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4 Best Diabetic Slippers for men

by Jessica Hegg September 16, 2018 0 Comments

nurse putting slippers to senior man in wheelchair

Foot ulcers are common among people living with diabetes, and the best men’s diabetic slippers protect your feet from the most common injuries. These slippers provide arch support and are padded to offer comfort and prevent bruises. They also have a wide width and sturdy toe boxes to accommodate foot swelling and edema. Check out these top four diabetic slipper designs.

Top 4 Men’s Diabetic Slippers

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Asheville Comfort Arch Support Diabetic Mens Orthopedic Slippers Orthofeet
2. Men’s Extra Extra Wide Slippers with Adjustable Closures - Swollen Feet Silvert's
3. Men's Relax Chocolate Diabetic Slippers Dr. Comforts
4. Men's Vista Slipper Dr. Comfort

1. Asheville Comfort Arch Support Diabetic Mens Orthopedic Slippers by Orthofeet Asheville Comfort Arch Support Diabetic Mens Orthopedic Slippers by Orthofeet

These leather orthopedic slippers are designed with a cushioned heel pad, an anatomical arch that contours to your feet, and wide toe box with extra depth to enhance support and eliminate pressure. They slippers have also used an ortho-cushion system that adds comfort to your step, alleviates foot stress, and protect your hammer toes.

  • Has an anatomical arch support
  • Has a wide toe box
  • Padded inner lining
  • May be out of some people's price range

2. Men’s Extra Extra Wide Slippers with Adjustable Closures - Swollen Feet by Silvert's Men’s Extra Extra Wide Slippers with Adjustable Closures - Swollen Feet by Silvert's

These extra wide men's slippers have adjustable closures and are ideal for swollen feet and ankles, edema, and people with arthritis. They have memory foam insoles with antibacterial, odor and stain-resistant properties that keep you comfortable. And, you can easily customize your fit using the Velcro fasteners.

  • Have memory foam insoles
  • Antibacterial and stain-resistant
  • Adjustable closures
  • Bulky build may not be everyone's preferance

3. Men's Relax Chocolate Diabetic Slippers by Dr. Comforts Men's Relax Chocolate Diabetic Slippers by Dr. Comforts

These classic diabetic slippers provide high-quality support for all, especially people with arthritis and other foot problems. The slippers have a closed heel design which provides comfort and support. The suede slippers include gel inserts to cushion the feet and are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Have gel inserts
  • Padded insoles
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • High arches may be uncomfortable for some users

4. Men's Vista Slipper by Dr. Comfort Men's Vista Slipper by Dr. Comfort

These closed slippers have a rubber outsole and a toe-box for extra protection. The upper part of these diabetic slippers is made of microfiber with an elastic goring which makes it easy to wear. They also have Scotchguard protection for outdoor usage, and are lined with fleece to provide a snug fit and reduce the risk of abrasions.

  • Have a dual elastic goring
  • Fleece lining for protection
  • Have Scotchguard protection for outdoor usage
  • The toe box is small


Complications of Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus (type 2) is a lifestyle and a chronic condition that presents numerous health risks and can predispose you to other health issues. See some of the most common below.

  • Neuropathy

More than half of people living with diabetes develop diabetic neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy, most common among diabetes cases, develops when your blood vessels get damaged due to elevated blood glucose.  

Diabetic neuropathy causes tingling, numbness, extreme sensitivity to touch, muscle weakness, and lack of coordination.

  • Foot complications

Foot ulcers develop as a result of wearing ill-fitting shoes and ignoring the injuries can cause infection. You may also develop poor circulation in your feet as a result of diabetes. High blood sugar hardens and narrows the blood vessels, restricting blood flow especially to your lower limbs. Poor blood circulation inhibits not only the supply of oxygen but also nutrients.

These specialized socks compress your feet increasing blood flow.

  • Kidney damage

Kidneys are responsible for filtering out toxins in the blood. High blood sugar destroys the blood vessels present in the kidneys and overloads them.  With time this will affect how they filter the blood leading to toxins build up.

If nephropathy is detected early, kidney damage can be prevented. But, in advanced cases, you may require dialysis or kidney transplant to rectify the problem.

  • Retinopathy

Retinopathy cases are high among people with diabetes because of the damage of the nerves and blood vessels present in the retina. In the early stages, retinopathy presents no symptoms, making regular checkups a must.

Living with Diabetes

There is no known cure for diabetes, but it can be managed with diet and other remedies. Talk to your healthcare team, read and research about diabetes and how to manage the condition before you try any of these remedies.

  • Pay Attention to Your Diet

Choose foods with a low glycemic index, and increase intake of fish and lean meats, fiber, fruits, and vegetables you get on a regular basis. Above all, avoid the intake of saturated fats and limit salt intake.
  • Exercise

Physical activity aids in weight loss, and helps to reduce blood glucose and improve your overall health. Walking, yoga, and Tai Chi are a great aerobic exercises, as they improve your cardiovascular health and lowers your glucose levels.

Find more information on building muscles for seniors.

  • Blood Sugar Monitoring

Blood sugar monitoring helps you to keep track of your glucose levels. Home glucometers are recommended as they help you to monitor glucose at any given time. Keep a log of all your readings for easy assessment.

  • Monitoring Vitals

When you have diabetes, you need to keep check of your blood pressure as it can lead to stroke and heart failure. A quality blood pressure monitor kit will help you with that, as well as monitor your cholesterol levels and weight.

  • Support Team

Having a support team will help you cope with the associated problems of diabetes. The support team will comprise of your healthcare provider, nurse educator, registered dietitian, endocrinologist, eye doctor, psychiatrist or family therapist, and family.

Get the Best Men’s Diabetic Slippers

Even though diabetes is incurable, you can still live a productive life if you manage your blood glucose and eliminate all the risk factors that can worsen the situation. Taking all the above advice into consideration, moving forward with diabetes is possible one step at a time.


Jessica Hegg
Jessica Hegg

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