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6 Best Knee Replacement Kits

by Jessica Hegg July 06, 2018 0 Comments

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Knee replacement kits are made of essential tools that make life easier for seniors recovering from knee surgery and people living with arthritis. The different assorted tools reduce unnecessary movement during recovery thereby promoting healing, and making bathing and dressing easier. Most kits include all or some of these tools: shoehorn, sponge, stocking aid, dressing stick, and reacher. Check out these six knee recovery kits.

Top 6 Knee Replacement Kits

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Premium 5-Piece Hip Knee Replacement Kit RMS Royal Medical Solutions, Inc.
2. Hip and Knee Replacement Kit Vive
3. Deluxe 7 piece Hip/ Knee Replacement kit Mars Wellness
4. Deluxe Hip/Knee Kit Sammons Preston
5. Hip/Knee/Back Replacement Kit Rehabilitation Advantage
6. Hip Kit FabLife

1. Premium 5-Piece Hip Knee Replacement Kit by RMS Royal Medical Solutions, Inc. Premium 5-Piece Hip Knee Replacement Kit by RMS Royal Medical Solutions, Inc.

This five-piece RMS is for seniors recovering from knee or bariatric surgeries. This kit includes sock aid with long foam handles, long dressing stick, round sponge with handles, plastic shoe horn, and a grabber with a clip for easy attachment to a walker. The USA-made toolkit works well for both right-or left-handed people of average heights.

  • Knee kit is available in two sizes
  • Grabber has a magnetic tip
  • Reacher has a clip for secure attachment
  • Sock aid can be too wide for some users

2. Hip and Knee Replacement Kit by Vive Hip and Knee Replacement Kit by Vive

This highly rated Vive premium knee replacement kit comes with six different pieces that will make life easy for patients recovering from knee surgery and those with limited mobility. With each package, you will get a leg lifter, shoe horn, dress assistant, rotating reaching stick, loofah brush, and a sock assist. This kit is covered by the Vive 60-day guarantee, and it makes an excellent gift for seniors who need assistance with carrying out their day to day assistance.

  • Vive guarantee
  • The kit is flexible
  • Constructed of durable nylon and aluminum materials
  • The leg lifter is not adjustable

3. Deluxe 7 piece Hip/ Knee Replacement kit by Mars Wellness Deluxe 7 piece Hip/ Knee Replacement kit by Mars Wellness

This medically-designed deluxe kit comes with seven different tools and is ideal for seniors with restricted mobility. The kit includes essential tools--from dressing stick to shoehorn, that help in dressing, showering, and performing daily activities. The replacement kit comes in two sizes-- the seven-piece and an economic four-piece kits that include basic items like dressing stick, reacher, sock aid, and bath sponge.

  • Includes stretchy elastic shoelaces that allow your feet to slide in and out
  • Medically designed for post-surgery patients
  • It comes in two sizes
  • Not durable and sturdy

4. Deluxe Hip/Knee Kit by Sammons Preston Deluxe Hip/Knee Kit by Sammons Preston

Sammons Preston is a major brand with 50-years experience in home care devices. This deluxe nine-piece assistive kit is ideal for seniors recovering from surgery or severe injury. And, it contains a rigid leg lifter, dressing stick, shoe horn, button hook, shoelaces, and stocking aid that help you dress and reach lower extremities without bending your hips. The kit also includes a scrub sponge, toilet paper tongs, and standard reacher for bathing with ease.

  • Durable
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Instruction guide
  • The shoe horn is too short for some users

5. Hip/Knee/Back Replacement Kit by Rehabilitation Advantage Hip/Knee/Back Replacement Kit by Rehabilitation Advantage

Rehabilitation Advantage economy kit includes four selected items that assist seniors who have trouble twisting, bending, lifting, or performing their daily activities with ease. The kit includes 18” sponge that helps you bathe without strenuous bending, 26” reacher, shoe horn, and sock aid that is made of plastic and has a comfortable grip. The kit is a competitively priced while ensuring superior durability.

  • Made of durable and superior material
  • Long-lasting
  • Economical
  • Contains chemicals that may cause allergic reactions

6. Hip Kit by FabLife Hip Kit by FabLife

Perform your daily activities and minimize your dependence on other people with this recovery kit. It contains items that make life easier including a grabber that eliminates your need to bend, a shoe horn (plastic or metal), a sock aid with two handles, and a contoured sponge for washing hard-to-reach areas. A dressing stick is included with selected kits.

  • Contoured sponge
  • The shoe horn is available in two designs
  • Versatile
  • The sponge handle is fragile


More About  Knee Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is an operation that involves replacing a worn, diseased or damaged knee with an artificial joint. The procedure can be done on all adults of different ages, but it is mostly done on seniors.

Osteoarthritis is a common reason for knee replacement. However, conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, bone dysplasias, knee deformity, gout, or hemophilia can also lead to knee replacement.

  • Who is offered knee replacement surgery?

Knee replacement surgery is offered in combination with other treatments like steroid injections and physiotherapy. Your doctor may recommend knee surgery if you develop severe pain, stiffness, or swelling in the knee joint, reduced mobility, insomnia, and difficulties doing your daily tasks.

  • Are there any associated complications?

Just like any surgery, knee replacement has both benefits and risks. However, most patients do not experience severe complications. The risk of infection depends on how well you take care of the wound. If you develop an infection, the doctor may recommend antibiotics.

Blood clots may develop due to immobility and reduced leg movement, especially in the first few weeks. The blood clots can be prevented by exercises, using anticoagulant medicines, or wearing compression stockings.

  • How long does it take to recover?

Knee recovery is largely dependant on the individual as different people heal differently. However, 90% of the patients can handle daily activities after six weeks and will gain full recovery within three months. Keep in mind that your knee will continue to recover up to two years after surgery.

Even after you recover, you need to avoid strenuous activities to avoid any further complications. Continue taking the prescribed painkillers or anti-inflammatory to prevent swelling and don’t use elevation pillows as they may cause the knee to bend.

  • What are some of the exercises?

After surgery, an exercise program will help you in your recovery and regain mobility. Exercises like stretching, calf raises, and leg extensions can strengthen the muscles and reduce muscle soreness.

Walking helps you regain full function of your knees and legs. But, it can cause tension and inflammation on the knees, and it advisable to wear the knee braces while you walk.

These quality knee support braces are a perfect option for relieving pain, promoting healing while reducing the risk of re-injury.

Important Tools for Knee Recovery

During your recovery, you will need tools to help with movement and daily navigation from one place to the next. Some of the recovery tools you will need include:

  • Crutches

Crutches are comfortable, stable, and durable. They help to absorb impact and enhance balance and stability. Alternatively, you can get the forearm crutches if you are looking for more support. These crutches are designed to reduce pressure on your lower limbs and make walking more comfortable.

  • Knee Walker

Most of the knee walkers have wheels that help with stability and movement. Various knee walker designs are available, but if you are looking for support and convenience, a knee scooter is an ideal option. This scooter is created with four, eight-inch wheels for stability and includes a bag for storing your valuables.

  • Knee Pain Cream  

Knee pain creams are risk-free and are an alternative to over-the-counter medications. The creams are available in different versions like roll-ons, gel, ointments, and foams.

Learn more about the different creams for knee pain that you can use.

Make Life Easy with Knee Replacements Kits

During your knee recovery, it is vital to take precaution to prevent even the smallest injury. Using these knee replacement kits to help perform your daily activities will help prevent re-injury. Even though complications are rare, following your doctor’s orders and attending physiotherapy will help prevent them from occurring.


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