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9 Best Zipper Pullers

by Jessica Hegg May 05, 2018 0 Comments

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When your fingers aren't as flexible as they used to be, or if you struggle with dexterity, you can turn to dressing aids for help. Zippers pullers are one of the handiest mobility tools, allowing you to both grab a zipper firmly and slide it up or down with ease. These dressing aids will give you the freedom and independence to dress yourself in minutes.

Top 9 Zipper Pullers

Model Brand Lowest Price
1. Long Dressing Stick RMS
2. Zipper Pull and Button Hook Vive
3. Vivi PocketDresser Vi&Vi
4. Dressing Stick with Zipper Puller Vive
5. Ribbed Handle Zipper Pull Kinsman Enterprises, Inc.
6. Ring Zipper Pull North Coast Medical
7. Zipper Puller Zip My Dress
8. Zipper Puller Zipuller
9. Button Hook With Zipper Pull RMS

1. Long Dressing Stick by RMS Long Dressing Stick by RMS

Recommended by health care professionals and therapists, this dressing stick makes it easier to pull clothes on and take them off. A vinyl coated hook on one of the dressing stick assists with pulling zippers and shoelace loops and a large vinyl-coated push/pull hook gives you a hand with putting on shirts, pulling up pants and skirts, and slipping on shoes and socks. This 28" dressing hook is a multi-tool that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • 28” long for hard-to-reach zippers
  • Functions as a clothing assist and zipper puller
  • Vinyl-coated hooks do not scratch skin or tear clothing
  • Works on light-duty zippers only

2. Zipper Pull and Button Hook by Vive Zipper Pull and Button Hook by Vive

The dual-purpose Zipper Pull and Button Hook by Vive has a nonslip, ribbed wide handle that's comfortable to hold and grip at all angles. A steel hook on one end of this assistive device is narrow enough to slide into even the smallest of zipper pull tabs, yet strong enough to pull zippers on your heaviest bags. On the other end of the zipper puller is a snag-free wire loop made to slide through buttonholes and help you secure buttons in place.

  • Includes zipper puller and button hook tools
  • Comfortable nonslip handle is easy to grip
  • Sturdy steel zipper pull fits all sizes
  • Button hook tool takes some practice to work with tiny buttons

3. Vivi PocketDresser by Vi&Vi Vivi PocketDresser by Vi

With a multi-tool build, this pocketknife-looking device includes a zipper pull and zipper pick, small button hook, and large button hook. Designed for those with upper extremity disabilities, the Pocketdresser works great for pulling up zippers and prying out buried zipper tabs, as well as untying shoelaces and hooking buttons. This zipper pull comes with a braided rope handle for hanging or carrying this tool.

  • Includes 4 tools
  • Convenient and compact design
  • Easy to use
  • A little cumbersome for small hands

4. Dressing Stick with Zipper Puller by Vive Dressing Stick with Zipper Puller by Vive

The snag-free design of Vive's Dressing Stick ensures you'll never scratch your skin or snag the fabric in clothing while dressing. This stick has a 27" reach, is lightweight yet durable, and easy to maneuver. The Vive Dressing Stick includes a large S-hook on one end to pull clothing on or slip it off, as well as untie shoelaces, and a zipper puller at the other end that supports zipping and unzipping.

  • Works well on all sizes of zippers
  • Snag-free design protects clothing and skin
  • Zippers puller and clothing assist in one
  • Too long to fit in an overnight bag or purse

5. Ribbed Handle Zipper Pull by Kinsman Enterprises, Inc. Ribbed Handle Zipper Pull by Kinsman Enterprises, Inc.

A small brass-plated hook is the main feature of this handy dressing aid. The 5/8" hook is the perfect size to grasp standard zippers and slide them up and into place. At the opposite end of the zipper puller is a button hook aid. The ribbed vinyl handle with finger contours makes this tool comfortable to hold and operate, and small enough to tuck into a purse or piece of luggage.

  • Contoured, nonslip handle is comfortable to grasp and use
  • Button hook and zipper puller included
  • Small enough to tuck in a purse, briefcase, or carry-on
  • Button hook takes practice to work smoothly on small buttons

6. Ring Zipper Pull by North Coast Medical Ring Zipper Pull by North Coast Medical

The clasps on this product attach to zipper pull tabs on clothing, bags, and other items, and the loops offer a large area for gripping and slipping a finger through. These simple ring hooks are 1" in diameter and ideal for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or dexterity concerns. This set includes three zipper pullers.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Good gripper assist
  • Includes 3 zipper pullers
  • Rings are a bit bulky and can catch

7. Zipper Puller by Zip My Dress Zipper Puller by Zip My Dress

This mobility aid was made to help you zip and unzip dresses on your own. The only tool of its kind that works on invisible zippers, makin this unique zipper puller perfect for behind-the-back designs. This zipper puller comes with a carrying bag and is available in four colors.

  • Includes carry pouch to keep ribbon tangle-free and clean
  • Video instructions available
  • Great for hard-to-reach and hidden zippers
  • Takes practice to master

8. Zipper Puller by Zipuller Zipper Puller by Zipuller

Clip your zipper tab to this zipper puller and use the eighteen inch lanyard to pull zippers open and closed easily with this inexpensive dressing aid. The zipper puller does not require zippers to have holes in the handle to use, making it ideal for zippers on boots, luggage, clothing, purses, and more. Easy-to-follow instructions included.

  • Works on zippers with and without holes on zipper handles
  • Perfect for boots, clothing, bags, and luggage
  • 3 color choices
  • Only works with zipper pull handles narrower than 9 mm

9. Button Hook With Zipper Pull by RMS Button Hook With Zipper Pull by RMS

Designed for those with arthritis, this zipper puller has a comfortable, wide ribbed handle that's easy to grab and hold. A snag-free wire loop on one end aids with securing buttons, while a steel hook on the other acts as a zipper puller. This mobility aid is small enough to fit in a purse or suitcase and comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Wide, nonslip handle
  • Gives you better reach to attach zippers and buttons
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Button hook doesn’t work well on buttons in denim

Choosing the Perfect Zipper Puller for Agility

Zipper pullers are available as single-use tools or as part of a multi-tool set. Here's the difference between standard zipper pullers and other options.

  • Zipper Pullers

These are single-use dressing aids that do one thing: help you pull zippers up and down. If your only mobility issue is grabbing hold of a small zipper tab and securing it in place, it makes sense to invest in this tool and avoid larger, more cumbersome options.

  • Dressing Sticks

Dressing sticks enable you to complete many tasks related to putting clothes on and taking them off. Most dressing sticks give you the reach and ability to pull clothes and socks on, as well as slip into shoes and zip and unzip zippers.

  • Multi-Use Tools

Just like a Swiss army knife and similar in appearance, these small assistive aids can perform multiple duties. Most multi-use tools are pocketable and assist with securing buttons, sliding zippers, untying shoelaces, and more. Multi-use tools have a shorter reach than dressing sticks but are easier to slip in a purse or take on vacation.

If none of these tools suit your needs, these assistive dressing devices may be more suitable.

How To Increase Agility and Manage Hand and Finger Pain

Arthritis, carpal tunnel, and other conditions that limit mobility can make life challenging. You can increase your level of agility and help to reduce pain by doing the following.

Other Uses for Zipper Pullers

Zipper pullers may look like one-use tools, but they can function as assistive devices to complete other jobs around the home.

  • Untie shoelaces
  • Pull socks on
  • Loosen knots
  • Pull headbands and ponytail bands off
  • Unhook watch bands
  • Slide jewelry off and on

The Best Zipper Puller is the One You Will Use

This best zipper puller for your needs is the one that fits comfortably in your hand, meets your needs, and will be used often. Zipper pullers can make dexterity issues a thing of the past by increasing your reach and making tired fingers agile again.


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