Adult Walkers for Seniors: Choosing the Best Walking Aids

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Walking aids are all about taking back your independence in a safe and secure way that eases any worries you may have about mobility.  As people age, it’s an unfortunate fact that we are at an increased risk for injury, especially injuries to the lower body. When a person has been getting around independently without the need of walking aids their whole life, it can be a huge setback both physically and mentally. Physically you're not as capable of doing the things you used to do and in turn can really damage self esteem. For everyone, it really is an adjustment period that may take some time. Injuries to the knees, ankles, legs, and even back are extremely common and can largely limit one’s mobility. We want you to know that living an active life is still possible with the right tools. When choosing what walking aid is most appropriate for you, it is really important to know your level of stability and the risk factors you face.We’re here to make it easy on you! There are a few solutions for seniors with disabilities or injuries that limit mobility to regain their independence. When designing our adult walkers we wanted to completely comprehend what specific functions were most valuable and took in full understanding of what one might need. So, just for you, we have put together a list of walkers for seniors that we think you’ll benefit from the most.  

Walkers for Elderly:

Rollator Walker with Seat

The Euro Rollator is very economical yet designed with high grade steel for superior functionality and convenience. This rollator will allow you to do things no other walking aid can do! The rolling walker with seat folds up in the center, bringing both handles together, for easy storage that will require minimal space. It has a wide seat, that can hold up to 250 lbs., and a backrest for you when you’re utilizing the seat.  Think! If you’re exerting a lot of energy and get tired of walking, the rollator walker offers a comfortable place to rest with just the right support. This walker was designed with ergonomic handles for maximum grip and comfort.  With a simple, reliable, dual braking system for insurance of your safety. Equipped with storage space for your cane and small items, such as your purse, shopping bags, or even umbrella. It also includes a small bell located by the handle to alert those around you of your presence with efforts to help prevent any accidental run-ins and maximize safety.  The rollator walker is typically recommended for those who require the highest degree of stability. The wheels are made to easily glide over pretty much any terrain for a smooth and stable ride.  The easy grip handles are designed to aid in the favor of those who suffer from arthritis and provide cushion for the hands and wrists.

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Adjustable Folding Walker

This adult walker is a heavy-duty mobility aid designed out of anodized aluminum.  The adjustable folding walker targets ease-of-use and portability. It can be  easily adjustable to accommodate your height from 5’2” - 6’6” with a 250lb weight capacity.  It is extremely lightweight which makes it really good for traveling and transporting in and out of vehicles. It can also be folded fairly quickly without any complications.  The walker has a two-button push release that folds each half of the walker into the center for compact storage. We recommend this walker to those who find themselves tiring easily, and who have moderate stability on their own.  I like to think of this walker as a dual cane.  In the same fashion, you simply lift and place the walker as you move about.

Knee Walker

The rolling knee walker is a bit off from the traditional take on many other medical walkers. It is a heavy-duty scooter designed with high-grade steel supporting up to 250lbs. The knee walker is specifically for those who are recovering from severe knee, leg, foot, or ankle injuries. Just like the rollator walker, the all-terrain wheels with advanced braking system allow you to go on practically every surface. The seat is made of contouring foam to comfort the supporting knee and shin.  It ensures that your leg remains stable and comfortable, avoiding unnecessary pressure to your knee while you use the knee scooter. If you need more padding than that, you can try out a faux sheep skin knee walker cover to provide you with even more comfort.  When you’re not using the walker, the convenient design allows you to collapse the handle bars for optimal storage.  It also makes traveling way more manageable.  It was developed to be portable, durable and lightweight.  To protect your safety, our rear braking system provides superior stability and the 4 durable wheels are equipped with 8” polyurethane caster to ensure a smooth ride. Knee Walkers comes pre-equipped with a convenient storage basket for any belongs you may need to carry along.  This knee walker is best for those who usually only need assistance temporarily while they are healing from an injury or surgery.

When deciding on the right walking aids...

After reviewing our list of adult walkers we hope you have a better understanding of the design behind each variation, and which one would be most appropriate for you to use. Safety is always first and we recommend consulting with your doctor as well for further assistance. It is important to evaluate your personal risk factors and stability before deciding on your walking aids.  By choosing the right walker, you can set yourself up to live a more proactive and independent life.  It is tough to rely on others for things that you need, but walking aids have made it possible for you to take back control!

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