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Choosing the Best Arthritis Gloves

by Juan Lopez December 15, 2020 0 Comments

Woman wearing arthritis gloves

Arthritis gloves provide both compression and heat that work together to increase circulation, improve blood flow and reduce inflammation through your hands, fingers and wrists. Choosing the best arthritis gloves to fit both your lifestyle or needs can make a big difference in reducing your hand arthritis pain. Keep scrolling to learn more about the different types of Vive Arthritis Gloves to help decide which pair best suits you.

What to Consider When Choosing Compression Gloves

Before buying your arthritis gloves, consider these factors when choosing.


  • Cotton/Spandex/Polyester Blend

    All four compression glove variations we offer are made with a lightweight, breathable, blend of cotton, spandex and polyester. This fabric provides both warmth and gentle compression without being thick or bulky. The material is also latex free.

  • Texture Composite

    This durable material is used for the grips on our Arthritis Gloves with Grips. It provides a non-slip grippy surface on the palm on the gloves; perfect for flare ups caused by daily activities like writing, using your phone, opening packages, or even holding your coffee mug.


Choosing the right amount of coverage is based on your flare ups and where you feel the most joint pain.

  • ¾ Finger

    These sleeves cover and apply compression to about ¾ of each finger. If you experience arthritis pain solely in your fingers, these are a great option giving you the benefit of keeping your palms and fingertips left exposed.

  • ¾ Finger + Hand

    Our Standard Arthritis Gloves and Arthritis Gloves with Grips provide compression across your wrist, palm and about ¾ of each finger. If you experience flare-ups in these joints, the greater coverage will be much more beneficial; while the exposed fingertips give traction to perform daily tasks, use touchpads or partake in hobbies while wearing the gloves.

  • Full Finger

    The Vive full finger design gives you complete coverage from your wrist to the tips of your fingers. Although the gloves cover your entire hand, the index fingers and thumbs are tipped with touchscreen-friendly material; so you’ll be able to use phones or tablets without removing the gloves.


We offer each pair of gloves in sizes XS-XL. To find your size, follow the sizing guidelines provided on each product listing. You’ll need to measure the width or circumference of your hand at the knuckles. Then choose the size that best corresponds to your measurement.

The finger sleeves come in a pack that includes 7 small, 16 medium and 7 large sleeves to accommodate varying finger sizes.

Recommendations for . . .

Check out which pair of arthritis gloves we recommend based on the most common activities or conditions that cause wrist, hand and finger joint pain.

Arthritis Gloves with Grips

Everyday Tasks

If simple, everyday, tasks are causing your arthritis to flare up in your fingers, palms and wrists, then we recommend our Arthritis Gloves with Grips. With exposed fingertips you’ll have complete mobility and function of your fingers, plus the ability to use touch screen devices. The textured palms make it easy to grip items like pens, mugs, phones and more. If you only have joint pain in your fingers, we recommend the finger sleeves which give you full use of your palms.

Finger Sleeves


The finger sleeves are perfect for any sport. The minimal coverage provides compression right where you need without sacrificing bend or mobility and fits under gloves or equipment. Pick and choose which fingers need the extra support and keep palms exposed so you can still grip, throw and catch.

Arthritis Gloves

Nighttime Pain

For nighttime pain that radiates from your wrist to your fingertips, the Full Finger Arthritis Gloves are the best choice. These breathable gloves provide warming compression with soft stitching that won’t bug you while you sleep. The thumb and index finger are tipped with touchscreen friendly material so you can use your phone, tablet or device without having to remove the gloves. If you don’t like the idea of full fingered gloves, our Standard Arthritis Gloves are another comfortable option for nighttime.

Arthritis Gloves with Grips

Sewing & Crafting

Crafting requires fine motor skills which often agitate hand arthritis symptoms and other conditions like carpal tunnel. If you’re into crafts, get the Arthritis Gloves with Grips. The finger tips are exposed so you can grab, pinch, hold and control small items and the palms are covered with textured grips so items won’t slip out of your hands.

Full Finger Arthritis Gloves

Full Coverage

Without a doubt, the Full Finger Arthritis Gloves are the way to go. This is our only style that covers your entire hand from wrist to fingertip. If you have joint pain located in the wrist, palms, knuckles and fingertips then these are for you.

Arthritis Gloves with Grips

Working Out

If you’re working out with weights, resistance bands, machines or anything that you need to grip then we recommend our Arthritis Gloves with Grips. The open fingertip design prevents moisture from the extra build up of heat you create when working out; while the textured palms give you a reinforced grip on your workout equipment. Now, if you’re more into running or stationary cardio, the grip isn’t as important and we would recommend the Standard Arthritis Gloves; which will save you a couple bucks.


Frequently Asked Questions

See what other customers are asking when picking out a pair of arthritis gloves.

Do compression gloves help with tendonitis, carpal tunnel and other conditions?

Yes, all of our scooters and batteries are TSA approved and can travel with you on any airline.

Can I sleep with compression gloves on?

Absolutely, you can sleep with your compression gloves on. Just make sure that your gloves are properly sized. Wearing gloves that are too tight can cut off your circulation and you may not notice while you are sleeping.

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Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez is part of the product development and improvement team at ViveHealth.com. His understanding of products and vast knowledge of consumer needs makes it easy for him to provide helpful information on choosing the best products.

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