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Oral Thermometer Product Launch

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Here's some more info on our oral thermometer:

Does the Vive Precision Oral Thermometer measure to one hundredth of a degree?

No, the Vive thermometer only displays accurate temperature readings to the tenth of a degree.

Can I use a thermometer cover with the Vive Precision oral thermometer?

Yes, the disposable thermometer slip covers work well with the Vive thermometer.

How long does the Vive Precision oral thermometer take before it gives an actual result?

The Vive Precision thermometer takes up to eight seconds to display an accurate temperature reading.

Is the Vive oral thermometer mercury free?

Yes, the Vive Precision oral thermometer is mercury free.

Does the Vive Precision Oral Thermometer display screen light up?

The Vive oral thermometer screen is not backlit, however, the screen is large and easy to read.


Safe and suitable for all ages

Operating Instructions:

  • Turn the thermometer on
  • Place it under the tongue
  • After around ten seconds, the thermometer will beep, signaling that measuring is complete

Measurement Range:

  • Celsius: 32° - 43.9°
  • Fahrenheit: 89.6° - 111°


  • Digital LCD display
  • Displays up to four digits
  • Low battery indicator


  • Requires one 1.5V alkaline manganese battery (LR41)
  • 100 hour battery life

Memory Function:

  • Records last measurement for quick comparing
  • Once thermometer turns on, last temperature will automatically display on screen until a new temperature is recorded

Cleaning and Storage:

  • Store thermometer in a dry location free from dust and direct sunlight
  • Wet a cloth with disinfectant (e.g. 70% ethyl alcohol) and wipe clean
  • Thermometer can be immersed in liquid or lukewarm water for thorough cleaning and disinfecting

What's Included:

  • Oral thermometer
  • Protective cover
  • One-year warranty

UPC: 683405233985

Product Number: DMD1009

Shipping Weight: 3 ounces

Click THIS LINK and enter the code ( SDVNRUBI) at checkout to receive your 75% off discount.