walls for cooling
  • Offers six hours of continuous treatment
  • The knee pad is small

3. Cold Water Therapy Unit by Pain Management Technology Cold Water Therapy Unit by Pain Management Technology

This small yet powerful cryotherapy machine delivers up to seven hours of continuous ice therapy. The machine has a unique technique that provides even circulation of cool water and automatically regulates the water temperature. It comes with different therapy pads that can fit any body part.

  • Has a compact design
  • Automatically regulate water temperature
  • Offers constant water circulation
  • Needs refilling every seven hours

4. Knee Cold Therapy Machine Cooler for Cold Therapy by Aircast Knee Cold Therapy Machine Cooler for Cold Therapy by Aircast

Aircast ice machine stands out from other designs as it has no motor noise. With an effective gravity-enabled system, the machine provides pain relief without producing any disturbing noises. It circulates water, ice, and offers knee compression to relieve swelling while preventing tissue damage. The ice machine is available in three sizes.

  • Easy to use and operate
  • Easy to assemble
  • No noise
  • Can only be used on one part at a time


What to Look for When Buying Ice Machines

Ice machines differ in design and features and choosing one can be a daunting task. Here are a few factors to remember when buying a knee ice machine.

  • Noise

Most ice machines are noisy. The good news is, the noise level differs from machine to machine.

  • Wrap or Pad

Using a wrap over a knee pad is ideal as they conform to your body shape and cover the entire affected area. They also provide deep penetration of cold therapy and spread ice compression evenly across your knee to relieve pain and tension.

  • Time

It is advisable to choose an ice therapy that can run for long hours continuously. This will come in handy especially if your treatment runs throughout the night. Also, check the speed options available to help you control your therapy.

  • Auto Shut off

If you are using the ice therapy at night, you will need this feature. It helps you sleep peacefully without interruption. All you need is to set the number of hours you require for treatment, and the ice machine will shut off automatically at the set time.

Important Tools for Knee Recovery

Besides using the ice machines, you need to invest in tools that will speed up your recovery.

  • Dress Stick and Sock Assist

Dressing up when you have a knee injury can be an arduous activity because of the inability to bend or walk. With the dress sticks and sock assist tools, you will be able to dress without much hustle or assistance. Dressing sticks are available in different lengths and designs.

Check out these dress sticks.

  • Knee Braces

Exercise is recommended for your post-surgery recovery because it stabilizes and aids in pain relief. While walking is great, it can have a tremendous effect on your knees, and it is advisable to protect yourself from further injuries with knee braces.

Check out these knee brace designs.

  • Knee Pillow

Knee pillows are usually placed in between your legs to alleviate pain. Not only do they ease the pressure, but also provide proper back and body alignment. Many designs are available, but for support and comfort, take advantage of the Vive knee pillow.

  • Long Bath Scrubbers

Don’t allow your knee injury to keep you from maintaining good hygiene. These scrubbers exfoliate your skin and enable you to clean hard to reach places.

  • Walking Aids

Knee walkers are recommended during the recovery period because they not only offer knee support but also promote mobility and balance. They are a great alternative to crutches as they are small, foldable, portable, and have a cushion pad for comfort and relieving pain.

Find some of the best knee scooter accessories here.

Ice Machines for the Knees to Relieve Pain

These four ice machines will provide pain relief and reduce pressure on the knees. But, before choosing any of them, speak to your doctor about other alternative remedies for pain relief, especially if you have other pre-existing conditions. Remember, pain therapy is not for you if you have stiff muscles or poor blood circulation.


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