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5 Best TENS Units for Abs

by Jessica Hegg September 24, 2018 0 Comments

TENS Unit for Abs

Too tired or busy for a workout at the gym? A TENS unit for abs can do the work for you while you get on with other activities. Simply wrap it around your waist, arms or legs, select the massage mode and intensity level, and let the low-voltage pulses stimulate your muscles to burn fat and strengthen your abs. Effective for both men and women, TENS units for abs come with belts, adhesive gel pads, and a controller. Select a unit with a rechargeable lithium battery or one that runs on AAA batteries. Check out our list of the best seven TENS units for abs, and give tedious workouts the boot.

Top 5 TENS Units for Abs

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. TENS Unit Vive
2. System-Abs Muscle Toning Belt Slendertone
3. Ab Stimulator Belt DOMAS
4. TENS Fat Burner Belt TechCare Massager
5. EMS Waist Trimmer Mothermed

1. TENS Unit by Vive TENS Unit by Vive

Ready to use straight out of the box, this TENS unit comes with four electrode pads, sixteen massage modes and multiple intensity levels for a customized experience. It features an in-built lithium battery for ten hour of continuous use, and comes with a USB battery charger. Plus, the backlit LCD display is easy to read, even in the dark. 

  • Backlit LCD display
  • Rechargeable battery allows 10 hours of use
  • 16 massage modes and multiple intensity levels
  • Does not come with a belt

2. System-Abs Muscle Toning Belt by Slendertone System-Abs Muscle Toning Belt by Slendertone

This electrical muscle stimulation belt targets all core muscles—including the lower and upper abs, and obliques. Designed to fit waists between 24 and 46 inches, it features nine toning programs and 99 intensity levels for an effective workout. Plus, it comes with three adhesive gel pads, a rechargeable controller, an AC charger, and a handy storage pouch.

  • FDA-cleared for toning, strengthening, and firming abs
  • 7 programs and 99 intensity settings
  • Comes with a handy travel pouch
  • Higher price point

3. Ab Stimulator Belt by DOMAS Ab Stimulator Belt by DOMAS

This FDA-approved belt builds firmer abs by contracting and relaxing the muscles. Simply clip the four pads into the belt, making sure that they touch your skin, and set the machine at one of the eight different modes and ten intensity levels. This unit doubles as a massager for pain relief or inflammatory conditions such as bursitis.

  • Designed for men and women
  • 30-minute automatic stop timer
  • Comes with an instruction manual
  • Some users found the instructions inadequate

4. TENS Fat Burner Belt by TechCare Massager TENS Fat Burner Belt by TechCare Massager

Combining TENS and PMS, this FDA-approved unit can be used for both pain relief and ab workouts. It features 24 massage modes, including tapping and deep tissue, and an adjustable 20 60-minute timer. The rechargeable lithium battery keeps the unit running for up to 20 hours at a time.

  • Can be used for pain relief
  • Adjustable timer feature
  • Comes with a fat burner belt and reflexology shoes
  • No separate intensity level adjustment

5. EMS Waist Trimmer by Mothermed EMS Waist Trimmer by Mothermed

Featuring six modes and ten levels of intensity, this electric muscle stimulator comes with ten gel pads, as well as ten replacement pads. Select mode one and two to burn fat, three and four to build muscles, and five and six to tone and shape. This unit runs on two AAA batteries.

  • Comes with 10 replacement gel pads
  • 6 modes and 10 intensity levels
  • Burns fat, builds muscles, and tones and shapes
  • Batteries have to be purchased separately

Other Tips for Keeping Your Body in Shape

For maximum benefit, a TENS unit for abs should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Here are some suggestions to help you keep your body and mind in tip-top shape.

  • Balance Boards and Wobble Cushions

While balance boards come in different shapes and sizes, all are designed to increase core muscle strength and improve coordination. Balance boards feature different difficulty levels depending on their size, tilt angle, and base size. Select a wobble cushion or a balance disc with a flat bottom, which are relatively stable and easy to use, or a more challenging balance platform with rollers.

  • Pilates, Yoga, and Tai Chi

Low-impact, and great for physical and mental well-being, yoga, pilates, and tai-chi develop strength and flexibility. Yoga and pilates are particularly effective for toning the abdominal muscles, lower back, and buttocks. Tai chi, meanwhile, improves balance, and strengthens lower and upper muscles. Use a support strap to get into more challenging yoga positions.

  • Weight Exercises

Weight exercises not only increase strength, but also prevent bone loss associated with ageing. Strength training routines usually involve basic lifting movements with barbells and dumbbells. Alternatively, use a weight machine to target one muscle or muscle group at a time, or try bodyweight exercises, such as push-ups, which involve working against the resistance of your own body.

Incorporate ankle weights into your jogging routine.

  • Pedal Exercisers

Ideal for low-impact aerobic workouts, pedal exercisers have numerous health benefits. Not only are they great for burning calories and toning muscles, but they can also improve blood circulation and promote joint health. Pedal exercisers are also ideal for the elderly or those undergoing rehabilitation. Use an under the desk pedal exerciser to get fit while working.

Learn more about pedal exercisers here.

  • Chair Exercises

Immobility or balance problems need not stop you from staying in shape. Chair exercisesare a great low-impact way to improve your cardio fitness, muscle strength, and flexibility—all while sitting down. Seated workouts are also ideal for those recovering after an injury or surgery.

Find the Best TENS Unit for Abs

Easily worn under clothing, TENS units for abs use gentle electrical stimulation to build and tone muscles. TENS units for abs can be used with you sit, lie down, or even exercise. A daily 20 to 40-minute TENS unit session should be sufficient to start your off without overworking the muscles. Electronic muscle stimulation can also be used to alleviate the discomfort of conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sciatica. Take a look at our roundup of the best TENS units for abs, and whip your stomach into shape without the pain of regular workouts.

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