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9 Best Portable Urinals for the Car

by Jessica Hegg June 15, 2018 0 Comments

Tense woman stuck in the traffic

Whether you are on a road trip or simply stuck in traffic, a portable urinal for the car can mean the difference between a comfortable journey or a bursting bladder. They are also a great aid for individuals with mobility disorders who have trouble reaching the bathroom. Check out our roundup of the best portable urinals, and stay ahead of the game during car trips.

Top 9 Portable Urinal for the Car

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Female Urination Device Go Girl
2. Disposable Urinal Travel John
3. Reusable Portable Male Urinal Advantage Urinal Systems
4. Male Urinal McKesson
5. Portable Urinal 1st Defense Industries
6. Female Urination Device Meeeno
7. Medical Grade Male Urinal Bag Cleanis
8. Portable Urinal Travel Toilet Piddle Pail
9. Female Urinal Medical Action Industries

1. Female Urination Device by Go Girl Female Urination Device by Go Girl

Made in the USA, this bestselling portable urinal for the car is crafted from durable medical-grade silicone. Discreet and hygienic, it lets you urinate standing up or into a container. Simply hold the device against your body to form a tight seal and you are ready to go. This urinal can be washed and reused or disposed of after use.

  • Durable—made from medical-grade silicone
  • Highly portable—fits in your pocket or purse
  • Made in the USA
  • It can overflow

2. Disposable Urinal by Travel John Disposable Urinal by Travel John

This set of six unisex urine bags for travel is ideal for road trips. The biodegradable non-woven fabric bags contain a polymer material that immobilizes bacterial growth and turns liquid into odorless gel. The unisex adapter makes this product easy for anyone to use, and the spill guard prevents back flow.

  • Unisex adapter—easy for anyone to use
  • Biodegradable and nontoxic
  • Spill guard prevents back flow
  • Holds a limited amount of liquid

3. Reusable Portable Male Urinal by Advantage Urinal Systems Reusable Portable Male Urinal by Advantage Urinal Systems

This reusable urine bag for travel features a comfortable padded rim for a better seal. Once you are finished, the liquid drains from the plastic urinal through a tube into the attached two-liter collection bag. An in-built anti-reflux valve reduces the risk of spills and odors, and eliminates the need for a lid.

  • 2-liter collection bag
  • Anti-reflux valve
  • Comfortable padded rim
  • Some users have complained that the valve can leak

4. Male Urinal by McKesson Male Urinal by McKesson

Specifically designed for men, this pack includes six disposable pee cups for traveling. The angled neck helps to keep the bottle in place and the wide base improves stability. Each urinal holds 32 ounces of liquid, and features a handle that will not fill up with liquid during use. The bottles are translucent so the level of liquid is visible at all times, and feature a cover to eliminate the risk of spills after use.

  • Specifically designed for men
  • Great value—pack of 6
  • Holds 32 oz of content
  • Sharp edges

5. Portable Urinal by 1st Defense Industries Portable Urinal by 1st Defense Industries

This on-the-go urinal for men is a great option when a restroom is not available. Made from unbreakable plastic, this discreet device features a snug spill-proof lid that traps odors, an easy-grip handle, and a flat bottom to keep it stable on most surfaces. Plus, it comes in a wide range of colors.

  • Comes in a range of colors
  • Spill-proof lid
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Threaded cap is not reliable

6. Female Urination Device by Meeeno Female Urination Device by Meeeno

Designed to make it easy for women to go to the toilet while traveling, this pack of four or eight disposable or reusable urinals is antibacterial and hydrophobic. Each device is made from foldable and flexible silicone—simply flick it dry after use and place it back in the handy carry case.

  • Antibacterial and hydrophobic
  • Regains its shape after being folded
  • Comes with a sanitary carry case
  • Some have complained that the funnel is too small

7. Medical Grade Male Urinal Bag by Cleanis Medical Grade Male Urinal Bag by Cleanis

Sick of cleaning traditional portable urinals? This set of twenty leak-resistant urine bags for traveling contain super-absorbent pads that can convert up to sixteen ounces of liquid into gel in seconds. Once sealed, the urinals trap unpleasant odors—simply pull on the in-built strings until the bag is closed and discard.

  • Accelerated degradation speed
  • Traps unpleasant odors
  • Leak-resistant
  • Does not hold as much liquid as some other urine bags

8. Portable Urinal Travel Toilet by Piddle Pail Portable Urinal Travel Toilet by Piddle Pail

This versatile urinal for car can be used by men, women, and children. Discreet and sanitary, the black container with a handle can hold up to 36 ounces of liquid—much more that many other urinals. Plus, it features a stable base and an extra-wide opening to prevent leaks.

  • Versatile and convenient
  • Holds up to 36 oz of liquid
  • Versatile—can be used by men, women, and children
  • Some women have found it difficult to use

9. Female Urinal by Medical Action Industries Female Urinal by Medical Action Industries

Designed specifically with women in mind, this portable urinal for car is ideal for long road journeys or camping trips. Made from shatter-resistant molded plastic, it is durable and does not leak. It hold 32 ounces of liquid, and features a contoured handle for easy positioning against the body.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ideal for long road trips
  • Made from shutter-resistant plastic
  • Plastic opening can be too rigid for some

Other Products for the Car

Keeping a pee cup for traveling in your glove compartment is a great way to make any car journey more pleasant. Here are some other products for the car to ensure both comfort and safety.

  • Seat Cushions

An uncomfortable car seat can cause back, leg, and neck pain. Designed to minimize discomfort while driving, seat cushions distribute weight to reduce pressure on the spine and tailbone.

Learn more about seat cushions for car use here.

  • Lumbar Supports

Lumbar cushions are attached to the back of the car seat to relieve pressure on the lower back and promote good posture. Most lumbar supports are made from memory foam to conform to the shape of your back, however, select an inflatable back cushion if portability is high on your list of priorities.

  • Swivel Seats

Ideal for preventing unhealthy twisting movements when getting in and out of the car, swivel seats spin to help you change position with ease. Most quality swivel seats feature a non-skid base and a removable cover for easy laundering.

Click here to read more about swivel seats for car use.

Tips for Dealing with Incontinence

Bladder problems are more common than you think, and can affect both the young and the older. Here are a couple of tips to help you get on top of incontinence.

  • Incontinence Pads for Bed

Placing an incontinence pad for bed on top of your mattress can mean the difference between a terrible night’s sleep or a restful night and a stress-free morning. Select a heavy-duty washable pad or a set of disposable pads, depending on you requirements.

  • Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors are another great way to protect your bed from stains and marks. They can also protect you against dust mites and bed bugs, as well as other allergens. Place one on your bed for additional comfort and peace of mind.

Find the best mattress protectors here.

Click here to check out more incontinence products.
pee cup for traveling, urine bags for travel

Find the Best Portable Urinal for Car

Trying to find a suitable place to go to the toilet when on the road can be a nightmare. Not only are many restrooms dirty, but they are often not around when you need them the most. Luckily, portable urinals for car let you relieve yourself on-the-go. Whether disposable or reusable, urine bags for travel are discreet, sanitary and easy to use. Take a look at our list of the best pee cups for traveling to take with you on your next journey.

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