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8 Best Magnifying Glasses for Computers

by Jessica Hegg June 22, 2018 0 Comments

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If you suffer from poor or degenerative vision, you may find yourself endlessly squinting at your computer screen. With a magnifying glass for computers, however, you can read fine print and see small images with minimal eye strain. Magnifying glasses eliminate eye strain and help you see even the tiniest of details with ease. The right magnifying glass can transform your computer time from an annoying chore to a pleasure. Check out these eight magnifying glasses for computer to make your screen time as enjoyable as possible!

Top 8 Magnifying Glasses for Computers

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Magnifying Glass with Light Vive
2. LED Head Magnifier SE
3. Slide-Out Magnifying Glass Carson
4. Handheld Magnifying Glass Marrywindix
5. Flexible Magnifying Lamp Brightech
6. Handheld LED Magnifying Glass Fancii
7. Professional Magnifying Glass RockDaMic
8. Folding Pocket Magnifier SE

1. Magnifying Glass with Light by Vive Magnifying Glass with Light by Vive

Vive’s magnifying glass is equipped with two LED lights so you can use it for magnification no matter where you are. It comes with two interchangeable lenses, a 5x and 10x lens, so you can adjust the magnifying glass to your needs. This magnifying glass is lightweight, and its nonslip handle provides a comfortable, secure grip.

  • Bright LED lighting
  • Distortion-free lens
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Requires three AAA batteries

2. LED Head Magnifier by SE LED Head Magnifier by SE

SE’s head magnifier allows you to inspect your work with extra detail while keeping your hands free. It is equipped with two lenses that allow you to maintain depth perception while magnifying your surroundings. Every magnifier is equipped with a bright 2-LED beam so you can use it in light or dark environments.

  • Adjustable headband size
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Provides 4.5x magnification
  • No batteries included

3. Slide-Out Magnifying Glass by Carson Slide-Out Magnifying Glass by Carson

This magnifying glass by Carson provides up to 5x magnification in a convenient slide-out design. Its aspheric lens provides clear, distortion-free focus, allowing you to focus on the smallest details. This magnifying is compact and easy to carry with you so you can use it at home, work, or on the go.

  • Easy to carry
  • Built-in LED light
  • Glare-resistant
  • Small lens size

4. Handheld Magnifying Glass by Marrywindix Handheld Magnifying Glass by Marrywindix

This handheld magnifying glass by Marrywindix is equipped with a durable, textured handle that provides a strong grip. It is equipped with two lenses of different magnifications so you can use it for 3x to 5x magnification. This magnifying glass has a compact, stylish design, allowing it to fit easily in your purse, backpack, or traveling bag.

  • Nonslip handles
  • Easy to switch the batteries
  • Distortion-free lens
  • Heavier than most handheld magnifiers

5. Flexible Magnifying Lamp by Brightech Flexible Magnifying Lamp by Brightech

This magnifying lamp by Brightech is designed for individuals with poor eyesight who need added focus while reading a book or computer screen. Its lens is made from an authentic diopter glass that magnifies up to 1.75x. The lamp’s neck is fully adjustable and bends in any direction, allowing you to position it exactly where you need it.

  • Glare-resistant lens
  • Stays cool to the touch
  • Long, flexible neck
  • Heavy, bulky design

6. Handheld LED Magnifying Glass by Fancii Handheld LED Magnifying Glass by Fancii

This LED magnifying glass is designed particularly for seniors with low vision or macular degeneration. Its lens is designed to mimic the way your eyes naturally view things to reduce strain and distortion. Each magnifying glass is equipped with three powerful LED lights that are easy to turn on or off with a switch on the handle.

  • Made from optical glass
  • Provides 2x magnification
  • Includes batteries and a travel pouch
  • Not glare-resistant

7. Professional Magnifying Glass by RockDaMic Professional Magnifying Glass by RockDaMic

RockDaMic’s magnifying glass provides up to 15x magnification so you can see even the tiniest details on your computer screen. Its ergonomic handle molds to your hands to provide a comfortable, contoured grip. This magnifying glass is compact and designed to fit securely in your pocket, purse, or carrying bag.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Three built-in LED lights
  • Comes with two interchangeable lenses
  • Heavy, unwieldy handle

8. Folding Pocket Magnifier by SE Folding Pocket Magnifier by SE

This folding pocket magnifier by SE is compact and ideal for use while traveling or on the go. It provides 4x magnification and is useful for inspecting fine print or small details on your computer screen. This magnifier is made from durable materials and designed to withstand regular use without cracking or distorting over time.

  • Easily folds open or closed
  • Distortion-free glass lens
  • Portable size
  • No built-in LED light


Tips for Preventing Eye Strain on the Computer

Knowing how to avoid eye strain can help keep your eyes healthy and prevent chronic pain or vision problems. Try these four tips for preventing eye strain to make sure your time on the computer is spent wisely.

  • Blink More Often

Blinking too little while working on your computer can make your eyes feel dry and itchy. Every twenty minutes, blink ten times in a row to help re-moisten your eyes. If you still notice dryness, talk to your optometrist about eye drops to keep your eyes lubricated.

  • Try Eye Exercises

To reduce eye fatigue from focusing too long, look away from your computer every twenty minutes. Gaze at an object far away from your desk for ten to twenty seconds, then look at something close to your desk for ten to twenty more seconds. Performing this simple eye exercise every twenty minutes can reduce the chance of eye pain later on.

Staring at your computer screen for too long can cause headaches. To find the six best migraine hats, click here.

  • Reduce Screen Glare

Staring for long periods of time at a bright computer screen can irritate the eyes. Purchase an anti-glare screen from your local electronics store and install it on your monitor to protect your eyes from excessive strain. If you wear glasses, purchase a pair with an anti-reflective coating to minimize the light reflected off of your lenses.

  • Take Breaks Every Hour

If you have a desk job, you may have to work on a computer for hours at a time.  Try to take three to five minute “mini-breaks” every hour to keep your eyes rested. During your mini-break, stand up and walk around to reduce fatigue and give your eyes a chance to relax

Chair exercises are another great way to relax your body. Read about these sixteen chair exercises for seniors here.

Other Ways to Reduce Eye Pain

Magnifying glasses are a great way to prevent eye strain but if you deal with eye pain frequently, you may want to try other at-home treatments. Next time you experience eye pain, try these four techniques to relieve your symptoms quickly and effectively.

  • Try a Cold Compress

Cold compresses deliver an instant cooling sensation to relieve eye pain and encourage long-term healing. Use your cold compress for ten to fifteen minutes at a time to reduce inflammation in the muscles around your eyes and treat immediate pain.

If you do not have a cold compress, an ice pack can work as an alternative so long as you place a fabric cloth between your eyes and the ice pack for protection.

Check out the best hot or cold compresses for headaches here.

  • Use a Heat Pack

Microwavable heat packscan provide immediate pain relief for individuals with chronically sore or tired eyes. Apply a heat pack for fifteen to twenty minutes at a time, alternating between hot and cold therapy as desired. Not only can heat packs relieve pain or soreness in your eyes but, by increasing your blood circulation, they can also encourage quicker healing over time.

Not sure how to alternate between hot and cold therapy? Check out our comprehensive hot and cold therapy guide here.

  • Turn On a Humidifier

If you live in a cold or dry climate, humidifiers can help introduce moisture to the air and keep your eyes from drying out. Set the humidity level to between 30-50% moisture for the best results. Adjust the humidifier to a higher setting if your eyes remain dry after use for 30-60 minutes.

  • Get an Eye Exam

If you haven’t had an eye exam in the past year but experience chronic vision problems, now may be the time to visit your optometrist. An optometrist can diagnose your symptoms and determine the best treatment plan to keep your eyes healthy. Make sure to let your optometrist know how often you use your computer so they can factor this into your medical history.

Find the Best Magnifying Glass for Computers

For individuals with low vision or age-related eye problems, computers can cause eye irritation or strain. If you need to use a computer often, a magnifying glass can help keep your eyes comfortable and as healthy as possible. These magnifying glasses are each equipped with different features, all of which can revolutionize your time spent on the computer. If you’re not sure which magnifier to choose, consider the features of each product and determine which ones best fit your lifestyle. No matter which one you decide on, these eight magnifying glasses are sure to give your eyes a well-needed break!


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