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7 Best Wheelchair Canopies

by Jessica Hegg September 26, 2018 0 Comments

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If you have a disability or mobility issue and have to rely on a wheelchair to get you around on a daily basis, it’s important to be protected from the elements. The best wheelchair canopies will keep you dry if it’s wet outside, as well as stop you from getting sunburned in warm weather. Come rain or shine, the following canopies make a great addition to your wheelchair to keep you safe, cool, and dry all year round.

Top 7 Wheelchair Canopies

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. All Position Versa-Brella Sport-Brella
2. RIO Beach MyShade Umbrella RIO Gear
3. Inverted Umbrella MRTLLOA
4. Sun Shade Drive Medical
5. Sunshade Canopy Challenger Mobility
6. WeatherBreaker Canopy Diestco
7. Scooter Canopy Scooterpac

1. All Position Versa-Brella by Sport-Brella All Position Versa-Brella by Sport-Brella

An Amazon Choice product, the Versa-Brella is a rugged canopy cover that’s designed to keep your skin safe from UVA/UVB rays. Thanks to its four-way, 360 degree swivel, and two push button hinges, you’ll be covered from any angle. At only 1.8 pounds, this cover even has a universal, heavy duty clamp that will connect to almost any wheelchair and ensure a secure hold.

  • Comes in three different colors
  • Rip and tear-free
  • Folds into a compact carrying case
  • Can shift in heavy winds

2. RIO Beach MyShade Umbrella by RIO Gear RIO Beach MyShade Umbrella by RIO Gear

The MyShade umbrella by RIO Gear has a new extended kite shape, which makes it ideal for superior protection from the elements. It has been lab tested to block 99.8% of UVA/UVB rays. As well having an accordion-style seven-panel clap that attaches to the back frame or arm of your wheelchair, it’s straightforward to detach at a moment’s notice.

  • Sleek and modern silver design
  • Adjustable height
  • Made from dual aluminum coated polyester for enhanced sturdiness
  • Can sway significantly in the breeze

3. Inverted Umbrella by MRTLLOA Inverted Umbrella by MRTLLOA

With a completely reversible, double layer, this umbrella is designed to protect you and your wheelchair from wind, rain, or the sun. You can fold the top “wet” layer under the “dry” layer when you enter your house or car to prevent water dripping on your surfaces. To open and close the umbrella, all you have to do is click the embedded button. Furthermore, the C-shaped handle is comfortable to grip and can easily be attached onto your wheelchair.

  • Available in 19 different hues
  • Comes with its own carry case
  • Comes with a replacement guarantee
  • Can be difficult to put into the carry case

4. Sun Shade by Drive Medical Sun Shade by Drive Medical

Ideal for scooters or electric wheelchairs, this sun shade by Drive Medical provides a durable cover from the elements. It will keep you cool in the summer, as well as protect you from rain in fall or winter. Made of nylon, it’s easy to assemble and disassemble and has an accessory port built into the frame, which allows the attachment of additional accessories.

  • Large in size to cover a substantial area
  • Sturdy with high-quality construction
  • Comes with useful instructions
  • Only compatible with certain scooter and electric wheelchair models

5. Sunshade Canopy by Challenger Mobility Sunshade Canopy by Challenger Mobility

Perfect for staying shaded on those hot, sunny days, this product is designed to keep the electric wheelchair or scooter rider cool in the summer. It’s made from a water-resistant fabric to protect you against rain, and is height adjustable. Simply connect the bright red canopy to the lightweight metal frame using Velcro fasteners and then make use of the user-friendly collapsible design to remove it from your wheelchair.

  • Simple to install
  • Connects using a universal accessory holder
  • Provides good coverage
  • Your wheelchair needs a square receiver to make it compatible

6. WeatherBreaker Canopy by Diestco WeatherBreaker Canopy by Diestco

Designed to protect you from the sun or rain, the WeatherBreaker is a canopy that fits any wheelchair or scooter. Even though the mounting kit will vary depending on the make or model of your wheelchair, it should still only take you approximately fifteen to twenty minutes to assemble. As well as the canopy, the WeatherBreaker also has plastic removable drapes that cover the sides for added protection.

  • Available in four different colors
  • Made of solid fabric with ventilation
  • Comes with a 1-Year warranty
  • The plastic drapes can affect visibility

7. Scooter Canopy by Scooterpac Scooter Canopy by Scooterpac

This universal folding canopy fits almost any scooter or wheelchair. Made from specialist, waterproof fabric, it allows you to battle the elements without fear. It also has ultra-durable polymer sides and a high-clarity windscreen. When not in use, the mechanism allows the canopy to fold back behind the seat.

  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Available in 2 different sizes
  • It can be opened in fewer than 30 seconds
  • It requires an accessory bar or an adapter to be fitted


Choosing the Best Wheelchair Canopy

There are a few factors you should consider when shopping around for the best wheelchair canopy to suit your lifestyle.

  • Shape

Wheelchair canopies tend to be either a kite, round, or rectangle shape. It’s totally up to you when it comes to deciding on the most appropriate shape. A kite’s unique shape can sometimes mean that you get more contoured protection. However, if you want to play it safe, opt for a large rectangle canopy for maximum coverage.

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  • Attachment Method

The majority of wheelchair canopies are attached using a universal clamp. However, for convenience, you can choose to buy one that’s specifically designed for your wheelchair or scooter. If you want to attach the canopy yourself, you can opt for a generic C-shape attachment that hooks onto your wheelchair in seconds.

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  • Materials

It goes without saying that you should make sure your canopy is waterproof to shield you from rain. However, you can pick from either nylon or polyester for the main material. Both are good options, although nylon generally tends to be sturdier and can simply be wiped clean. You should also choose ventilated panels if you want your canopy to allow breathability in the summer months.

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Other Handy Wheelchair Accessories

If you plan to be sat in your wheelchair or scooter for a long time, you might want to consider investing in these handy wheelchair accessories.

  • Gel Seat Cushions

A high-quality wheelchair cushion can help redistribute your weight throughout the day. The best 7 gel cushions for wheelchairs improve your posture, relieve pressure, and provide optimal comfort for long periods of sitting.

  • Spoke Lights

Easily attachable to your wheels, spoke lights are one of the most useful wheelchair accessories for trips in the dark or when the sun is going down. These colorful LED lights will alert others to your presence, while looking seriously stylish.

  • Trays

Most wheelchair trays attach with Velcro so they’re incredibly easy to put on and pull off. Whether you want to use one to keep your drink handy or simply require a place to rest your arms, there’s no denying that a tray is a practical and useful wheelchair accessory.

  • Push Rims

If you feel like you need a little extra grip or traction when moving around, consider investing in some wheel push rims. As well as adding a splash of color to your ride, they help to reduce the heat that dark or metal rims attract in warm climates.

  • Bags

It can be frustrating when you can’t carry your own belongings. Whether you’re heading out for hours or to run a quick errand, the best 6 bags for wheelchairs are affordable, lightweight, durable, and provide a safe space for all your daily essentials.

  • Blankets

If you live in a cold climate or are feeling a little chilly one day, you can snuggle up with a fleece wheelchair blanket. As it fastens on the sides and between the legs, you don’t have to worry about it falling off. It also has a front pocket to keep your hands warm and toasty, whether you’re outdoors for one minute or one hour.

Shopping for the Best Wheelchair Canopy

A wheelchair canopy is an extremely useful accessory to have for days where you need a little protection from the elements. Merely shop around for the right shape, materials, and attachment method for you, and it won’t be long before you can be out and about in any weather.


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