Top 5 News Stories This Week in Senior Care: 8/19/16

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This Week's Senior Care News...

August 19th, 2016

Retirement Community Receives Outstanding Resident Satisfaction

Presence Bethlehem Woods retirement community was recognized for their outstanding resident satisfaction.  President, Joseph Hugar, states that the organization continually works hard to focus attention towards customer and employee experience.  Read more...

Tips for Visiting Mom and Dad in Long Term Care Facility

Planning for long term care for your loved ones? These experts want you to know that you're not alone! Find all the encouraging and helpful tips you need along with valuable resources right here. Read more...

Mille Lacs Health System Senior Care Unit gets Voted 8th in Nation

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service ranks MLHS's senior care unit 8th in nation out of over 1,559 for High Performing In-Patient Psychiatric Facilities. Rankings are based off of dignity, communication, medications, and continuation of care. Read more...

Ideal States for Retirement

Planning for retirement can be difficult, but here's a breakdown of the best states to set up shop and retire :) Read more...

Couple Named Seniors of the Year

The Freeland's humbly accept honor of "Seniors of the Year" after previously denying the title a year earlier for feeling unworthy.  Mrs. Freeland is big into volunteering and offers her services any chance they get.  Read more...

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