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10 Best Shoulder Ice Packs

by Jessica Hegg April 30, 2018 0 Comments

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A shoulder ice pack will provide quick pain relief, cooling, and swelling prevention in case of an injury to your shoulder muscles or joints. Sports like basketball and volleyball come with a high risk of injury, while chronic conditions like arthritis can bring a lot of pain. Finding the right ice pack for your shoulder is a good solution to deal with the problem, so we’ve gathered a list of the top-rated products for you to try.

Top 10 Shoulder Ice Packs

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Neck Ice Pack Arctic Flex
2. Shoulder Rotator Cuff Ice Pack ActiveWrap
3. Hot Cold Wrap Vive
4. Cold & Hot Therapy Wrap for Shoulder Battle Creek
5. Shoulder Wrap Gel Ice Hot/Cold Pack MedX
6. Ice Pack and Air Compression Wrap O2
7. Shoulder Gel Ice Pack PlayActive
8. Shoulder Ice Pack Wrap LotFancy
9. Shoulder and Elbow Cold Therapy Ice Wrap Pro Ice
10. Reusable Flexible Shoulder Wrap TheraPearl

1. Neck Ice Pack by Arctic Flex Neck Ice Pack by Arctic Flex

This ice pack is designed specifically to treat not only neck pains, but also aches and pains in your shoulders. It's nearly 23 inches wide, so it can be draped over your trapezius muscles to help reduce swelling and discomfort. The gel will maintain its flexibility even when frozen, and you'll find it offers amazing targeted cooling therapy to manage any pain.

  • Highly flexible design, great for treating upper body injuries
  • Long-lasting, soothing relief from pain
  • Safe for sensitive skin, filled with non-toxic gel
  • Loses its cold fairly quickly

2. Shoulder Rotator Cuff Ice Pack by ActiveWrap Shoulder Rotator Cuff Ice Pack by ActiveWrap

This wrap is the perfect solution for applying ice directly to your shoulder. Not only does it provide stabilization and compression for your joint, but it comes with two built-in gel packs that can be frozen or microwaved according to your need for heat or cold therapy. The active wrap will help to reduce your risk of injuries while treating the aches and pains of rotator cuff or other shoulder problems.

  • Very sturdy and supportive wrap
  • Ice packs remain flexible even when frozen
  • High-performance design will not limit your freedom of movement
  • Bulky, may bunch up under your armpits

3. Hot Cold Wrap by Vive Hot Cold Wrap by Vive

This hot and cold wrap is ideal for active people who want to ice their shoulder while still being on the go. The straps will secure it in place around your chest or arm, but the ice pack is small enough that you can wear it under your regular clothing without it being too noticeable. The gel remains flexible even when frozen and will provide you with targeted, specific pain relief for any shoulder injury.

  • Highly durable and long-lasting design
  • Lightweight, slim, and easy to wear
  • 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee
  • Not ideal as a hot wrap

4. Cold & Hot Therapy Wrap for Shoulder by Battle Creek Cold & Hot Therapy Wrap for Shoulder by Battle Creek

This ice wrap is perfect for those that need to stabilize their shoulder after a rotator cuff injury or dislocation. Though it's a bit bulkier than you might like, it's perfect for supporting and keeping the joint in place while applying heat and cold directly to the injury. The gel reaches freezing point quicker than other ice packs, but it will maintain its cold temperature longer as well. The plush fabric lining of the wrap will reduce friction and prevent discomfort even with all-day use.

  • Fabric lining protects your skin from excessive cold contact
  • Flexible, molds to the contours of your shoulder
  • Great support and stability
  • May be hard to wrap tight without help

5. Shoulder Wrap Gel Ice Hot/Cold Pack by MedX Shoulder Wrap Gel Ice Hot/Cold Pack by MedX

This shoulder wrap is designed to secure and stabilize the joint in case of injuries, chronic pain, or dislocation. The flexible gel ice pack included in the wrap will ensure that your shoulder gets the cold therapy it needs to reduce pain or discomfort. The wrap's extended straps make it compatible with all shoulder sizes, and the medical-grade cuff will be suitable for treating any and all shoulder pains and injuries.

  • Flexi gel provides equal distribution of cooling
  • Highly effective for stabilizing and supporting joint
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Not suitable as a hot pack, can't be microwaved

6. Ice Pack and Air Compression Wrap by O2 Ice Pack and Air Compression Wrap by O2

For those dealing with more serious injuries, this wrap offers the most important elements of PRICE. The air bubbles built into the wrap can be inflated using the hand pump, allowing you to apply customized compression to the joint. The air packs will also increase pressure for maximum stability, while the built-in ice packs will provide the cooling. It can be worn over your clothing, yet still is highly effective at applying cooling.

  • Great for rehab and treatment of more serious injuries
  • Drip-free fabric is very breathable
  • Gel liner is removable for easy freezing
  • Difficult to put on correctly, especially when unaided

7. Shoulder Gel Ice Pack by PlayActive Shoulder Gel Ice Pack by PlayActive

For those who live a high-impact, high-intensity life, this shoulder wrap is the perfect choice. Made of durable, breathable neoprene, the wrap provides stability and support for your shoulder while also giving you a way to ice the joint easily. The built-in ice pack will hold its chill for a long time, and it can be easily removed for quick freezing without needing to take off the entire shoulder brace.

  • Video instructions make it easy to put on the wrap
  • Good stability and compression for your joints
  • Compatible with both right and left shoulders
  • Velcro straps are poorly built and prone to wearing out

8. Shoulder Ice Pack Wrap by LotFancy Shoulder Ice Pack Wrap by LotFancy

This may be bulkier than you're used to, but it does the job of keeping your shoulder stable, applying pressure, and treating the aches and pains with ice. The gel in the packs is fully non-toxic, made of CMC and glycerin. The wrap itself is latex-free and suitable for those with sensitive skin. The Velcro extension straps and side straps make it easy to customize the fit and placement of the wrap.

  • Great for your knees and thighs as well as your shoulders
  • Gel packs can be both frozen and heated
  • Good compression and support without reducing mobility
  • The ice pack is smaller than expected

9. Shoulder and Elbow Cold Therapy Ice Wrap by Pro Ice Shoulder and Elbow Cold Therapy Ice Wrap by Pro Ice

This is more than just a shoulder wrap, but it comes with a full extension that will allow you to ice your elbow at the same time. The Cryo Blanket design makes it easy to apply the cold treatment for both joints, and the wrap is versatile enough for any shoulder and arm size. It's great for sports injuries as well as post-surgery recovery.

  • Easy to use with both the right and left arms
  • Comfortable, secure fit
  • Simple and effective design
  • Ice packs prone to leaking with regular use

10. Reusable Flexible Shoulder Wrap by TheraPearl Reusable Flexible Shoulder Wrap by TheraPearl

If you want something sleeker and more lightweight to ice your shoulder, this is the wrap for you. It doesn't have any fancy fabric casing, but it's just a simple set of eight individual gel ice packs in one shoulder wrap. The wrap itself is free of latex, BPA, and phthalates, and the gel remains flexible even when frozen. While it doesn't offer stability or support, it's perfect for targeted cryotherapy without interfering with your freedom of movement.

  • Reusable gel pearls apply targeted cooling
  • Slim and sleek design, very lightweight
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, non-toxic
  • Wrap's plastic shell will rip with regular use

Most Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder joint is designed to work very efficiently, and it will only suffer damage if something happens to interfere with its natural movement or range of motion. If you don't know why you're feeling shoulder pain, here are the most likely suspects behind the discomfort:

  • Acute Injuries

Acute injuries are sustained when you do something to damage the tendons, ligaments, muscles, or joint tissue around the shoulder. For example, shoulder dislocation occurs when you move your arm in such a way that the humerus (upper arm bone) is removed from the shoulder socket. Rotator cuff tears occur when the tendons holding your shoulder joint in place get torn, and the disconnected tendons fray, swell up, and may tear worse.

Acute injuries are typically accompanied by a sharp pain, and you will usually know what was the cause of the shoulder injury right away.

  • Chronic Conditions

Chronic shoulder conditions are a bit harder to pinpoint, but they can lead to long-lasting pain. For example, shoulder tendonitis occurs when the tendons of your shoulder joint become irritated or inflamed. The problem can be caused by an acute injury, but mostly it's considered a repetitive motion or overuse injury that develops over long weeks, months, and years of regular use. Arthritis and bursitis are other examples of chronic conditions.

They will typically be marked by low-grade pain, mild swelling, and stiffness, and tend to be far less noticeable than acute pains. However, their effects will typically take longer to heal.

Ways to Treat Shoulder Pain

Using an ice pack is one of the most effective treatments for shoulder pain, especially the pain caused by inflammation and acute injuries. However, there are other treatments that can work as well.

  • Compression

Applying compression will help to reduce swelling, thereby speeding up the healing process and reducing pain. The best shoulder braces for sports will usually apply mild compression to the joint without affecting your mobility.

  • Heat Therapy

Ice isn't the only solution to consider for dealing with shoulder pain. Heat therapy is often better for use with chronic conditions or inflammation. It's also effective as a pre-workout treatment to stop the exercise from aggravating a chronic condition.

  • Pressure

Pressure on the shoulder will help to immobilize the joint and keep all the tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones, and joint tissue in their proper place. Shoulder braces for dislocation and other acute joint injuries are very effective at preventing re-injury as you recover.

Use a Shoulder Ice Pack to Chill the Pain Away!

A shoulder ice pack is so much more than just a way to apply cold therapy to a painful or aching joint. It can also help to stabilize the joint, apply compression, reduce the risk of injury, and treat the underlying condition causing the pain. Thanks to our list above, you should have no trouble finding the shoulder ice pack that suits your needs best!

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