Top 5 News Stories This Week in Senior Care: 8/12/16

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This Week's Senior Care News...

August 12th, 2016

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention

In Western Arizona, governments are now offering Tai Chi for seniors.  The goal is relieve arthritis and focus on fall prevention.  The program occurs twice and week and is free to attend.  Senior citizens have found the program to be a new and creative way to make improvements on health.  Read more...

Plan to Help Aging Parents of Those with Disabilities

As those who care for loved ones with disabilities age, fear of who will help when they are gone starts to sit in.  Government waiting lists for assistance consist of over 860,000 people.  Recently states have made steps towards improving availability. Read more... 

Husband and Wife of 63 Years Pass within 20 Minutes of Each Other

For this couple, death couldn't do them apart.  After 63 years of marriage, Henry and Jeanette spent their final days together in a South Dakota care center but their souls were quickly reunited. Read more...

Underprivileged Children & Senior Citizens Head to the Park

Ysplanti, Michigan kick started a new program that offers free bus rides and admission into the parks for underprivileged children, along with senior citizens.  The program provides an outing for seniors and a chance to socialize while supporting the community and giving children a safe place to play. Read more...

Saying Goodbye to Captain Noah

Star of iconic kids' show Captain Noah and His Magical Ark passes away just after his 90th birthday. Carter Merbreier has been an American house-hold name since 1967. Read more...

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