Top 5 News Stories This Week for Seniors: 9/9/16

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This Week in Senior News...

September 9th, 2016

Electric Fans + Heat Waves = Dangerous to Elderly 

A small study was conducted that showed the use of electric fans while experiencing heat waves largely impacts heart rate.  However, this doesn't mean ditch the fans.  Read more...

Home Health Products Improving Home Living

CAPABLE is a program aiming to help seniors maintain their independence and avoiding having to relocate from their home.  By providing products geared towards assisting in daily tasks, the quality of living rises.  Read more...

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is important for your brain, heart and bones...proving to help you live longer. Do you constantly feel exhausted or experience mood swings?  This may be a sign that you're lacking in Vitamin D. Read more...

Uber| to Make Life Easier for Senior Citizens

With all the doctor visits and appointments, understanding the app UBER can really make life a lot easier for senior citizens.  Read more...

Vermilion County Aids Senior Citizens in Registering to Vote

Vermilion County's Clerk, of Illinois, set up a voter's registration hotline to assist elderly residents who are unable to appear in person to register for voting. Read more... 


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