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6 Best Water Pillows

by Jessica Hegg June 18, 2018 0 Comments

Senior woman suffering from acute neckaches

If you suffer from neck pain, a good night’s sleep may seem hard to come by. Water pillows however, can provide adjustable support while you sleep to minimize neck pain and reduce stiffness during the day. By improving your sleep quality, water pillows can help you feel rested in the morning so you can get work, chores, or other daily activities done easily. Check out these six top water pillows to reduce nighttime discomfort while helping you fall and stay asleep!

Top 6 Water Pillows

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Water Pillow ChiroFlow
2. Memory Foam Waterbase Pillow Mediflow
3. Fiberflow Water Pillow Mediflow
4. Queen Size Water Pillow Modern Joe’s
5. Hypoallergenic Water Pillow BraceMart
6. Adjustable Water Pillow FOMI


1. Water Pillow by ChiroFlow Water Pillow by ChiroFlow

ChiroFlow’s water pillow for neck pain is clinically shown to relieve neck pain and improve your overall sleep quality. It is equipped with a thermal insulator that surrounds the water layer so it can provide heat therapy when you fill it with hot water. This water pillow is easy to fill and designed to prevent leaks while you use it.

  • Can provide hot/cold therapy
  • Recommended by chiropractors
  • Fits in standard and queen size pillow cases
  • May feel too firm for some

2. Memory Foam Waterbase Pillow by Mediflow Memory Foam Waterbase Pillow by Mediflow

This waterbase pillow by Mediflow responds to your head movements automatically to provide contoured comfort while you sleep. The adjustable inner water allows the pillow to provide as much assistance as you need. Its ventilated fabric keeps the pillow chilled the entire time you use it so you stay cool and comfortable.

  • Soft cotton/rayon blend
  • Stays cool all night
  • Leak-resistant design
  • Difficult to adjust water level

3. Fiberflow Water Pillow by Mediflow Fiberflow Water Pillow by Mediflow

Mediflow’s fiberflow water pillow allows you to easily adjust the water level to your needs, providing personalized support. Its water base adjusts while you move to help you maintain a healthy spinal alignment. Unlike some water pillows, this pillow and its cover are both machine washable.

  • Clinically shown to relieve neck pain
  • Made from soft, yet firm materials
  • Comes in single or twin pack
  • Heavy, bulky weight

4. Queen Size Water Pillow by Modern Joe’s Queen Size Water Pillow by Modern Joe’s

This water pillow uses individualized support to reduce insomnia and neck pain while you’re resting. The underside of the pillow is weighted by the water base to keep it firmly in place while you sleep. The pillow is made from antibacterial fabrics to prevent molding or mildewing after regular use.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% cotton exterior
  • Provides adjustable support
  • Only fits in larger pillow cases

5. Hypoallergenic Water Pillow by BraceMart Hypoallergenic Water Pillow by BraceMart

BraceMart’s water pillow is designed to improve the sleep quality for back, side, and stomach sleepers. Not only does it relieve neck pain, but it also alleviates sleep disorders like insomnia to help you fall and stay asleep easily. This pillow provides adjustable comfort so that no matter how you move your head at night, your neck stays supported.

  • Can function as a soft, medium, or firm pillow
  • Easy to clean
  • Recommended by physical therapists and chiropractors
  • Non machine washable

6. Adjustable Water Pillow by FOMI Adjustable Water Pillow by FOMI

This water pillow for sleeping by FOMI provides consistent support to keep your neck comfortable and minimize nighttime interruptions. It easily accommodates back, side, or stomach sleepers as well as pregnant women who need added support. Each water pillow comes with a high-count cotton threading to help it stay cool and comfortable all night.

  • Provides immediate therapeutic relief
  • Made with soft polyester inner filling
  • Easy to adjust water level
  • Not as firm as some water pillows


Tips for Reducing Neck Pain

With a water pillow, you can relieve neck pain and stiffness while you sleep. But to minimize neck pain during the day and night, you may want to try additional at-home treatments. Try these five techniques for reducing neck pain to alleviate your symptoms and prevent more pain in the future.

  • Try Hot/Cold Therapy

Using heating pads or ice packs for neck pain can increase your blood circulation while soothing your immediate symptoms. Turn your heating pad to a low or medium setting and use it for fifteen to twenty minutes every several hours. Alternate your heating pad use with an ice pack for ten to fifteen minutes at a time to maximize the benefits of hot and cold therapy.

Not sure how to use hot and cold therapy? Check out this resource on alternating hot and cold therapy here.

  • Stay Hydrated

Because the vertebrae in your spine need water to maintain proper alignment, not drinking enough can cause or worsen neck pain. Drinking enough water is especially important as you age and cervical discs are more prone to degeneration. Carry a water bottle with you at all times to prevent dehydration.

  • Exercise Regularly

Although a stiff or sore neck can make exercise seem unappealing, maintaining an active lifestyle can help your neck heal. If you’re physically able, do a light exercise like yoga, aerobics, or jogging several times a week. For those with limited mobility, try chair exercises or light stretching.

To boost your stretching experience, check out the eleven best resistance bands here.

  • Do Self-Massage

Massaging yourself with your fingers or a deep tissue massager can help relieve your neck pain and and improve your blood flow. Gently massage the injured area in a circular motion with mild to moderate pressure, depending on your comfort levels. If massaging your neck causes excessive neck pain, reduce the amount of pressure you’re using or massage a different area of your neck.

Rubbing a muscle cream into your neck while massaging yourself can soothe sore muscles. Check out the fourteen best muscle creams for pain relief here.

Other Types of Therapeutic Pillows

Water pillows are great for alleviating head, neck, and upper back pain. If you deal with additional symptoms, however, another therapeutic pillow may provide better support. Check out these four therapeutic pillows and decide which is right for your needs.

  • Acid Reflux Pillows

If you suffer from a digestive disorder or chronic acid reflux, an acid reflux pillow can relieve your symptoms while you rest. These pillows can prevent acid from rising into the esophagus and keep your airways open. Acid reflux wedge pillows can also reduce the risk of ulcers, throat damage, and even esophageal cancer over times.

  • Cervical Pillows

A cervical pillow contours to your neck to promote healthy spine alignment and relieve muscular tension. They are primarily designed for back and side sleepers who have trouble sleeping due to back or neck pain. In addition to sore muscles, cervical pillows can also alleviate headaches, neck pain, and arthritis.

If you deal with chronic back pain, check out the ten best heating pads for back pain here.

  • Donut Pillows

A donut pillow can reduce coccyx, pelvic, or spinal pain if you work at an office job or recently sustained a tailbone injury. Most donut pillows are lightweight and portable, allowing you to take them with you wherever you go. Donut pillows can also improve your posture, target pressure points, and alleviate restless leg syndrome.

Find the seven best donut pillows for tailbone pain here.

  • Knee Pillows

Knee pillows are a versatile and therapeutic product for getting a good night’s sleep. By placing a knee pillow between your knees, you can alleviate back, knee, leg, and hip pain while increasing your blood circulation. If you’re pregnant, you can also use knee pillows as a spacer between your legs to maximize your comfort.

To find the seven best knee pillows for sleeping, click here.

Sleep Well with a Water Pillow!

If you want to relieve nighttime neck pain, sweet dreams are only a water pillow away. When it comes to the best water pillow available, however, it depends on your personal needs. If you’re not sure which one to buy, talk to your doctor or physical therapist first. They can help diagnose your symptoms and choose the best pillow for your conditions. No matter which one you choose, however, you can rest easy knowing that these six water pillows are the best available for quality and therapeutic relief!


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