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8 Best Pain Patches

by Jessica Hegg April 07, 2018 0 Comments

woman with pain relief patch at her back

Pain patches are a quick and convenient solution for minor aches and pains, packed with medicines or natural painkillers to alleviate your symptoms. Fast-acting and easy to use, pain patches deserve a place in every first aid kit. Read on to discover the best pain relief patches available and the many benefits they can offer.

Top 8 Pain Patches for Quick Relief

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Pain Relieving Patches Salonpas
2. Multi-Purpose Joint Pain Therapy Heat Patch ThermaCare
3. Max Strength Pain Relieving Lidocaine Patch Aspercreme
4. Advanced Relief Pain Relief Patches Icy Hot
5. Pain Terminator Far Infrared Patches Golden Sunshine
6. Drug-Free Pain Relief Patch Heliopatch
7. Roihi-tsuboko Pain Relief Patches Nichiban
8. Case of Pain Relieving Patches Tiger Balm

1. Pain Relieving Patches by Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches by Salonpas

For temporary relief from pain, try these Salonpas pain relieving patches which provide a simple and effective solution. With three active painkilling ingredients and a flexible design, these patches for sore muscles, sprains, and strains are fast acting and comfortable to wear.

  • Can treat arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains
  • Patch is flexible
  • Easy to apply
  • Some users complain of a strong odor

2. Multi-Purpose Joint Pain Therapy Heat Patch by ThermaCare Multi-Purpose Joint Pain Therapy Heat Patch by ThermaCare

The ThermaCare heat patches for pain relief utilize patented heat-cell technology to penetrate deep into damaged tissue. The heat works to increase circulation, relieve tension, and encourage healing. Designed to be discreet, you can apply these flexible, X-shaped patches to almost any area of the body.

  • Thin and flexible design for discretion
  • Deep penetration of heat
  • Effective for up to 8 hours
  • Heat not intense enough to treat larger joints such as the knee

3. Max Strength Pain Relieving Lidocaine Patch by Aspercreme Max Strength Pain Relieving Lidocaine Patch by Aspercreme

The odor-free patch by Aspercreme contains the maximum concentration or Lidocaine allowed without a prescription. It is fast acting, non-irritating, and targets pain receptors for effective results. The pad is breathable, easy to apply, and painless to remove. Use these pain relief patches for back pain, leg pain, and more.

  • Odor-free
  • Maximum strength Lidocaine available without prescription
  • Won’t irritate or burn skin
  • Patches tend to fall off during workouts

4. Advanced Relief Pain Relief Patches by Icy Hot Advanced Relief Pain Relief Patches by Icy Hot

Icy Hot’s Advanced Relief Patches contain 50 percent more medicine than the leading patch. Each one comprises menthol to provide advanced, targeted relief from pain. They are breathable, flexible, easy to apply and remove.

  • 50% more medicine than many other patches
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Suitable for treating most muscle and joint pains
  • Patches don’t always stay put during the night

5. Pain Terminator Far Infrared Patches by Golden Sunshine Pain Terminator Far Infrared Patches by Golden Sunshine

These Golden Sunshine pain patches for arthritis, bursitis, and other pain conditions contain menthol and wintergreen oil for a more natural solution to your discomfort. When activated by body heat, they emit a therapeutic far-infrared frequency to bring the herbal formulation deep into the damaged tissue. For added benefits, allow the cream to absorb into the skin before applying the patch. Each patch is suitable for use in the treatment of chronic and acute pain, and they can be cut into smaller shapes to treat hands, fingers, and feet.

  • Contains natural, herbal painkillers
  • Patches can be cut into smaller sizes
  • Can be used with pain relief cream for greater benefits
  • Not very stretchy so better for flatter areas of the body

6. Drug-Free Pain Relief Patch by Heliopatch Drug-Free Pain Relief Patch by Heliopatch

For a long-lasting, drug-free option, consider the Heliopatch. Each patch can be worn for up to three days to alleviate pain and stiffness. However, the company acknowledges that these patches won’t work for everyone, so they offer a full money-back guarantee to ensure you have nothing to lose by giving them a go.

  • Drug-free
  • Each patch lasts up to 3 days
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Patch should be moved to different pain locations every 60 minutes

7. Roihi-tsuboko Pain Relief Patches by Nichiban Roihi-tsuboko Pain Relief Patches by Nichiban

A bestselling Japanese pain relief patch, the Roihi-tsuboko patches are small and round. They contain warming nonylic acid amide to boost blood flow in the body, alleviate stiffness and pain, and encourage healing. Both effective and long-lasting, these patches are perfect for treating smaller areas of pain, but they can offer significant relief to larger areas of the body too.

  • Effective
  • Long-lasting relief
  • Comfortable and easy to apply
  • Patches are very small and round so must be moved regularly to treat large areas of pain

8. Case of Pain Relieving Patches by Tiger Balm Case of Pain Relieving Patches by Tiger Balm

The popular Tiger Balm also comes in a patch! Offering a less-messy and stain-free alternative to the traditional balm, these patches have minimal odor and offer relief from minor pain for several hours. Each ventilated hydrogel patch contours to your body for comfort and discretion. A larger sized patch is available to treat the back.

  • Painless to remove
  • Great for muscle and joint aches
  • Minimal odor
  • It would be helpful if the patches came in smaller sizes or could be cut down


Benefits of Pain Patches

Although many people reach for pain medications to alleviate aches and spasms, pain relief patches are worth considering as an alternative. Some of their benefits include:

  • Quick, Long-Lasting Relief

Patches that are placed on the skin transmit drug-based or natural painkillers transdermally, or through the skin. This bypasses the digestive system and goes straight into the bloodstream, meaning you’ll experience results much quicker than if you took a pill.

Additionally, results can often last longer than with pills, with most pain patches providing relief for up to eight hours, and some remaining effective for three days. On the downside, the pain relief offered by these products is usually not as strong as that provided by drugs that are taken orally.

  • Less Digestive Distress

Because the medications don’t enter your stomach, you’re unlikely to experience the stomach aches that can be caused by oral painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Overall, pain patches cause far fewer side effects than oral medications.

  • Easy to Apply

Simply peel and stick the patch to your skin and wait for relief to sink in. No messing around with greasy creams (which need to be reapplied regularly) or worrying about pill doses.

Other Methods of Pain Relief

Pain patches are just one of the alternatives to pain relief medications. Here are a few others:

  • Ice

Using ice therapeutically is known as cryotherapy. This is a very effective solution to acute or chronic pain that works by narrowing the blood vessels. Ice causes the muscles to contract and inflammation to subside. If you want to use ice to treat your pain, you should check out the best ice packs here.

Note that ice should not be used for muscle tension or spasms.

  • Heat

Heat therapy does the opposite to ice­—it boosts blood flow by widening the blood vessels. This reduces pain and cramping while also bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissue. Heat should not be used within the first 72 hours following injury, or on swollen tissue.

Some people enjoy the most significant pain relief by alternating hot and cold therapy.

  • Muscle Creams

Much like pain patches, muscle creams enter the bloodstream to quickly relieve aches and pains. Although a messier alternative to pain patches, many people prefer creams because they can control the amount they apply, and the creams tend to be more cost-effective.

Discover the best muscle pain relief creams here.

  • Massage

Those with persistent stiffness or muscle knots can experience significant symptom relief from regular massages. Enjoy a professional massage or invest in some equipment for an at-home treatment. We recommend massage balls for back pain or massage rollers for total body relief.

  • Stretches

One of the most common causes of chronic back pain is stiff and tight muscles, usually caused by poor posture or old injuries. Loosen up your muscles with a regular stretching and strengthening routine. For an extra-effective stretch, use resistance bands.

    Relieve Pain with the Right Support

      To prevent the onset of pain, or to encourage a speedier recovery from existing injury, support your body. There are many devices out there to help you do just that, including:

      • Braces

      Providing high-level support to specific areas of the body, braces are a must-have for anyone recovering from an injury or dealing with chronic pain. The type of brace you choose will depend on the area of the body you are treating. For example, you may wish to invest in a brace for lower back pain, or a hinged brace for your knee.

      • Insoles

      Flat or fallen arches can make life miserable, as can pain in the heels or forefoot. To prevent foot pain, consider shoe inserts. This list of insoles was compiled specifically for people who stand all day long.

      • Compression Sleeves

      If you don’t need the levels of support (and restriction) provided by a brace, yet still want to stabilize the muscles and ligaments in your legs, try a compression sleeve. They alleviate pain and inflammation, prevent injury, and speed up recovery.

      Enjoy Quick and Convenient Relief with the Best Pain Patch

      Nobody should have to put up with pain. But before you reach for a packet of pain medication, consider the alternatives—including the many great patches we’ve listed above. For best results, combine pain patches with heat, ice, and massage to treat your symptoms, while also supporting weak body parts with a brace or compression sleeve.

      Jessica Hegg
      Jessica Hegg

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