Top 5 News Stories This Week for Seniors: 9/2/16

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This Week in Senior News...

September 2nd, 2016

Potential Alzheimer's Drug Gets Test Trial 

A new drug is receiving a test trial.  Designed to fight against deposits that cause damage by blocking cell-to-cell communication and cause a destructive inflammatory response of brain cells. Read more...

Improving Vascular Health With Chocolate Pills

We all know how tasty chocolate is and how moderate amounts lead to decrease in risk of heart disease, but researchers just learned something new! Read more...

Miami Heat's Golden Oldies Auditions are Underway

Tryouts for Miami Heat's Golden Oldies are currently underway! Auditions are held every year and even require veterans to partake. Read more...

University of Missouri Use Sensor System to Identify Fall Risk

University of Missouri's College of Engineering have developed a way to use sensors as indicators of fall risk levels.  The sensors take into account patient's gait, speed, and stride. Read more...

Film Series Focused on Positive Aging

Laramie County library is hosting a free film series on positive aging and are even providing refreshments :) Movie-goers are encouraged to stay after to discuss the film and it's relevant topics. Read more...

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