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9 Best Iron Supplements For Men

by Jessica Hegg February 20, 2019 0 Comments

Top 5 Best Iron Supplements For Men

Iron is a vital part of keeping the body healthy, but its not always easy to get your hands on the iron your body needs. Thankfully, there are plenty of iron supplements for men who want to give their body the additional boost without radically changing their lifestyles. Here are our top choices of iron tablets for men who need that extra dose.

Top 9 Iron Supplements For Men

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Blood Builder MegaFood
2. Iron Tablets Nature Made
3. Iron Supplement with Vitamin by Vitron-C
4. Iron Complex Zahlers
5. Iron Complex Garden of Life
6. Ferretts Iron Supplement Pharmics
7. Iron Tablets EZ Melts
8. Iron Plus Supplement Pure Micronutrients
9. Iron Tablets Nature's Bounty

1. Blood Builder by MegaFood Blood Builder by MegaFood

This iron supplement by MegaFood has one goal--to help fortify your blood for better oxygen transportation. Its strong focus on developing blood cells makes it one of the best iron supplements for men such as athletes and blood donors, who will want to keep their iron levels balanced. This iron supplement also contains extract of oranges and beetroot to help aid the oxygen into the bloodstream.

  • Customizable tablet quantity
  • Vegan friendly
  • Effective at boosting energy levels
  • Doesn’t taste pleasant

2. Iron Tablets by Nature Made Iron Tablets by Nature Made

For an easy daily dosage of your recommended iron intake, try these by Nature Made. There’s no need for multiple doses over the day--simply take one tablet with a meal and you’re set until tomorrow. These iron supplements are tested to ensure the best purity, and are USP approved due to their quality.

  • Easy on the stomach
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Perfect iron tablets for men who need a daily boost of iron
  • Not easy to cut-up pills with a pill cutter

3. Iron Supplement with Vitamin C by Vitron-C Iron Supplement with Vitamin C by Vitron-C

This iron supplement by Vitron-C comes with added Vitamin C, which helps with the iron absorption process to speed things up. This quick and effective boost of iron makes for great iron tablets for men who perform a lot of exercise and need to restore levels fast. With only one tablet needed per day, it’s easy to get the iron levels back to normal without needing to schedule multiple doses.

  • Easy to take
  • Doesn’t cause constipation
  • Works quickly
  • Can leave an unpleasant aftertaste

4. Iron Complex by Zahlers Iron Complex by Zahlers

If you want an iron supplement to keep yourself healthy during your workouts, but you find that they typically give you bad stomach problems, try this one by Zahlers. The complex formula is designed to be easy on the stomach and prevent issues such as constipation. It’s also designed around quick and effective absorption, so you can receive the benefits fast.

  • Designed to tackle all forms of anemia
  • Easy to swallow
  • Good price
  • Have to take multiple pills per day

5. Iron Complex by Garden of Life Iron Complex by Garden of Life

This iron complex by Garden of Life is much more than just an iron supplement! It features enzymes and probiotics that aid the stomach in digesting and absorbing the tablet. Garden of Life takes care not to put anything synthetic in these pills, using 23 different kinds of raw vegetables and fruits to achieve its goal. This makes for a perfect iron supplement for men who want quick results, but also want to maintain a vegetarian diet.

  • Supports blood, eye, and immune system health
  • Only requires one tablet daily for the full effect
  • Can be taken on an empty stomach without causing issues
  • Capsule too large for some

6. Ferretts Iron Supplement by Pharmics Ferretts Iron Supplement by Pharmics

If you’re looking for a one-shot dosage of iron to keep you ticking over for the entire day, try this supplement by Pharmics. It’s packed with 325mb of Ferrous Fumarate, which is perfect for combating the effects of anemia or getting a boost before heavy exercise. Despite being a powerful supplement, it’s kind to the stomach and rarely causes problems.

  • Helps with developing scalp hair
  • Brings blood iron levels to normal after a month
  • Effective at treating the effects of severe iron deficiency
  • Inadvisable to be taken on an empty stomach

7. Iron Tablets by EZ Melts Iron Tablets by EZ Melts

These iron tablets by EZ Melts do just as it says on the pot--melt! It’s designed with the help of Vitamin C to quickly and efficiently deliver into the bloodstream so you can feel the effects faster. These are also the only fast-acting iron tablets that have come in different fruity flavors, making them the best iron tablets for men who dislike the typical tablet taste.

  • No sugar
  • Non-GMO
  • Counts as 100% of your daily iron and 50% of your daily Vitamin C per tablet
  • Quite expensive

8. Iron Plus Supplement by Pure Micronutrients Iron Plus Supplement by Pure Micronutrients

If you want to give your red blood cells a solid boost, try this iron plus supplement by Pure Micronutrients. Each tablet is packed with vitamins that aid the blood and help with red blood cell formation for optimum oxygen absorption. The pills are small, easy to swallow, and leave no horrible aftertaste.

  • One of the best iron supplements for men and women wanting to build blood strength
  • No binders or fillers-just raw, helpful ingredients
  • Gentle on the stomach
  • Not suitable for vegetarians

9. Iron Tablets by Nature's Bounty Iron Tablets by Nature's Bounty

This supplement by Nature’s Bounty is one of the best iron supplements for men on an iron-light vegetarian diet. With its lack of animal products in its makeup, plus the fact it only requires one pill a day, it makes for an easy and effective way to get your daily iron squared away. With its stunning price of $5 per 100 pills at time of writing, this is a very affordable way to ensure you’re on top of your iron quota.

  • Gluten free
  • No constipation problems after use
  • Efficient at regaining lost energy levels
  • Can have a bad aftertaste

Benefits of Iron Supplements

The importance of nutrients such as Vitamin C are quite well-known, but the many benefits of iron aren't common knowledge. Iron is an important part of our daily intake, and helps our body in many ways. Here’s just a few ways iron promotes health.

  • Helps Red Blood Cells Transport Oxygen

One of the key players of oxygen transportation is hemoglobin, which is produced by iron. When iron is in short supply, iron supplements can boost the hemoglobin count and restore the blood oxygen levels to normal. Products such as pulse oximeters can tell you how oxygen-rich your blood is.

  • Promotes Muscle Health

Without iron present, muscles can become weak and lose their elasticity. This highlights the importance ofiron tablets for men who want to build muscle, as an iron deficiency can have the reverse effect!

If you’re looking for exercises to help get stronger, try our plan for building muscle after 50 .

  • Speeds Up Metabolism

With all your muscles and tissues receiving ample oxygen due to high iron levels, they can now operate at peak levels. This means they burn through energy at a faster rate, thus giving a boost to your body’s metabolism. If you’re worried you may have a slow metabolism, read about the common symptoms to see if you might need a boost.

Warning Signs of Iron Deficiency

As with most vital nutrients, iron has some undesirable side effects if you don’t stay on top of your daily doses. Iron deficiency does have some tell-tale warning signs before it gets too bad, so be sure to keep your eye out for the symptoms. Here’s a few ways iron deficiency can affect your body.

  • Fast Heartbeat

Due to the lack of oxygen being passed around the body, the circulatory system has to step up in order to meet the lack of supply. This results in a faster heartbeat as your heart tries to push the blood through as fast as possible to maintain adequate oxygen levels in the tissues and muscles. If you find it hard to take your pulse, a stethoscope can make it easier to measure the speed of a heartbeat.

  • Finding it Hard To Lose Weight

Should the muscles be starved of oxygen, they won't be able to work at top performance. This often results in a harder time staying physically active, which results in weight gain due to a sedentary lifestyle. If you’re concerned with your weight, a bathroom scale is an inexpensive way to keep tabs on it.

  • Fatigue

With your body lacking the oxygen it needs to operate at an optimal level, it naturally becomes more sluggish. This manifests as a feeling of constant malaise and fatigue, where performing simple tasks suddenly becomes a chore. If you’ve been feeling sapped of energy lately, investigate the possibility of an iron deficiency.

Find the Best Iron Supplements For Men

From bodybuilders to anemic sufferers, iron supplements can fit many kinds of people. While quite a simple supplement in itself, there’s still a lot of variety out there to choose from, from blood builders to pills designed to be as quick as possible. Choose the one that suits you best and regain your lost energy.


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