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12 Best Leg Massagers

by Jessica Hegg April 20, 2018 0 Comments

Therapeutic massage for the female beautiful leg

Designed for athletes, the elderly, and anybody else who experiences muscle fatigue, a leg massager improves circulation and alleviates swelling and muscle pain. From roller sticks and massage balls to sophisticated sequential compression devices and massage pillows, foot and leg massagers are as varied as each individual. Take a look at our list of the best leg massagers for circulation and put some spring back in your step.

Top 12 Leg Massagers

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Recovery System Rapid Reboot
2. Sequential Compression Device Vive
3. Massage Roller Stick Elite Sportz Equipment
4. Cordless Massager PADO
5. Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes IDSON
6. Massager Roller Ball Vive
7. Handheld Massager Ohuhu
8. Shiatsu Pillow Massager Naipo
9. Shiatsu Deep-Kneading Massager 1byone
10. Air Compression Leg Massager Amzdeal
11. Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager Air Relax
12. Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager Human Touch

1. Recovery System by Rapid Reboot Recovery System by Rapid Reboot

This FDA-certified leg massage machine has been designed to alleviate pain, muscle fatigue, and swelling. The extra-long boots offer sequential air compression for massage therapy, while the control unit lets you choose from ten different levels of pressure and two modes—one for better arterial inflow and venous outflow, and the other for better circulation and toxin elimination. The unit also features a timer than lets you set the session at either ten, twenty, or thirty minutes.

  • Comes in 5 sizes
  • FDA-certified
  • 2-year warranty
  • More expensive than most other leg massagers

2. Sequential Compression Device by Vive Sequential Compression Device by Vive

This foot and leg massager offers sequential compression to increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and alleviate the discomfort of conditions such as venous edema, lymphedema, and peripheral arterial disease. Simple to set up, the device offers three modes, which can be adjusted in air pressure intensity, and a timer for a tailored treatment session.

  • Extra-long leg tubes
  • Adjustable air pressure
  • Wireless remote control
  • Not as lightweight and portable as simpler massagers

3. Massage Roller Stick by Elite Sportz Equipment Massage Roller Stick by Elite Sportz Equipment

Increase circulation and reduce muscle tension with this portable massage roller stick. Simply roll the stick over the sore area for around five minutes and feel the pain and tightness melt away. A two-millimeter gap between each spindle prevents the device from pulling on leg hair.

  • Easy to control pressure level
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Not as durable as some other options

4. Cordless Massager by PADO Cordless Massager by PADO

This home therapy massager delivers repetitive percussion and micro-vibration therapy to alleviate muscle fatigue, tension, and spasms. It features a long handle for hard to reach places, and five attachments, including a scalp massage stick, an air-cushion stick, and a facial massage stick.

  • High-speed percussion motor
  • Cordless—no need to plug into an outlet
  • Adjustable massage intensity
  • Short battery life

5. Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes by IDSON Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes by IDSON

This Bestselling massage stick has been recommended by physical therapists for muscle soreness and stiffness. Made from industrial-strength material, the eighteen-inch roller stick features nine independent spindles, and anti-skid thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene handles for a better grip. Use it before or after sports to reduce the risk of injury.

  • Recommended by physical therapists
  • Treats muscle pain and trigger points
  • Durable—made from industrial-strength material
  • The massage may be too hard for some

6. Massager Roller Ball by Vive Massager Roller Ball by Vive

Made from high-quality resin, this set of ball massagers is highly portable—it is small enough to fit into a purse or a carry bag. The rollers can be used on bare skin or over clothing to increase blood circulation, or alleviate sore or stiff leg muscles. Plus, they let you control the level of pressure, from light to deep tissue.

  • Highly portable
  • Durable—made from high-quality resin
  • Can be used on bare skin or over clothing
  • Slightly too large for some knots

7. Handheld Massager by Ohuhu Handheld Massager by Ohuhu

This percussion massager comes with three pairs of removable attachment heads and adjustable intensity level for customized massage. It is made from high-quality ABS and rubber, and has a comfortable non-slip handle to make alleviating muscle tension a breeze.

  • 3 pairs of attachment heads
  • Non-slip handle
  • Comes with a user manual
  • Bulkier than some other massagers

8. Shiatsu Pillow Massager by Naipo Shiatsu Pillow Massager by Naipo

This pillow massager features four deep-kneading nodes that mimic the ministrations of a real masseuse. Simply place it on your legs, or any other sore body part, and feel the tension and tightness gradually dissipate. Plus, there is a heating option, which is ideal for increasing blood circulation.

  • Automatic shut-off function
  • Heating option
  • Contours to the body
  • Not as durable as some other massagers

9. Shiatsu Deep-Kneading Massager by 1byone Shiatsu Deep-Kneading Massager by 1byone

Another deep-kneading leg massage machine, this massage pillow features eight rotating nodes to relieve muscle soreness, stiffness, and tension. Choose the direction of the rotation or select the auto-reverse mode that changes the direction of kneading every minute. The infrared heating function adds warmth to increase blood circulation and soothe the muscles.

  • PU leather grip
  • Auto-reverse mode
  • 8 rotating nodes
  • May not be comfortable on bare skin

10. Air Compression Leg Massager by Amzdeal Air Compression Leg Massager by Amzdeal

These massager cuffs use air pressure to massage your legs, calves, or arms. The sequential inflation and deflation improves blood circulation and alleviates swelling, cramps, and varicose veins. The massager offers three intensity levels and two modes for customized therapy.

  • Integrated lithium-ion battery
  • Adjustable Velcro fastenings
  • 2 modes and 3 levels of intensity
  • Some users have reported problems with the charger


11. Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager by Air Relax Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager by Air Relax

Recommended by professionals, this FDA-cleared leg massage machine features four massage modes including peristaltic, sequential, massage, and peristaltic and sequential. Simply select the mode, the level of cuff pressure, and enjoy a treatment designed to increase blood circulation and the function of the lymphatic system.

  • Anti-scratch case with a handle
  • 15-minute auto-shut off safety function
  • Comes with an anti-scratch case
  • Not as portable as some other massagers

12. Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager by Human Touch Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager by Human Touch

Designed specifically for the feet and calves, this leg massager for circulation massages in an upward, rolling, or wave motion. It also features reflexology rollers for those looking for a therapeutic foot massage. The non-skid floor protectors keep the unit securely in place when in use, while the machine’s adjustable tilt base ensures maximum comfort.

  • Powerful reflexology rollers
  • Adjustable tilt base
  • Non-skid floor protectors
  • Pressure level is not adjustable


Different Types of Leg Massager

With so many different types of leg massagers on the market, you can be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed. Here is a roundup of the different types of foot and leg massagers to make your selection easier.

  • Massage Rollers

As simple as they are ingenious, massage rollers are an affordable and effective self-massage tool. Most massage rollers feature spindles or textured bumps to alleviate knots, sore muscles, and tension.  

If you like the idea of self-massage, check out our list of the best massage balls.

  • Compression Machines

On the more sophisticated end of the leg massager spectrum, compression machines are used to increase blood circulation, and ease the discomfort of conditions such as lymphedema and peripheral artery disease. Simply slip your legs into the tubes, select the massage mode and intensity, and enjoy the ride.

  • Percussion Massagers

Percussion massagers use cupping, hacking, plucking, and pounding movements to relieve muscle knots, spasms, aches, and tension. They often come with various attachment heads and an adjustable level of intensity.

Other Products for Leg Pain

From pain related to blood vessels and nerves, to discomfort after an injury, leg pain can have various causes. While it is important to speak to your doctor about your particular condition, here are a few products that may help alleviate leg discomfort.

  • Compression Leg Sleeves

Worn like socks, compression leg sleeves increase blood circulation and alleviate conditions such as varicose veins. They also reduce leg fatigue after exercise or a hectic day on your feet. The best compression sleeves feel snug but will not cut off blood circulation. 

Learn more about compression sleeves for legs here.

  • Shin Splint Braces

Designed for sore calves or shins, shin braces wrap around the lower leg to provide support and compression. They can also speed up recovery from sprains or tears, and protect the shin or calf during various activities.

  • Knee Braces

Knee pain is often caused by an injury, overuse, or poor posture. A knee brace provides compression and support to stabilize the knee and protect it from further injury.

Find the Best Leg Massager

Foot and leg massagers are ideal for rejuvenating fatigued muscles after a day on your feet. While they are often used by athletes before and after workouts, they can also do wonders for anybody with sore muscles and joints. There are a lot of different options on the market, so we advise doing some research before making your purchase. This list of the best leg massagers should provide a great start.

Jessica Hegg
Jessica Hegg

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