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4 Best Pivot Discs

by Jessica Hegg September 15, 2018 0 Comments

Girl is nursing elderly woman at home

A pivot disc is one of the most useful transfer devices for elderly patients you can own! It’s a super handy tool that allows you to help the patient stand, rotate them without their having to move, then sit down—all in one smooth motion. Whether to or from a bed, wheelchair, or armchair, a transfer disc takes the strain off you and makes the task so much easier. Check out our list of the best pivot discs you can use.

Top 4 Pivot Discs

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. 15" Transfer Disc Drive Medical
2. 13” Transfer Pivot Disc with Handle BodyHealt
3. 18" Safety Sure Pivot Disc MTS Medical Supply
4. 12" Diameter Weight Transfer Device Sammons Preston

1. 15" Transfer Disc by Drive Medical 15" Transfer Disc by Drive Medical

This pivot disc is designed to make the transferring of your patient or loved one as easy as possible. Its fifteen-inch width gives you plenty of surface to stand comfortably, and both the top and bottom are coated with non-stick material that will provide plenty of traction. The pivoting action on this disc is very smooth, and it will do wonders to reduce the physical effort of moving between seats.

  • Very safe, excellent traction on the top and bottom surfaces
  • Good platform width, solid footing
  • A great product at a great price
  • Doesn’t work as well on carpeted floors

2. 13” Transfer Pivot Disc with Handle by BodyHealth 13” Transfer Pivot Disc with Handle by BodyHealt

If your patient is having trouble pivoting, this disc does the work for them. At thirteen inches wide, it’s small enough to fit into a large wheelchair pouch or carrying bag, which means you can haul it around with you wherever you go. The handle will make it easy to move the pivot disc around to get it in the right place, and the disc is designed to turn slowly enough that your patient will be safe. There are even safety brakes built in to stop the disc from spinning too quickly, and the plates are built from a durable, high-quality polymer that will last for many years to come.

  • Durable, well-designed, and long-lasting
  • Safe turning speed, smooth motion
  • Anti-slip coating, very secure platform to stand on
  • Requires an able-bodied person to pivot

3. 18" Safety Sure Pivot Disc by MTS Medical Supply 18" Safety Sure Pivot Disc by MTS Medical Supply

This extra-large disc is perfect for anyone who wants a larger surface to stand on, and a smoother turning action. Both the top and bottom surfaces of the pivot disc are coated with non-slip material that will keep socks, shoes, and bare feet firmly in place. The built-in carry handle makes it easy to move the pivot disc around and set it in the right place. With its three high quality polymer plates, you know you’ve got a disc built to last.

  • Super easy to transfer patients, no strain for your back
  • Good size, works well on hardwood and carpeted floors
  • Very simple to use once you get the hang of it
  • There’s a specific “trick” to turning the disc: place your foot in the middle, with your patient’s feet outside of yours

4. 12" Diameter Weight Transfer Device by Sammons Preston 12" Diameter Weight Transfer Device by Sammons Preston

Though this disc is only twelve inches wide, it’s more than big enough for the average patient. The small size of the disc makes it easier to fit into a wheelchair pouch or carry bag, and the 330-pound weight limit ensures you can work with just about any patient without worrying about their being too heavy. The base and turntable are both coated with a grooved non-slip material that will provide maximum traction with the lowest risk of slipping.

  • Designed to require minimal or no resistance from caretaker or assistant
  • Sized for smaller shoes
  • Doesn’t spin too fast, so it’s safe for elderly patients 
  • Action could be smoother, requires a bit of effort to pivot


How to Use a Pivot Disc

A pivot disc is one of the most useful assistive devices for elderly adults and patients with limited mobility. Not only will they help to take the strain off your back as you transfer the patient to their chair, bench, or bed, but it can help the patient to increase mobility.

Here’s what you need to do to use the pivot disc right:

Step 1: Secure the transfer belt around the patient’s waist. A transfer belt (also known as a gait belt) will give you something firm to grab onto that isn’t the patient’s clothing or body. Make sure it’s secured around their waist before you try to move them.

Step 2: Place the pivot disc under the patient’s feet. That way, when they stand up, they won’t have to move to position themselves onto the disc.

Step 3: Place the seat or wheelchair in the right position. You’re just going to be pivoting the patient, so you want the wheelchair or seat as close to the pivot disc as possible so you can simply spin and help them sit.

Step 4: Grip the transfer belt to help the patient stand. You’ll do most of the lifting if the patient has limited mobility, so brace yourself and use your legs to help you get the patient into a standing position.

Step 5: Twist and sit. The patient will be supporting their weight on the pivot disc, so all you have to do now is twist the patient around on the disc. This will turn them without their having to move, and you simply turn until they’re in the position to sit. Lower them gently into their chair or wheelchair, and you’re ready to move!

Pivot discs really do make the process a whole lot easier, and they can take a lot of strain off your back and joints as you help your patient move from one seat to another.

Other Transfer Devices for the Elderly to Consider Owning

If you live with and are caring for someone with mobility issues, here are a few more handy transfer devices you may want to consider.

  • Shower Transfer Bench

A shower transfer bench is perfect to help your patient shower safely and comfortably. They can sit on the bench to take a shower, or you can use the transfer bench to help them slide into the bathtub easily. Some even come with baskets or organizers that can hold all the toiletries needed for a shower!

  • Transfer Belt with Handles

A transfer belt makes it easy for you to lift your patient and transfer them from chair to couch to seat and back. If the belt has handles, it will be even better for moving them with as little effort on your part and as little discomfort on their part as possible.

  • Stand Alone Toilet Rail

A stand alone toilet rail is essentially a rail that you install beside the toilet, and that your patient uses to help them stand or sit on their own. It’s excellent for those with limited mobility but who want to still use the bathroom as independently as possible.

  • Bed Rail

A bed rail gives your patient or loved one something to hold onto as they sit up, lie down, or stand. Not only does the rail make it easier for them to switch positions or climb to their feet, but it can reduce the risk of falls or slips as they’re standing up.

Check out our list of the top-rated bed rails for adults in this post…

Use a Pivot Disc to Make Your Life a Whole Lot Easier!

Caring for someone with limited mobility can be challenging, but thankfully there are many assistive devices that can make the job easier. A pivot disc is a very useful tool that can help you to move your patient from seat to seat with as little effort as possible, and it will streamline the moving process for the both of you. Use our list above to help you find the pivot disc that works best for you!

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