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5 Best Padded Floor Mats

by Jessica Hegg June 10, 2018 0 Comments

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A padded floor mat can reduce the risk of injuries around your house, for children, adults, and senior citizens alike! The thick pressure mat will cushion a fall, reduce strain on your joints at a standing desk, prevent slips in your kitchen or bathroom, and even give you a comfortable place to stand when you get out of bed. If you’re looking for the best mats for your house, here are the options worth considering.

Top 5 Padded Floor Mats

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles Mat BalanceFrom
2. Fall Safety Mat Vive
3. Secure Bedside Floor Safety Mat NUVA
4. Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat AmazonBasics
5. Non-Slip Kitchen and Standing Desk Mat Standing Logic

1. EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles Mat by BalanceFrom EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles Mat by BalanceFrom

This puzzle piece-style mat makes for excellent padding on even the hardest floor. The mats are al ¾ inches thick, made of durable EVA foam that will provide a thick cushion to reduce impact. The non-slip surfaces can keep your feet solidly on the floor, and you’ll never have to worry about sliding even when it’s wet. The fact that the mats are double-sided means you can simply flip them over once one side begins to wear out. With 96 square feet of coverage, you’ve got more than enough to protect your bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

  • Excellent floor coverage, simple design
  • Effective for protecting and cushioning from falls
  • Non-slip, double-sided, highly resilient surface
  • May arrive scratched or damaged

2. Fall Safety Mat by Vive Fall Safety Mat by Vive

This bedside floor mat is the perfect option for using in your bedroom. The floor bed mat offers full coverage for the length of your bed, ensuring you will always have a stable, padded surface to stand on when you climb in and out of bed. The high-impact absorption foam will absorb impact of falls or slips, reducing the risk of injuries. The non-slip surface provides traction for your feet, shoes, socks, and slippers. It’s also fully waterproof, made with an antimicrobial lining that will fight off bacteria, and highly durable.

  • Built to last for years of regular use
  • High absorption foam padding is highly effective, comfortable and cushioned
  • Designed for easy access with walkers, wheelchairs, and other mobility aids
  • May be a bit bulky for those with severe mobility issues

3. Secure Bedside Floor Safety Mat by NUVA Secure Bedside Floor Safety Mat by NUVA

This bedside floor safety mat is ideal for those who want something stable and padded for getting in and out of bed. Two feet long and six feet wide, this mat is made of 100% PolyMuscle High-density Polyurethane Foam that is resilient and will bounce back quickly after even heavy use. However, the memory foam will conform to the shape of your feet for maximum comfort and support as you stand. The foam is non-toxic, phthalate-free, and flame retardant, and it’s covered in an antimicrobial lining to reduce odor and bacteria. It’s heavy duty and built for both your bedroom and high-traffic areas of your home.

  • High density foam able to withstand lots of regular use
  • Super comfortable, resilient, and stable
  • Memory foam conforms to your feet shape, yet bounces back quickly after use
  • Rubber strips on the back tend to wear out quickly

4. Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat by AmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat by AmazonBasics

If you plan on working at a standing desk or need something to provide solid footing beside your bed, this is your top pick. The anti-fatigue mat is designed to reduce joint strain throughout a long day of standing, and will give you a comfortable, padded surface to stand on in the kitchen or office. The cushioned top layer conforms to the shape of your feet, and you’ll find it’s both slip and stain-resistant. Best of all, the beveled edges won’t curl up, so there’s far less risk of tripping, and it’s accessible to walkers, canes, wheelchairs, and other mobility aids.

  • Durable, resistant to stains and abrasions
  • Comfortable for a long day of standing
  • Stylish, easy to move, secures in place
  • Smaller than the other mats on our list, pricier than expected

5. Non-Slip Kitchen and Standing Desk Mat by Standing Logic Non-Slip Kitchen and Standing Desk Mat by Standing Logic

Recommended by both chiropractors and doctors, this mat is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to increase the padding of their floors. The ¾ inch thick mats are ergonomic, providing advanced cushioning to reduce joint strain and fatigue after long hours spent standing up. The professional-grade materials makes it highly durable, and you’ll love how it conforms to the shape of your feet when you stand on it. It’s sized for the kitchen and office, but you can easily use it at your bedside to provide a solid, padded surface to stand on. The anti-slip textured surface will help to minimize any risk of sliding or falls.

  • Super durable and resilient foam, won’t curl or sag
  • Easy to clean, waterproof, dust-repellent
  • Eco-friendly--no toxins, formaldehydes, or phthalates
  • Rug grips may be required to keep it in place on hardwood floors


The Many Benefits of Padded Floor Mats

Padded floor mats are a wonderful addition to your home safety devices. You’ll find they can offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Reduced Slip and Fall Injuries

For the elderly, slips and falls are definitely a real concern, and can lead to a lot of injuries—broken hips, dislocated shoulders, bruises, and more. As age and joint problems limit mobility, there is an increased risk of sliding on wet or slippery surfaces like in the kitchen or bathroom. With fall mats, you can ensure solid footing for senior citizens everywhere in the house.

  • Less Joint Strain

If you’re going to stand for more than a few hours at a time, you’ll find that standing can add extra pressure on your joints. Your hips, knees, ankles, and feet can start to ache, which can compound existing joint or skeletal problems. With a padded mat beneath your feet, the strain on your joints will be decreased, making long hours of standing far less painful.

  • Decreased Fatigue

Standing for long hours can drain your energy because your muscles are always working to keep your feet, legs, hips, and spine aligned properly while standing up. Our bodies aren’t designed for too many consecutive hours of rigid posture, which is why we often feel fatigue. Thankfully, an anti-fatigue mat will help to reduce fatigue by providing a comfortable, supportive surface for you to stand on.

Other Solutions for a Healthier Home

If you want to ensure your home is as safe and healthy as possible for your loved ones of all ages, here are a few more solutions besides padded floor mats to consider:

  • Shower or Bath Mat

The bathroom is the #1 location for slipping injuries for senior citizens, but also for children and adults. Using a quality non-slip bath mat will give your entire family solid traction on the your slippery bathtub or shower tiles, drastically reducing the risk of injuries while showering or bathing. If your bathroom or tub is too small for a full-sized mat, you can always use non-slip stickers to enhance traction.

  • Bath Safety Bar

Climbing in and out of the bathtub can be both exhausting and risky for senior citizens with limited mobility. Even with a bath mat on the floor, there is still a real chance of falling when they are trying to lift their legs over the bathtub side. A bath grab bar will give them something solid to hold on to, and it will support their weight as they get in and out of the bath. The risk of injuries drops significantly when you install a grab bar!

  • Bed Safety Rail

A bed rail is another excellent tool to help make the bedroom safer. These safety rails are designed to be easily installed on any bed, and they’ll provide a solid handhold to cling to as your loved one gets in and out of bed. Together with a padded floor mat, it can be an amazing way to make your bedroom safer.

  • Lumbar Brace

If you’re the kind of person who works at a standing desk, there is a very real chance that long hours of standing can lead to lower back fatigue. After all, as you get focused on your work, you may slouch or hunch over, and poor posture can strain your spine. With a back brace, you’ll find working standing up is far less painful, less fatiguing, and less strenuous on your lower back. The brace will add support to your spine and keep you from feeling exhausted.

Safety Matters, so Use a Padded Floor Mat in Your Home

A padded floor mat can make a world of difference for your bedroom safety! Not only will it give you a solid, non-slip surface to stand on, but it can add padding to reduce your risk of injuries should you fall getting out of bed. It’s an inexpensive preventative measure that can prove very useful in the long run. Use our list above to help you find the padded floor mat that serves your needs and protects your bedroom best!

Jessica Hegg
Jessica Hegg

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