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10 Best Inflatable Airplane Cushions

by Jessica Hegg May 11, 2018 0 Comments

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Inflatable airplane cushions offer the right amount of back support to make your flight a comfortable one. They align your spine and correct your posture while relieving pressure on your back. Travel cushions come in different shapes, designs, and sizes, so it is important to consider your preference and individual needs. Here are eleven inflatable pillow designs for you to consider.

Top 10 Inflatable Airplane Cushions

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Inflatable Lite Seat Therm-a-Rest
2. Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion Vive
3. Self Inflatable Seat Cushion TruContour
4. Inflatable Travel Cushion Therm-a-Rest
5. Inflatable Seat Cushio Vive
6. Inflatable Trail Seat Therm-a-Rest
7. Premium Air Inflatable Seat Cushion EMS Extend Medical Supply
8. ComfortLite Self Inflating Seat Cushion Teton Sports
9. Lumbar Support Inflatable Cushion Simptech
10. Inflatable Travel Cushion POCKETSEAT

1. Inflatable Lite Seat by Therm-a-Rest Inflatable Lite Seat by Therm-a-Rest

You can easily roll-up this Therm-a-Rest inflatable seat pillow to fit into your pocket. At only three ounces, the cushion is portable and can be carried while inflated--acting as a soft frame for your backpack. It is ideal for people who need low-profile seat support and is perfect for short travels.

  • Small and ultralight
  • Durable
  • Ideal for short travels
  • Does not provide enough support and coverage

2. Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion by Vive Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion by Vive

This Vive Lumbar seat support is easy to inflate with an air valve, and it is designed with an elastic strap that secures it in place. This lightweight cushion has a compact design and comes with a travel bag for easy storage. The pillow is adjustable allowing you to create a perfect fit and has a tear-resistant and durable polyester outer layer.

  • Tear-resistant
  • Compact design
  • Vive Guarantee
  • Deflating the cushion can be tricky

3. Self Inflatable Seat Cushion by TruContour Self Inflatable Seat Cushion by TruContour

This TruContour seat cushion has a unique air pillow design that allows it to self-inflate without using your mouth or pump. It has a dual action comfort memory foam and inflated air that provides extra cushioning. The seat support also has a soft and breathable Velour polyester cover.

  • Self-inflating
  • Soft and breathable cover
  • Dual action comfort
  • Too thin--could use a bit of extra padding

4. Inflatable Travel Cushion by Therm-a-Rest Inflatable Travel Cushion by Therm-a-Rest

This Therm-a-Rest seat cushion is lightweight, compact, and provides both back and leg support. The self-inflating pillow rolls up easily into a carry-on bag and it provides a custom, one-hand adjustment for a perfect fit. It is made of Urethane which is wear-resistant and durable.

  • Wear resistant
  • Self-inflating
  • Made in the USA
  • Does not fold

5. Inflatable Seat Cushion by Vive Inflatable Seat Cushion by Vive

This Vive inflatable cushion is padded all-around providing comfort while sitting. The cushion is lightweight and portable, allowing it to easily fit in your purse. It inflates easily with the air valve and allows you to create the ideal firmness. The cushion is coated with tear and snag-resistant polyester material.

  • Snag- resistant outer cover
  • Extra padded
  • Storage bag included
  • Inflation can be a challenge

6. Inflatable Trail Seat by Therm-a-Rest Inflatable Trail Seat by Therm-a-Rest

Sit comfortably with this versatile, USA made, Royal blue, seat cushion. This new design integrates a bungee loop to secure it on the seat. With a weight of five ounces, the cushion can easily fit in your carry-on. The pillow is made from finest materials and it self-inflates and rolls up easily for storage.

  • Has a bungee loop for securing the seat cushion
  • Made with the finest materials
  • Does not need a pump
  • Slides easily

7. Premium Air Inflatable Seat Cushion by EMS Extend Medical Supply Premium Air Inflatable Seat Cushion by EMS Extend Medical Supply

This EMS seat cushion has a gentle layer of air that provides comfort and helps to eliminate pressure points. The pillow has small ring-shaped holes that provide even weight distribution without putting pressure on your back. The cover is made of antibacterial, waterproof, and anti-spill vinyl material. The cushion has an inflating valve, and a pump included for easy inflation.

  • Small ring-shaped holes for even weight distribution
  • Antibacterial, waterproof, and anti-spill cover
  • Small pump included for easy inflation
  • Not ideal for those looking for a softer seat

8. ComfortLite Self Inflating Seat Cushion by Teton Sports ComfortLite Self Inflating Seat Cushion by Teton Sports

No pump is required with this Teton Sports seat cushion. It has an adjustable valve that allows you to create a perfect fit, while the soft stretch microfiber cover is comfortable and easy to clean. The seat support is made of sturdy and durable fabric, and each piece comes with a free storage sack.

  • Storage Sack
  • Soft and comfortable stretch microfiber
  • Self-inflates
  • A bit more rigid than other seat cushions

9. Lumbar Support Inflatable Cushion by Simptech Lumbar Support Inflatable Cushion by Simptech

This Simptech lumbar cushion has an ergonomic design that straightens your posture, supports your lower back, and keeps you from sitting in a wrong or harmful position. The pillow is made from a high-quality, washable, and snag-resistant material and remains compact to fit in a carry bag.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Snag-resistant
  • Straightens your posture effectively
  • Some users report that it leaks air

10. Inflatable Travel Cushion by POCKETSEAT Inflatable Travel Cushion by POCKETSEAT

The Pocketseat inflatable cushion is constructed of superior and high-quality PVC that is durable and long-lasting. It has a three-tier rectangle design with an air release center chamber that prevents rocking. The seat riser folds up easily, and it has a self-sealing air valve for easy inflation.

  • Has a 3-tier rectangle design
  • Made of superior PVC
  • Air releasing chamber
  • Smaller than most typical airplane seats


How to Choose Airplane Cushions

Travel seat cushions are comfortable, and offer support for your neck and back. However, there are different cushions in the market which differ in design, shape, material, and size. Consider these five factors when buying your cushion.

  • Types

Aside from inflatable pillows, microbead and memory foam cushions are filled with polystyrene beads that conform to your body’s shape providing support and comfort. The memory foam bolsters mold to the shape of your neck, while maintaining their firmness. These memory foam seat supporters can also be compressed to half their original size.

  • Fabric

Cotton is an ideal option for seat cushions as it does not irritate the skin, breathes easily, and is suitable for warm seasons. There is also Urethane, Vinyl, Polyurethane, and PVC, which can offer differing levels of durability and cooling.

  • Size and Weight

A travel pillow should be small enough to fit in a carry-on, but large enough to offer the proper support during your travels. Opting for more lightweight options is ideal for travel too--just make your choice is durable enough to stand up to the long-haul!

Tips for Traveling for Seniors

Traveling for seniors can be nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t make adequate plans. Here are a few tips to consider for your next trip:

  • Quality Walking Aids

Standing for long periods can affect your blood circulation and cause leg pain.  Folding canes and walkers can help distribute your weightwhile also providing comfort.

  • Neck pillow

Inflatable seat cushions will provide back support and effective spinal alignment. They are comfortable and will allow you to sleep without straining your neck, head, and shoulders.

If you want neck support and comfort while traveling, you need this Vive cervical pillow.

  • Pill boxes

Taking the wrong pills at the wrong time can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. If you are planning to travel, it is advisable to get the pill boxes to help you organize your pills accordingly. You also need to have your doctor’s prescription with you when you are traveling to avoid any inconvenience at the security check.

  • Stand and stretch

Standing and stretching is vital when you are on a long flight, helping to avoid neck and back pain. Sitting for long hours can also lead to poor circulation and cause foot swelling, though a simple walk around the cabin can make all the difference.

Read more about poor foot circulation and how to avoid it.

Get Comfortable with the Inflatable Airplane Cushions

Enjoy your flight by buying any of these inflatable seat cushions. They are versatile and uniquely designed to provide support for your back, straighten your posture, and relieve pressure on your tailbone. Use any of the products or tips above to ensure your flight is a pleasant one.


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