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10 Best Ointments for Itching

by Jessica Hegg August 18, 2018 0 Comments

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You’ll want to keep the best ointment for itching handy when you are struck by dry chapped skin, bug bites, or adverse skin reactions. Choose from a long list of quality products, which harness the power of cotizone, tea tree oil, and other effective ingredients. Check out this list of ointments when you need a solution to soothe your skin.

Top 10 Ointments for Itching

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Wonder Balm Puriya
2. Ointment Calmoseptine Ointment
3. Ointment for Itchy Skin Vaniply
4. Maximum Strength Ointment Cortizone 10
5. Tea Tree Oil Balm Oleavine
6. All Purpose Salve for Itchy Skin Ora’s Amazing Herbal
7. Anti-Itch Ointment Blue Star
8. Lanacane Cream Lanacane Cream
9. Itch, Pain, and Scar Ointment Neosporin
10. Itch Ointment Dr. Christopher’s Formula

1. Wonder Balm by Puriya Wonder Balm by Puriya

This ointment has antibacterial and antiseptic properties to help soothe irritated dry skin, and stop inflammation and itch. It helps reduce fungal infections, and builds up your skin’s defenses if you frequent the gym or public pool. Ingredients like eucalyptus oil, tea tree, and lavender oil are included to moisturize and protect your skin from becoming irritated.This ointment absorbs into the skin nicely and nourishes damaged skin to health.

  • Used to prevent and heal skin infections caused by bacteria and fungus
  • Includes beeswax and olive oil to nourish skin and lock in moisture longer
  • Has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties
  • Very strong scent

2. Ointment by Calmoseptine Ointment Ointment by Calmoseptine Ointment

Recommended by medical professionals, this ointment creates a barrier of protection to relieve itching, reduce discomfort, and heal infections. It can be readily applied to the site of feeding tubes, treat diaper rash, or on scrapes and burns. You may want to use this ointment before applying compression to a wound, to treat fungal infections, eczema, pressure ulcers, and more. This ointment has been used successfully to heal skin, after its inception 80 years ago.

  • Recommended by medical professionals
  • Treats skin conditions like bug bites, hives, eczema, dryness, cuts, and scrapes
  • Provides a barrier to help heal skin infections
  • Contains menthol

3. Ointment for Itchy Skin by Vaniply Ointment for Itchy Skin by Vaniply

Tested by dermatologists, this ointment for itchy skin is made for sensitive skin types. You won’t find any parabens, formaldehyde, lanolin, or dyes in this ointment, so adverse reactions should be at a minimum or null. You may love treating your dry itchy skin with this ointment, which is also good for anyone living with eczema or psoriasis. Applied to the skin, it alleviates irritation from chafing, cracks, and winter itch.

  • Formulated for sensitive skin, no lanolin, parabens, fragrances, or dyes
  • Formula is child-friendly and easy to apply
  • Awarded by National Eczema Association
  • Strong scent

4. Maximum Strength Ointment by Cortizone 10 Maximum Strength Ointment by Cortizone 10

This tube of ointment is travel-friendly, so when you need to treat bug bites, poison oak, or tame inflammation and redness, you’ll be better prepared. This ointment includes hydrocortisone cream, so it can provide itch relief expediently. You can use this on your dry irritated skin in the winter, or to treat rashes, eczema, or provide a barrier with its petrolatum base.

  • Includes hydrocortisone for itch relief
  • Useful for eczema, rashes, and reducing inflammation
  • Recommended for itch-relief by doctors
  • Consistency a little greasy

5. Tea Tree Oil Balm by Oleavine Tea Tree Oil Balm by Oleavine

Developed using natural and organic ingredients, this balm can be applied to dry, itchy irritated skin. The ingredients in this ointment have properties that help alleviate eczema, scaling, and protect against certain infections caused by yeast, bacteria, and fungus. Using the power of tea tree and neem oil, this balm naturally treats the skin so it stays softer and healthier.

  • Uses Omega-3, 6, vitamin E, and tea tree oil for healthful properties
  • Creates a barrier of protection so bacteria and fungus are reduced
  • Antibacterial extracts and organic oils reduce inflammation, dryness, and irritation
  • Very strong scent

6. All Purpose Salve for Itchy Skin by Ora’s Amazing Herbal All Purpose Salve for Itchy Skin by Ora’s Amazing Herbal

If you are looking for an ointment made from fair trade organic herbs and oils, you might like applying this artisanally crafted salve onto itchy dry skin. Coconut oil, vitamin E, and grapeseed oil are only a handful of the ingredients in this ointment, which naturally hydrate and soothe irritated skin. This salve is lightweight and has antimicrobial properties too, thanks to included rosemary oil and tea tree oil, which protect skin from infection.

  • Ingredients are organic, fair trade, and ethically sourced
  • Uses oils such as tea tree and cedar leaf to prevent infections                        
  • Softens skin, hydrates, and reduces inflammation from irritation
  • Jar is on the small side

7. Anti-Itch Ointment by Blue Star Anti-Itch Ointment by Blue Star

This ointment slightly warms up the affected area where it is applied, and soothes away itching with a few well-chosen ingredients. This ointment helps stop itching, clears up fungal infections, and can soften your feet. It also contains aloe vera, which is useful for healing the skin.

  • Warms up the skin when applied
  • Softens skin, reducing dryness and itching
  • Successfully helps clear up cases of fungal infections like ringworm
  • Sensitive skin types may have adverse reaction including redness

8. Lanacane Cream by Lanacane Lanacane Cream by Lanacane

If you like outdoor adventures, you might want to keep this ointment in your travel sack, as it helps sooth itching caused from poison ivy, sumac, or bug bites. You can comfortably apply this ointment to itchy, irritated skin up to three times daily, and alleviate pain too. This cream contains antibiotics and is helpful for reducing infection.

  • Good for intense itching and pain relief
  • Antibacterial properties help prevent infection
  • Effects of ointment lasts for hours
  • May need to reapply often

9. Itch, Pain, and Scar Ointment by Neosporin Itch, Pain, and Scar Ointment by Neosporin

This ointment seeks to heal the skin with an antibiotic formula, which is non-stinging, and provides 24 hour protection against possible infection. It is perfect for treating burns, cuts, or scrapes that may happen at home, work, or playing sports.

  • Relieves itching, pain, and minimizes scars
  • Provides protection against infection up to 24 hours
  • Contains antibiotic properties
  • Consistency of ointment becomes thin when applied to warm skin

10. Itch Ointment by Dr. Christopher’s Formula Itch Ointment by Dr. Christopher’s Formula

Created to treat itchy skin brought about by eczema, hives, infections, or sores, this ointment contains ingredients like olive oil and chickweed to help soothe irritated skin. You may like the consistency of this ointment because it uses a natural beeswax base, and the container is the perfect size to be travel-friendly.

  • Uses natural ingredients like beeswax, olive oil, and chickweed
  • Made for sensitive skin conditions
  • Small container
  • Has to be stored in the refrigerator


Common Causes of Itchy Skin And Treatments

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so you should treat it with tender loving care at all times. Infections, rashes, insect bites, and the weather can all impact the quality and health of your skin. In addition to using the best ointment for itching, it is helpful to use other methods of treatment to assist with healing.

  • Taking a bath in colloidal oatmeal or a coal tar bath can be soothing
  • Use a warm mist humidifier during colder months when air is dryer
  • Take an over-the-counter medication to help reduce inflammation and itch
  • Drink enough water daily to help body flush toxins and stay hydrated

Regularly using a deep tissue massager can help stimulate skin to recover from injury, relax away tension, and improve blood circulation for quicker healing.

Be Ready for An Emergency with the Best Ointment for Itching

Accidents can happen at any moment, so it is critical to take precautions and stay prepared. The skin is a sensitive organ, and scratching wounds or scabs can needlessly transfer bacteria, or lead to scarring.

  • Common Accidents or Incidents That Happen at Home or Work

Accidents can happen anytime. Slips, falls, or physical trauma can leave you with a burn, cut, blister, or small wound. You should also make sure to have a first aid kit within reach for emergencies. Leaving an injury untreated or scratching it can cause further damage.

  • Signs Your Skin Itching May Need Medical Attention

If your skin is constantly itchy and cannot be soothed, it may be time to seek professional medical attention. Itching that is coupled with a rash, blisters, pain, or redness could be a sign of an underlying medical issue, immune disorder, or may need additional treatment beyond ointment.

Taking a long hot shower may be relaxing, but spending too much time bathing in hot water can lead to drier skin afterward. Make sure to stay safe when getting in and out of the shower to prevent falling, and install grab bars just in case of a slight misstep.

Prevent Skin Damage with the Best Ointment for Itching

After going out in the sun too long, or exploring the great outdoors, exposed skin can take on damage. When healing sunburn, bug bites, or inflammation, you want to avoid scratching your skin, causing further irritation. Prevent skin damage by wearing weather appropriate clothing that allows skin to breathe, and repels irritants.

If you are having difficulty applying lotion to your back, feel free to get a lotion applicator, so you can stay independent. Lotions and ointments are both good for moisturizing the skin, and reversing the ill-effects caused by dryness and irritation.

  • Risk: Scratching Can Lead to Infection or Scarring

When your skin is itchy, it can be hard not to scratch until the point of causing redness, bleeding, or exposing skin to contaminants under the nails. Avoid scratching itchy skin to the point of causing damage, wash skin with mild soap and water, and apply an ointment for itchy skin instead.

If you are cleaning off your body in the shower, make sure to use a shower mat to prevent slips and falls. Showering can help tighten up the skin’s pores, remove grime and dead skin cells, and helps relax the nerves.

Soothe and Defend Your Skin with the Best Ointment for Itching

Your skin deserves to be protected because it is your largest organ, and first line of defense against getting sick. Dry skin is more prone to becoming itchy, cracking, peeling, and is more susceptible to bacteria, parasites, and other ailments. Do yourself a favor, and make sure to keep ointment to treat itchy skin in your medicine cabinet, at work, or in your car so you’ll be prepared.


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