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6 Best Phone Speaker Amplifiers for Hearing Loss

by Jessica Hegg September 11, 2018 0 Comments

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When your hearing isn’t as crystal clear as it used to be, it can be very frustrating to miss a phone call from somebody simply because you didn’t hear the phone ringing. If you’re always trying to catch up to missed calls, phone speaker amplifiers for hearing loss may just be what you need. These increase the volume of your phone’s ringer, and sometimes come with a visual aid to really get your attention. Here’s our best choices of phone amplifiers out there.

Top 6 Phone Speaker Amplifiers for Hearing Loss

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Amplified Ringer with Strobe CompuTTY
2. Telephone Ringer Amplifier Gino
3. Telephone Ring Signaler ClearSounds
4. Telephone Ringer Amplifier Connected Essentials
5. Telephone Ringer With Visual Indicator Future Call
6. Telephone Ringer Amplifier AKOAK

1. Amplified Ringer with Strobe by CompuTTY Amplified Ringer with Strobe by CompuTTY

This phone speaker amplifier for hearing loss by CompuTTY is a perfect mix of both audio and visual cues to ensure you never miss a call again. Not only does the ringer reach 120dB in volume, but the strobe lighting catches the eye of anyone in the vicinity. If you can’t hear a specific range of tones, this amplifier can be toggled between high, medium, and low tones to better hit your hearing. The ringer can also fit 3 AA batteries as a backup power source, so you never miss a call.

  • Perfect for loud environments
  • Easy to install, plugs into existing phone line
  • Strobe light very effective at catching attention
  • Batteries not included for backup option

2. Telephone Ringer Amplifier by Gino Telephone Ringer Amplifier by Gino

This phone speaker amplifier by Gino doesn’t require any batteries to run whatsoever, powered entirely off of the line’s charge. Installation is very simple--simply take two minutes to plug each cable into the sockets and you’re ready to go. It rings at a good 75 dB which is bound to attract the attention of someone who’s hard of hearing, even if they’re in another room entirely. The ring is very high-pitched, which makes this a great choice for people who struggle to hear the soft, low tones that modern phones tend to use.

  • Great price
  • Lightweight and portable for travel usage
  • Can be placed as multiples around parts of the home to ensure it’s heard
  • Doesn’t come with additional wires--you have to supply your own

3. Telephone Ring Signaler by ClearSounds Telephone Ring Signaler by ClearSounds

If you don’t like the idea of a phone speaker amplifier that you can’t customize to suit you, try this one by ClearSounds. While amplifiers tend to have preset features that can’t be changed, this one allows for customization over a lot of the elements. You can change the volume, the tone of the ring, and toggle the ringer and light on and off to suit your tastes. At its highest level, the ringer has a volume of 95 dB to ensure everyone hears it. It even comes with ports for a vibration pad so you never miss a call.

  • Volume adjustment allows for louder ringing without disturbing the neighbors
  • Vibration pad is effective for heavy sleepers with earplugs on
  • Perfect for people who don’t or can’t wear hearing aids
  • Requires an electrical socket to power it

4. Telephone Ringer Amplifier by Connected Essentials Telephone Ringer Amplifier by Connected Essentials

Connected Essentials’ phone speaker amplifier for hearing loss sufferers is a compact solution for people who can’t hear when the phone is ringing. Its small size and shape allows it to be placed in strategic locations to ensure the 95 dB ringer and flashing light attracts the attention of the intended user. If 95 dB is too loud, the amplifier has a low volume setting to keep things quieter. It doesn’t require any additional cords to be installed or used--simply install it within your existing landline system and you’re ready to go!

  • Easy to install
  • Sound travels well throughout the house, catching attention no matter what room you’re in
  • Affordable price
  • Light could be a little brighter

5. Telephone Ringer With Visual Indicator by Future Call Telephone Ringer With Visual Indicator by Future Call

This amplifier by Future Call is a great and inexpensive option for people who want to tailor the ringer to suit them. It has three ringer tones that can be toggled to match the tone range of the person hearing it. The ringer also has a high, low, and off setting, which is very useful when placed in an environment which has loud and quiet moments. The ringer has a flashing red LED on the base which visually alerts people of a call even if the ringer is turned off.

  • Can be mounted on a wall for better visibility
  • No batteries needed to run
  • Red flashing light is bright and catches attention well
  • Some find that it’s not quite loud enough

6. Telephone Ringer Amplifier by AKOAK Telephone Ringer Amplifier by AKOAK

If you want phone speaker amplifiers for hearing loss without breaking the bank, try this one by AKOAK. With its great price, you can easily fit out a home with these devices without having to spend too much money. Its small size and lightweight body also makes it a great accessory to take with you as you travel, so you can have a loud 75 dB ringtone no matter which landline you end up using.

  • High-pitched and cuts through background sound well
  • Easy to install
  • Requires no external power to operate
  • No included cords


Gadgets Around the Home

Technology does wonders for helping the elderly stay healthy in the home. While phone speakers do ensure you’ll never miss a call again, there are plenty of ways you can use gadgets to ensure you’re on top of your health. Here’s a few examples.

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure is known as the ‘silent killer’, simply because it has little to no symptoms until it’s too late. Fortunately, it’s not too hard to monitor blood pressure using specialist equipment, so you can ensure you’re in the clear. You don’t even need to visit a doctor for a checkup--just pick up a blood pressure monitor for home use and you can do it by yourself.

  • Digital Scales

Scales have come a long way from their older, mechanical ancestors! These days, scales have been updated to use a digital display with a backlit screen so you can clearly and accurately read your weight. The shift to the digital world has other benefits too--some scales can measure body fat and bone density, and can calculate your BMI for a quick health report.

Read our choices of the best scales for body fat and make measuring your weight easier.

  • No-Touch Thermometers

Even thermometers have seen an improvement over the glass mercury-based versions. These days, you don't even need to touch the patient to get a reading! No-touch thermometers work by using infrared technology to detect skin heat without needing to make contact with the skin. This makes them the most hygienic choice.

Other Means of Assistive Equipment

If you find particular areas of your life a struggle, there’s usually medical equipment available to give you a helping hand. If you’re struggling with more than just hearing loss, it’s worth taking a look to see if you can make your life easier to life. Here’s some inspiration.

  • Grab Bars

If you’ve ever had a spill in the bathroom, or simply came close to falling over, you’ll know the dangers of slippery floors and bathtubs. Grab bars are a great way of providing extra security. Simply mount them on a wall and use them to stabilize yourself as you climb in and out of the bath. Some grab bars don’t even need to be drilled into the wall, instead using suction cups to stay on.

Try our picks of the best suction grab bars for a more wall-friendly solution.

  • Eating Equipment

If you find it harder to eat your meals, you don’t have to suffer alone. There’s equipment available designed to alleviate the frustrations some people have when eating. Regardless of if you have arthritis or Parkinson’s Disease, there’s something designed to counterbalance the obstacles you face.

Take a look at our top picks of adaptive eating equipment and make life that little bit easier.

  • Walking Sticks

The humble walking stick has withstood the test of time for being a convenient and easy-to-use way for people to maintain balance while walking. These days, there’s a lot of customization that can be done with a walking stick, from the handle style to the way the foot is formed. There are even walking sticks that telescope or fold up for an easier time traveling.

Find the Best Phone Speaker Amplifiers for Hearing Loss

If your friends and loved ones are getting increasingly annoyed at you for not picking up the phone, there’s no need to worry! With a phone speaker amplifier for hearing loss installed, you can ensure you’ll never miss a call again, even if you’re in a totally different room. With so many available that are easy to install, it’s simple to pick out the one that suits you best and get it plugged in within minutes.


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