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7 Best Steam Inhalers

by Jessica Hegg September 07, 2018 0 Comments

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The best steam inhalers can be used for many things, most popularly to clear the sinuses and to steam the skin. However, not all steam inhalers are made equally, and some just aren’t effective. To help, we’ve rounded up some of the best steam inhalers on the market. All of the following options are safe to use and high quality.

Top 7 Steam Inhalers

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. NanoSteamer Pure Daily Care
2. Facial Sauna Conair
3. Steam Inhaler Gurin
4. Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask Veridian
5. Personal Cool Mist Inhaler ttstar
6. Professional Facial Steamer LEDNICEKER
7. Portable Steam Compressor Zigora

1. NanoSteamer by Pure Daily Care NanoSteamer by Pure Daily Care

Pure Daily Care’s NanoSteamer is one of the best steamers on the market. It can be used as a personal inhaler to clear nasal passages, heat up towels, and even steam your skin. It has a very long running time, operating for up to 30 minutes at a time. Aside from its capabilities, it’s also very aesthetically pleasing.

  • Can be used to clear nasal passages
  • Great for steaming the skin too
  • Runs for up to 30 minutes
  • Some users report the water getting too hot

2. Facial Sauna by Conair Facial Sauna by Conair

Conair’s facial sauna is primarily used to steam the face, opening up your pores. There’s also a cleansing brush included to use on the skin as well. Aside from there, the facial sauna includes a nasal cone to be used on more concentrated places. Thanks to the steam, your nasal passages can be cleared too.

  • Includes a nasal cone
  • Auto-on and auto-off timer
  • Improves breathing
  • Have to wait a little bit for the steam to start coming out

3. Steam Inhaler by Gurin Steam Inhaler by Gurin

This is one of the best personal steam inhalers on the market. It can be used for colds and for allergies, relieving sinusitis symptoms. It produces a steady steam that’s also adjustable. This unit has a soft mask that’s comfortable to rest your face on and has an extension tube to use at a long range.

  • Relieves cold and allergy symptoms
  • Comfortable face mask
  • One year limited warranty
  • Doesn’t hold too much water

4. Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask by Veridian Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask by Veridian

Veridian’s steam inhaler is the perfect product for personal inhalation. The steam level is adjustable, so if you want a weaker amount of steam, that’s possible. The unit includes two different masks, and one is bound to be comfortable enough for you. It’s also extremely easy to clean.

  • Adjustable steam control
  • Two different masks
  • Can be used for aromatherapy
  • Some users report a strong smell of rubber

5. Personal Cool Mist Inhaler by ttstar Personal Cool Mist Inhaler by ttstar

This personal cool mist inhaler is safe for both adults and kids to use every day. It’s very easy to use, too, thanks to its one button operation. What’s great is this inhaler is FDA certified, so there’s no chance that you’re going to get burned. It holds enough water to run for up to ten minutes at a time.

  • Safe to use
  • One button operation
  • Can be used for both kids and elderly
  • No aromatherapy functionality

6. Professional Facial Steamer by LEDNICEKER Professional Facial Steamer by LEDNICEKER

LEDNICEKER’s professional facial steamer is a multi-use product. It’s great for steaming the face and clearing sinuses, which is perfect for those with allergies and cold or flu. The automatic shut-off function keeps it from overheating and wasting energy. Regardless of your skin type, try this steamer.

  • Can be used both as an inhaler and facial steamer
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Improves breathing
  • Users report it’s a flimsy steamer

7. Portable Steam Compressor by Zigora Portable Steam Compressor by Zigora

Zigora’s portable steam compressor is perfect for those who need inhalation on-the-go. It’s portable, thanks to how lightweight it is. It’s powerful enough to relieve breathing problems but holds a small amount of water, so it’s better as a supplement to a more effective at-home inhaler.

  • Portable inhaler
  • Relieves breathing problems
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Not as powerful as other inhalers


The Benefits of Steam Inhalers

Steam inhalers have many benefits, and they’re quite relaxing to use too. But you might be surprised to find out just how powerful these tools are for relieving ailments. Here are a list of some benefits you’ll receive from regular steam inhaler use.

Keeping the air in your home clean can help prevent the common cold, flu, and infections. An air purifier can help you accomplish that.

  • Improves the Respiratory System

If you’re looking to relieve respiratory problems, inhaling steam is one of the best natural ways to do so. Whether you’re dealing with asthma, allergies, bronchitis, or an everyday flu, steam can help by moistening your air passages. This loosens mucus and lets you blow it out easier while also soothing your throat.

  • Increases Blood Circulation

Heating up your body is a great way to improve blood circulation. Steam inhalers raise your body temperature, allowing blood to flow easier thanks to dilated blood vessels. This can help relieve headaches, migraines, and even strengthen your immune system by strengthening your white blood cells.

If you want to track your blood pressure when using a steam inhaler, consider using one of these blood pressure monitors.

  • Very Relaxing

Steam inhalation is also a great way to relax. It’s an inexpensive way to feel luxurious and get you feeling better overall, which relieves stress. Not only will you feel better on the inside, but your skin will thank you for it too. Don’t underestimate the benefits of relaxation.

  • Acts as an Expectorant

An expectorant is a medicine or natural remedy that promotes the secretion of sputum by air passages. These help to relieve coughs and sore throats. While you can use a medicine, a steam inhaler does the job just as well. The inhalation of steam lubricates the respiratory tract and relaxes the muscles.

  • Can be Used with Essential Oils for Various Effects

Most modern steam inhalers and facial saunas can be used with essential oils, which are known to provide many beneficial effects. Before jumping into using essential oils for your health, make sure the inhaler you use supports essential oils and ensure you’re using the right oils for your needs. Below, we’ll go over some of the best essential oils.  

It’s important to be able to monitor your temperature when you have a fever. The best thermometers can help.

The Best Essential Oils to Use with Your Steam Inhaler

As I mentioned, you can use essential oils alongside your steam inhaler to make them even more beneficial for your health. Depending on what you’re trying to treat, be it a common cold or a sore throat, there’s an essential oil for that. Below I’m going to go over the most commonly use essential oils and why you should use them.

  • Eucalyptus Oil

This is one of the most popular essential oils of all time. It’s a natural expectorant that allows your body to expel toxins that make you and keep you sick. You only need one or two drops of eucalyptus oil in your steam inhaler to get the maximum benefits. Another way to use this oil is to put a few drops in your bath.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is known to have antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties, making it one of the most powerful oils on the market. Inhaling it won’t clear up your congestion, but it can help to kill harmful bacteria and viruses, and prevent them from growing. The oil is particularly effective at relieving a sinus infection.

  • Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a very powerful decongestant, and it’s also very relaxing, which is why many people drink the tea when they’re sick. The main compound, menthol, is what relieves your congestion, soothes your throat, and lets you breathe clearly. It’s often included in chest rubs and other medications.

  • Lavender Oil

Lavender oil, much like tea tree oil, is very good at treating bacterial and viral infections. Inhaling it regularly can treat a sinus infection, kill off bad bacteria, and help you relax. It’s not as commonly used as tea tree oil but it’s just as effective. You could even mix the two together.

  • Thyme Oil

Not a very commonly used essential oil, but beneficial nonetheless. Thyme oil can treat infections and fight against the common cough and cold. It’s also a powerful insomnia treatment, and we all know that colds keep us up at night. There’s no doubt that adding thyme to your inhaler will help you fight off any illness. A good pillow in combination with thyme oil will help you fall asleep fast.

  • Pine Oil

If you want an oil that will clear your sinuses, pine oil is for you. It’s a decongestant and anti inflammatory, making it perfect for runny noses. Pine oil is also used as a pain reliever, particularly for headaches. If you have a migraine, consider trying this oil in your inhaler.

If you experience back pain when coughing or sneezing, these tips can help you manage that.

Relieve a Cold with the Best Steam Inhaler

Regular steam inhalation, as you no doubt know, can help you relieve even the worst of cold and flu symptoms. And when combined with powerful essential oils, it can even treat the worst coughs and sore throats. With the above information and list of products, you’ll be able to find the best steam inhaler for your purposes, whether that’s strictly for treating a cold or for steaming your face.


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