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9 Best Yoga Gloves

by Jessica Hegg July 22, 2018 0 Comments

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Wearing the best yoga gloves can eliminate stress over sweaty hands doing hot yoga, and give you the confidence you need. Whether you want to do a downward facing dog pose or a head stand, you want gloves that offer additional stability for your wrist. Enjoy a more comfortable yoga experience, and scoop up a pair of yoga gloves on this list.

Top 9 Yoga Gloves

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Elite Yoga Gloves YogaPaws
2. Cross Training Gloves ProFitness
3. Yoga Gloves YL trd
4. SkinThin Yoga Gloves YogaPaws
5. Cross Training Glove Mava Sports
6. Yoga Gloves Mato & Hash
7. Yoga Gloves WAG Pro
8. Yoga Gloves Stargoods
9. Gel Support Braces Wrapper

1. Elite Yoga Gloves by YogaPaws Elite Yoga Gloves by YogaPaws

If you love practicing hot yoga, you’ll want to grab a pair of these yoga gloves for sweaty hands. When you are positioned in a pose that puts stress on your pressure points, you’ll appreciate the thick layer of padding in these gloves for their support. The topmost part of the gloves is made of a stretchy mesh, so your skin can breathe. The bottom of the glove is constructed using natural rubber and terry cloth, so you stay cool, comfortable, and drier.

  • 5 different color options so you can stay stylish
  • Padded to protect your pressure points
  • Designed to wick away sweat
  • There’s not much give at the knuckles and between the fingers for some due to snug fit

2. Cross Training Gloves by ProFitness Cross Training Gloves by ProFitness

You’ll feel more confident when striking a yoga pose, because these gloves have reinforced silicone padding at the palm, for a secure grip and comfort. An adjustable wrist wrap helps keep you stabilized, and reduces stress on your joints. Your hands won’t get too slippery from sweat, since the neoprene construction helps keep moisture at bay. Wear these gloves when you want to keep hands drier, free of calluses, and improve overall stability.

  • Wrist wrap is adjustable for perfect fit and added stability
  • Neoprene construction allows skin to breathe
  • Cushions your hand at the palm with silicone padding for comfort
  • Sizing runs on the small side for some, so may feel a bit tight around the fingers

3. Yoga Gloves by YL trd Yoga Gloves by YL trd

Made from cotton, these yoga gloves allow your skin to breathe while you practice, and readily absorb sweat. The underside of the gloves has anti-slip design composed of small dots, so you can get a better grip. Your hands will not feel hindered, since these gloves are fingerless, allowing for better flexibility moving from pose to pose.

  • You get 2 pairs of yoga gloves, so you always have a backup available
  • Rubber dots coat the palm of the glove, for anti-slip capability
  • Gloves are fingerless, so you enjoy greater flexibility for your hand and stability
  • May have a strong smell

4. SkinThin Yoga Gloves by YogaPaws SkinThin Yoga Gloves by YogaPaws

When you want to feel like you are practicing yoga barehanded, but still need protection from sweaty hands and slipping, these gloves are made thin for your comfort. The underside is made from natural rubber to improve your grip, and the upper mesh allows your skin to breathe. There are no grip dots or bulky padding on these gloves, so you get the support you want for your hands with a more modern looking yoga glove.

  • 5 color options make these gloves a stylish addition to your yoga outfit
  • Thin design recreates a bare hand feeling while you practice
  • Combines rubber and mesh construction to prevent slipping
  • May feel snug for some, because sizing runs on the smaller side

5. Cross Training Glove by Mava Sports Cross Training Glove by Mava Sports

These gloves are great for yoga and cross training, as they are designed with silicone, neoprene, and leather for comfort and durability. The padding on the palms helps improve your grip and cushions your hands. You’ll like that the wraps for the wrists help ensure a proper alignment, reducing stress and pain on your joints.

  • Available in 4 color options
  • Palms are padded with silicone for comfort and protection against sores
  • Wrist wraps provide stability and reduce pain
  • Gloves are roomy at the fingers, so some slight slipping when making certain motions

6. Yoga Gloves by Mato & Hash Yoga Gloves by Mato & Hash

Created with a combination of natural cotton and polyester, these fingerless gloves keep your hands feeling cool and dry. When placing your hands down for a yoga pose, you’ll feel more confident because of the anti-slip design on the palms. These yoga gloves were made to focus on the traction needs of the palm and fingers of the hand, so you are better supported.

  • 9 color options provide a wide selection of gloves to accessorize at the gym
  • Fabric construction keeps hands cool and dry
  • Palm has non-slip dot design for enhanced grip
  • Gloves can irritate the webbing of the fingers depending on hand position

7. Yoga Gloves by WAG Pro Yoga Gloves by WAG Pro

These modern-looking yoga gloves come with a patented gel pad, which provides a supportive cushion for the palms of your hands. You don’t need to fret about sweating, as these yoga gloves for sweaty hands have a lining to wick away moisture. The underside of the glove is made to help you maintain a good grip, and they have an anti-slip design.

  • Easily thrown into the washer
  • Contoured design ensures a more comfortable fit
  • Gel pad provides cushion of support and added stability
  • Takes some time to fully dry after washing

8. Yoga Gloves by Stargoods Yoga Gloves by Stargoods

Perfect for traveling, these yoga gloves are fingerless and have non-slip rubber grips on the palm. You’ll like that you get multiple pairs, in case you want need a backup pair, or frequently like to change up your style. The cotton fabric lets your skin breathe in case of perspiration, and you can safely throw these in the washer when needed.

  • Available in a 4 pack so you have an assortment of options for practicing yoga
  • Made from cotton so your skin is comfortable and breathes
  • Non-slip design
  • Sometimes causes pinching between the fingers

9. Gel Support Braces by Wrapper Gel Support Braces by Wrapper

These waterproof support braces for yoga or pilates have a chic modern look. Made from elastic gel, these support braces protect the wrist and stabilize the thumb when exercising. Your wrists and hand will enjoy significant compression and support, without compromising flexibility and range of motion.

  • Made from durable waterproof elastic gel
  • Supports the wrist and hand for stability and alleviation of pain
  • Good relieving pain from arthritis, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel
  • Stains easily, so caution where you put your braces


Exercises to Protect Your Hands and Wrists

Yoga has a host of health benefits, from reducing stress levels, and improving your sense of well-being. Your hands and wrists are often integral to maintaining certain yoga poses, so wearing gloves is quite helpful.

These specific exercises help keep your wrists and hands more supple and strong, in order to prevent injury. You can also try a set of resistance bands to boost any workout.

  • Make a fist and hold for 30 seconds, then open your hand and flex your fingers
  • Flex your wrist with your elbow slightly bent for a 30 second hold, then release
  • Curl your fingers around a weight as it is rolled down your palm, wrist on the thigh
  • Squeeze a tennis ball up 10 to 15 seconds, release and repeat as necessary

Exercising and stretching is a good way to reduce chance of injury, and work through aches and pains. You should also use the best physical therapy tools to help improve blood circulation and aid recovery from injury.

Products to Support your Yoga Routine

Yoga gloves are great, but they're at their best when paired with a range of other helpful products. See some of our favorites here:

  • Finger Sleeves

Sometimes, yoga gloves don't offer enough compression for the various medical conditions that can affect the hands. If you frequently suffer from swollen fingers, you should check out the best finger sleeves to help rehabilitate your hand.

  • Massage Rollers

After a session of hot yoga, you should enjoy a hot shower to further loosen up your muscles, further soothing away aches and pains. Follow up your shower with a massage using a cold roller, to help release tension in your hands and other parts of your body.

  • Muscle Cream

In addition to stretching with resistance bands to stay more limber, applying muscle cream topically can help quell chronic pain and discomfort.

Maintain Your Yoga Practice with the Best Yoga Gloves

Wearing yoga gloves helps protect your wrists from getting out of alignment during poses, so you can reduce your risk of stress, strain, and injury. Yoga gloves also help cushion your palms, and gives you additional stability and assurance during your practice. Try one of the above products today and improve your yoga practice instantly.




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