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We are committed to helping you live better. Whether you are recovering from an injury, managing your health, or caring for a loved one, our mission is to provide you with what you need to feel confident and in control.
Products SKU Patent Number
Folding Reacher Grabber LVA2006, LVA2053 D887805, 10500715
Bath Mat LVA1065 D879504
Shower Mat LVA1018W D880899
Foot Arch Support Wrap SUP1043; SUP1043GRY; SUP1043BGE D885593, D935036
Nonslip Leg Cast Protector RHB1020 D878605, D941478
Support Device For Standing And Sitting SUP1090BLK D885584
Knee Ice Pack SUP1070GRY D927007
Adjustable Bed Rail LVA2009SLV D915118
Collapsible Footwear Tool LVA2007GRY 11375837
Two-Piece Dressing Stick LVA2021 Patent Pending
Toilet Assist Device LVA2025SLV D916575, 11191400
Wheel Chair Cushion CSH1049S; CSH1049M; CSH1049L D941607
Ice Bag Cap RHB1099PAK Patent Pending
Ring Grip RHB2017 D934962
Leg Lift Device LVA2032BLK D924339
Trigger Finger Splint SUP1052 Patent Pending
Neck Pillow CSH1058WHT D920008
Stand Assist Handle LVA2016 Patent Pending
Massage Device Attachment RHB1079BLKCH Patent Pending
Standing Cane Tip MOB1036BLK Patent Pending
Button Hook LVA2051 Patent Pending
Head Wrap SUP2052GRY D941558
Sock Assist Device LVA2079BLK Patent Pending
Reading Pillow With Headrest CSH1069BRN Patent Pending
Toilet Seat Cushion CSH1061 Patent Pending
Systems And Methods For Facilitating Rehabilitative Exercise Compliance Vive Fit app Patent Pending
Standing Base For Canes MOB1050 Patent Pending
Systems & Methods for Linking A Product To Product Information Vive Fit app + QR codes Patent Pending
Handle LVA1036, LVA1039, LVA1042 Patent Pending
Device For Sock Placement Over And Removal From A Foot Of A User LVA2079BLK Patent Pending
Foot Rocker RHB2036BLK D958269
Foot And Leg Stretching Device RHB2036BLK 11395937
Cane Grip CAN1003 D954425
Three Piece Folding Cane CAN1002 D951623
Stand Rail SUP1090 Patent Pending