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5 Best Lift Slings for the Handicapped

by Jessica Hegg September 23, 2018 0 Comments

patient assisted by nurses

Lift slings for the handicapped aid in easy transfers, protecting both the patient and caregivers. They are made of mesh or polyester and are available in both standard and bariatric models to accommodate all patients. While they are sold separately, these slings go hand in hand with patient lift devices, so be sure to factor them in when buying. A variety of options are available and here are five lift slings to consider.

Top 5 Lift Slings for the Handicapped

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Padded U Sling, with Head Support Drive Medical
2. Compatible Mesh Full Body Sling with Commode Opening Invacare
3. Mesh Full Body Sling Lumex
4. Mesh Patient Lift Sling Invacare
5. Divided Leg Patient Lift Sling with Headrest Drive Medical

1. Padded U Sling, with Head Support by Drive Medical Padded U Sling, with Head Support by Drive Medical

This padded U-sling is uniquely designed, and it features head support as well as four cradle points. Its solid-design makes it an excellent accessory for the stand-alone patient lifts. Despite the simple design, this sling is strong and durable enough to withstand a capacity of 600 lbs.

  • It is padded for additional support
  • Provides a head support
  • It can withstand a capacity of 600 lbs.
  • The straps are short

2. Compatible Mesh Full Body Sling with Commode Opening by Invacare Compatible Mesh Full Body Sling with Commode Opening by Invacare

This Invacare full body sling can be used with or without a commode. The sling is breathable and has moisture-wicking properties to keep the patient comfortable. Furthermore, it can lift between 450 to 600 lbs, and it offers two options--choose between a mesh and a sold body sling designs.

  • Has a breathable polyester fabric
  • It is available in mesh and solid body styles
  • It is washable
  • May be too large for some users' needs

3. Mesh Full Body Sling by Lumex Mesh Full Body Sling by Lumex

This Lumex padded full body sling is equipped with a breathable and moisture absorbing mesh fabric. It has a head and neck support and is ideal for patients with limited upper strength. This body sling conforms to the patient’s shape and size, and it has a four-point spreader. The sling is available in three sizes.

  • The sling designed with a quick-drying fabric
  • Offers head and neck support
  • The sling is adaptable to patient’s shape and size
  • The sling can be challenging to put on

4. Mesh Patient Lift Sling by Invacare Mesh Patient Lift Sling by Invacare

This Invacare sling features a fully padded fabric with a soft and supportive surface. It has a nonslip lining that enhances comfort and protects the skin. The full body lift sling has a stretch and water-resistant polyester fabric that keeps the patient dry and comfortable.

  • Has a soft brushed lining for skin protection
  • Stretch-resistant
  • Anti-slip
  • On the pricey side

5. Divided Leg Patient Lift Sling with Headrest by Drive Medical Divided Leg Patient Lift Sling with Headrest by Drive Medical

With a solid nylon construction, this sling can support 450 lbs capacity. It has a six-point cradle and is compatible with most patient lift devices. This support aid has a split-leg design, providing secure lifting and comfortable positioning. Plus, it is designed with a moisture-resistant material.

  • Has a split-leg design
  • Moisture-resistant material
  • Has a solid nylon construction
  • Stiff sling material


Tips for Increasing Comfort and Independence

Lift slings are essential, but they are only beneficial when moving the patient from one stationary position to another. It is recommended to invest in other assistive tools to enhance comfort and independence. Below are a few tips you can use to provide comfort to the patient.

  • Make the bed safe and comfortable

A hospital bed is a great option for a bedridden patient as they are adjustable. When that’s not an option, pressure mattresses can be a perfect alternative. These mattresses are designed to adjust pressure and evenly distribute body weight--preventing bed sores from developing.

Bed rails are also a good option as they prevent patients from falling over. Check out these bed rail designs.

  • Get fall mats

The risk of falling is greater among seniors with decreased lower body strength and mobility, and having fall mats near the bed can help reduce the impact if an injury occurs. Most of the floor pads are padded, and others have alarms to give an alert when the senior falls.

Take a look at these nine fall mats for the bedroom.

  • Install medical alert alarms

While these vital tools are ideal for seniors who live on their own, they provide significant benefits for bedridden seniors too. These alarms enable you to call for help when you need assistance or after an accident occurs.

  • Buy a portable commode or diapers

A bedside commode is perfect for patients who have partial mobility and good bladder control. Another alternative are the adult diapers that reduce the stress of using the bathroom and enable seniors to sleep in peace.

Enhance Support with the Lift Slings

Lift slings are designed to elevate and transfer patients from one position to another with minimum strain. These slings are most effective if used with a lift device, so choose one that is suitable for your bedroom space. Besides using the lifts, be sure to use other safety tools, especially fall mats and bed alarms to increase the patient’s comfort and safety.


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