Rebel Against Age: Your Dose of November's Age-spiration

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rebel against age

The Holidays are upon us! And as exciting of a time, the end months typically bring, I know how overwhelming things can get.  

It's easy to get caught up, throw your hands in the air, and say, "forget about it"...especially when we don't have the same energy level as a few years back. 

And that's why I think it's the perfect timing for your dose of November's AGE-spiration to get you back into gear!

Drop a Beat! 

Larry Weissman is retired and has decided to embark on his passion for music and spend his free time spinning the turntables

In a feature article on SeniorPlanet.org, he said it best:

"to me aging with attitude means not being afraid to listen to your inner voice and express yourself. Forget the haters, man."

Follow Larry on Twitter here

Adventures in Wonderland

alison and don

Meet Alison and Don. Husband and wife who sold everything they owned (in their 60s) and embarked on the ultimate vacation.  These two are traveling the world with no end date in sight.  The couple blogs about their adventures and continually exude positivity for life, no need to slow down here!

Gray is the New Black

maye musk

Great news, ladies! You can quit the hair-dye.

Yeah, seriously! Check out these models who are strutting the silver look all too flawlessly.

Maye Musk, in particular, gives her reasoning...

"When I was approaching 60, I got sick of being blonde, so I decided to stop coloring my hair. I grew out the gray and I cut it short. People said, "You'll never work again with short gray hair," but it came out white and everybody loved it,"

Let your true colors show! Embrace the gray and, more importantly, embrace your age :)

Only One Way Down

Most of us wouldn't try this in our 20's, let alone at the age of 96!

"€˜I believe you have to do things, to live life, so to speak"

Meet Mohr Keet, former POW, daredevil, AND the world's oldest bungee jumper, Disappointed that the drop was "too short" Mr. Keet is a prime example of living life to the fullest, and not letting age hold you back.

Seenagers > Teenagers


a.k.a. "senior teenager"

Wishing you could go back to your teenage years? Think again! You have it MADE. Our friends at feistysideoffiffty.com lay down the facts about what it means to be a "Seen-ager" and all the perks that come with it :)

Remember, the grass ISN'T always greener...

Ready. Set. Rebel!

Now it's your turn to rebel against age. 
Who knows...maybe you'll get featured in our next dose of AGE-spiration

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