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10 Best Shampoo Basins

by Jessica Hegg April 01, 2018 0 Comments

A senior woman having her hair shampooed

A bed shampoo basin can be very useful for those who can't get out of bed to shower! Not only are they convenient to use for a quick hair wash, but they reduce mess and protect bedding. You'll find it's much easier to keep your loved one clean when you use a shampoo basin for the bedridden. Check out our list of products below to help you find one that makes your life easier.

Top 10 Shampoo Basins

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Portable Basin Shampoo Sink with Drain Saloniture
2. Shampoo Hair Washing Tray EZ-ACCESS
3. Deluxe Portable Shampoo Basin DMI
4. Adjustable Salon Shampoo Sink Nova Microdermabrasion
5. Quick and Easy Shampoo Basin Maddak Inc.
6. Hair Shampoo and Rinse Tray Jobar
7. EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray Home Care
8. HB-3000 Foldable Inflatable Portable Basin ObboMed
9. Easy Use Hairwash Tray Hair Washing Tray
10. Inflatable Shampoo Ring Lumex

1. Portable Basin Shampoo Sink with Drain by Saloniture Portable Basin Shampoo Sink with Drain by Saloniture

This sink is designed to be ultra-portable, with five wheels that allow you to move it around easily. The large-capacity basin can hold a lot of water, and there's even a built-in drain and hose to allow you to drain the water out of the sink straight into a sink or toilet. The height is fully adjustable, and you'll love how it tilts to accommodate someone in a chair, wheelchair, or even in bed.

  • The most versatile option on our list
  • Large-capacity, user-friendly basin sink
  • Makes washing your loved one's hair a breeze
  • M ay be too small for people with large necks

2. Shampoo Hair Washing Tray by EZ-ACCESS Shampoo Hair Washing Tray by EZ-ACCESS

This simple plastic hair washing tray is designed to be used right over any sink or tap, and it will allow you to wash your loved one's hair without their needing to stand up. It's contoured to fit not only the edge of most sinks, but also on the back of most chairs. The raised edge will prevent spillage, making it easy to avoid messes while washing hair.

  • Great design, very effective for quick hair washing
  • No mess, easy clean-up
  • Durable and reliable
  • Doesn't hold much water, only useful over sinks

3. Deluxe Portable Shampoo Basin by DMI Deluxe Portable Shampoo Basin by DMI

This portable basin is designed with your loved one's comfort in mind, which is why it comes with a built-in pillow to cradle their neck and head while you wash their hair. The basin is easy to inflate and deflate, and you'll love how easy it is to keep the heavy-duty vinyl clean—just rinse it off in the sink, shower, or under any faucet to get rid of soap.

  • Extra-deep design reduces splashes
  • Large water capacity
  • Very comfortable for long washes
  • Run-off tube gets kinked pretty easily

4. Adjustable Salon Shampoo Sink by Nova Microdermabrasion Adjustable Salon Shampoo Sink by Nova Microdermabrasion

This shampoo sink and basin is amazing for anyone who wants to get a salon-quality wash from the comfort of their bed. It rests on a wheeled pedestal that is easy to move and adjust. The drain hose allows you to empty the basin right into the sink or toilet, and the drain plug will ensure you have all the water you need for a proper wash.

  • Durable basin with stainless steel support pipe
  • Portable, very user-friendly
  • Adjustable height and tilt
  • Drain hose prone to leaking

5. Quick and Easy Shampoo Basin by Maddak Inc. Quick and Easy Shampoo Basin by Maddak Inc.

This inflatable shampoo basin is designed specifically for bedridden patients, as it provides a place for you to wash hair without splashing water. The high-walled design will keep the water contained, and the basin will provide a gentle cushion for your loved one's neck. It's designed for quick inflation and deflation, so you can get washing and clean up in no time.

  • Store anywhere in your home
  • Easy to clean, long-lasting 
  • Takes a long time to drain

6. Hair Shampoo and Rinse Tray by Jobar Hair Shampoo and Rinse Tray by Jobar

Made from durable plastic, this shampoo and rinse tray makes washing your loved one's hair a breeze. You can simply set this up on the back of their chair right against the sink, and you'll be able to wash their hair without having to move them from their comfortable position. The surface is easy to clean, and you'll have no problem finding an out of the way place to store the tray when not in use.

  • Makes cleaning simple—just rinse and wipe dry
  • Large-sized tray great for longer hair
  • Compatible with most sinks and wheelchairs
  • Neck section may be too small for larger adults

7. EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray by Home Care EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray by Home Care

This hair washing tray is designed for use over any bathroom or kitchen sink, and its raised edges will prevent splashing and dripping. The contours fit beautifully with the sink and your loved one's neck, allowing you to shampoo and wash their hair without their having to stand from their chair or wheelchair.

  • Durable, lightweight plastic
  • Comfortable to use in any wheelchair or chair
  • Makes hair washing incredibly easy
  • Requires towel or plastic wrap to keep water from dripping down your back

8. HB-3000 Foldable Inflatable Portable Basin by ObboMed HB-3000 Foldable Inflatable Portable Basin by ObboMed

This inflatable shampoo basin is an excellent choice if you need something quick and easy for a hair wash. It's designed for anyone bedridden, and it will provide support for the neck and head while keeping all the water trapped inside the basin as you wash their hair. The high walls and double-tube design prevents splashing and ensures their bed stays as dry and clean as possible.

  • Super easy to inflate, comfortable
  • Includes tube to drain after use
  • Compact and easy to fold and store
  • Takes a lot of effort to inflate--best to use a pump

9. Easy Use Hairwash Tray by Hair Washing Tray Easy Use Hairwash Tray by Hair Washing Tray

This plastic hair washing tray is designed for easy use. Not only is it lightweight and contoured for a comfortable fit, but there's even a nylon strap you can wrap around your forearm to keep the tray stable as you wash. The raised edges will keep the water flowing into the sink and not onto the floor. Best of all, the plastic is incredibly easy to clean with a simple rag or cloth.

  • Durable, rigid, reliable
  • Comfortable for anyone to use
  • The most stable hair washing tray on our list
  • U nsuitable for those with cervical spine problems

10. Inflatable Shampoo Ring by Lumex Inflatable Shampoo Ring by Lumex

This inflatable basin offers a unique solution for washing your loved one's hair in bed. It's fully inflatable, and the circular design gives you a lot more liquid volume than the rectangular basins. It will take a bit of work to inflate, but you'll find that the 23.5-inch diameter basin provides a convenient place for a daily hair wash.

  • Made of heavy-duty vinyl
  • Comes with drain hose for easy emptying
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Low basin walls allow water to splash onto bed


Choosing the Perfect Shampoo Basin

Instead of looking for more tools for a better shower—such as back scrubbers, non-slip stickers, or shower mats—it's time to find another solution. Enter shampoo basins, which allow you to wash your loved one's hair in bed. To find the right basin, you need to consider all of the following factors.

  • Mobility

There are two types of shampoo basins to choose from: inflatable basins designed for the bedridden, and shampoo trays that can be used with wheelchairs over your bathroom or kitchen sink.

If your loved one can't stand long enough for a shower, you'll definitely want to check out these amazing shower chairs.

  • Length of Hair

Longer hair may require a larger basin, as more water will be required to wash. However, if your loved one has very short hair, you can get by with a smaller option.

  • Design

Rigid plastic trays are better-suited for upright hair washes, while an inflatable basin is better for in-bed washing. The basins and trays should be large enough to hold water, as well as be as splash-resistant as possible.  

These mattress protectors will prevent leaks or spills from damaging your mattress.

How to Make your Wash a Pleasant Experience

To make the hair wash a more pleasant experience for your loved one, try the following tips:

  • Warm it up. Not only should you use warm water, but you should make sure the room is warm as well. Warm water and a warm environment will make the experience so much more pleasant.
  • Use baby shampoo, which is gentler on delicate hair, and will prevent pain if you accidentally splash shampoo or water in their eyes.
  • Take it slow. Don't rush the hair wash, but make it a relaxing experience. They'll enjoy it a lot more if you don't speed through it. After all, who doesn’t love a nice hair wash? 

If your loved one wants to be more mobile and self-sufficient, one of our assistive devices will help them dress, wash, and stay clean.

A Simple Product can Make All the Difference!

After spending days, weeks, or months in bed, a hair wash can make anyone feel much better. A shampoo basin is such a simple product, but you'll find it will make caring for your loved one radically easier. Our list above will give you plenty of options when it comes to choosing the basin that fits your needs best.

Jessica Hegg
Jessica Hegg

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