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6 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators

by Jessica Hegg October 03, 2018 0 Comments

Oxygen Concentrator

The best portable oxygen concentrator can allow you to go nearly anywhere and still enjoy oxygen therapy. When living with a respiratory ailment, the best portable oxygen concentrator helps deliver the oxygen you need to breathe easier. In addition to committing to various lifestyle decisions to improve your lung health and oxygenation of your circulatory system, the best portable oxygen concentrator is an indispensable health aid. Check out this list for your oxygen therapy needs!

Top 6 Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Portable Oxygen Concentrator Vogvigo
2. Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator Invacare
3. XPO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Invacare
4. Portable Concentrator AirSep Focus
5. Simply Go Portable Concentrator Respironics
6. iGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator DeVilbiss

1. Portable Oxygen Concentrator by Vogvigo Portable Oxygen Concentrator by Vogvigo

This portable oxygen concentrator is powerful enough to support the needs of two people. You can choose between multiple levels of continuous oxygen delivery, and since it operates with a noise level of only 45 decibels it won’t cause a disturbance. Perfect for use at home, traveling in the car, or when on holiday, this oxygen concentrator utilizes a negative ion function for your benefit. There is no need to stress about power usage, as this device has a power saving mode, and offers a timer.

  • Negative ion function provides additional filtering for oxygen
  • Includes power saving mode
  • Control settings with touchable screen or remote control
  • System lacks an internal battery

2. Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator by Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator by Invacare

This device provides you with multiple flow levels for optimal oxygen delivery, so whether you live with a chronic or acute respiratory condition, you can breathe easier. The internal battery powers this oxygen concentrator for up to five hours, and it can be charged readily at the nearest outlet or using the included car charger. Relatively lightweight to carry, this concentrator comes with a handy bag for carrying your oxygen on the go.

  • Delivers pulses of oxygen
  • Lightweight model weighs a mere 4.98 pounds
  • Battery has run time of up to 5 hours
  • Battery power is best for shorter trips out

3. XPO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator by Invacare

You won’t feel weighed down while on the go using this portable oxygen concentrator, whether you use a single battery or a secondary battery to keep your device powered. Each battery provides you with 2.5 hours of power, so with two batteries you can use your machine up to five hours of run time. A shoulder strap provides ample support, and keeps you looking stylish while out and about.

  • Device maintains a lighter weight of 6 lbs even with included battery
  • Quiet operation does not disturb anyone nearby
  • Includes a cannula and bag with shoulder strap for carrying device
  • Unit may emit some vibrations during operation

4. Portable Concentrator by AirSep Focus Portable Concentrator by AirSep Focus

Powered by microbatteries, this portable concentrator may be the lightest weight unit available on the market. Despite its small size, this device is still powerful and durable. Charging time takes about four hours for both batteries, but you get power for up to three hours. FAA approved, you’ll have no problem taking this model by AirSep Focus on your plane when traveling.

  • Small and lightweight weighing under 2 pounds
  • Lasts up to 3 hours between battery charges
  • Offers pulse doses of oxygen
  • Due to smaller size there is no backup capacity in case you need more oxygen

5. Simply Go Portable Concentrator by Respironics Simply Go Portable Concentrator by Respironics

Respironics is a trusted name for many types of oxygen products, and they maintain their excellence with this portable oxygen concentrator that provides both pulse and continuous oxygen delivery. The included sleep mode increases the amount of oxygen delivered while you sleep at night, and an alarm alerts you know if there is low oxygen, high breath rate, or a problem with the battery.

  • Offers pulse dose and continuous oxygen flow
  • Weighs 10 pounds and comes with accessory bag and carry cart
  • Battery life is 3 hours
  • Batteries are sold separately

6. iGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator by DeVilbiss iGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator by DeVilbiss

Although this portable oxygen concentrator is on the heavier side, the iGo model utilizes a unique technology which helps extend the battery life, and this device charges quickly. You can focus more on being mobile and independent, as the included rolling carry case allows for quick access to the filters and power supply. The controls are easy to understand and audio alerts will inform you of any pertinent information regarding oxygen levels, low battery, or a malfunction.

  • Offers pulse dose and continuous oxygen flow
  • Provides 4.7 hours of battery life
  • Operates on rechargeable battery, AC and DC power
  • This unit weigh 20 lbs.


How Oxygen Therapy Improves Your Health

If you live with COPD, have lowered lung function and oxygen capacity, or have some type of respiratory condition which could benefit from oxygen therapy, you will want the best portable oxygen concentrator.

  • When living with a respiratory illness a concentrator purifies and delivers oxygen
  • A portable device allows you the freedom to be mobile without reducing oxygen therapy
  • Oxygen therapy is used to ensure the blood, heart, and brain get enough oxygen

One of the best ways to make the most of your oxygen supply is to improve your cardiovascular health. Try ankle weights to boose your next heart workout!

Traveling with the Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Feel free to choose health aids that are beneficial when traveling to enhance blood circulation and ensure your personal comfort.

  • Compression Socks

When you are traveling by air or are riding in a car or train, you will want to wear compression socks made for travel. High altitudes, sitting in the same place for extended times, and fatigue can take a toll on your body and circulation. Compression socks help improve blood circulation and reduce stress.

  • Pill Organizer

Making sure you ave any needed medication while traveling is a must-have to protect your health, and allow you to focus on enjoying your holiday. You will want to have the best pill organizer to ensure your prescription medication is safe and available at short notice.

  • Lumbar Support Cushion

When blood circulation and oxygen levels are low, it may be more difficult to get comfortable when in a seated position or reclining for long periods. Using a lumbar support cushion helps improve posture, reduces stress on pressure points, and is a welcome health aid to have while traveling.

  • Walking Cane

In order to save space in your luggage while traveling and make sure that you are comfortable while walking, the best telescoping cane is adjustable to varying heights. If you are going to be on your feet for a while, a quality cane provides welcome support.

  • Magnesium Supplements

When you need oxygen therapy it is vital to improve the health and strength of your lungs to increase your oxygen intake to the fullest. In addition to utilizing an oxygen concentrator, taking magnesium supplements  helps improve lung function.

Ways to Improve Oxygen Intake

There are some simple steps you can take to help strengthen your lungs, increase your oxygen intake, and enhance your overall health. In addition to using the best portable oxygen concentrator to help you breathe with less struggle, choose to engage in the following activities for your health.

  • Practice specific exercises to improve oxygen intake by the lungs
  • Maintain good air quality at home or work  with a portable air purifier
  • Eat a diet rich in antioxidants to promote a healthier immune system and increase oxygenation

Breathe with Confidence with the Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator

When you are having difficulties breathing, or you live with an acute or chronic respiratory condition, a portable oxygen concentrator may be the most beneficial health aid you can use. Most devices come with a convenient carry case or shoulder bag to make toting your oxygen concentrator around easier, and the rechargeable batteries used provide extensive hours of use.


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